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Outlaw Star
Script- Episode 3
Into Burning Space
Narrator: With the creation of the Manchausin Drive, which made faster than light speed travel
possible, humanity entered into a new era of great odysseys. They set out into the
universe, into this infinite sea. Explorers, soldiers, colonists... all sorts of
travellers with all sorts of names crossed the sea of stars and spread out across all
sorts of worlds. But when law and order were created, those who disturbed it appeared.
And when wealth and interest appeared, those who would plunder it appeared. Just as in
the last great age of sailing, pirates were reborn in space. But in this new age of
odysseys, a new breed of sailors appeared who worked outside the law yet sided with
neither space pirate nor space forces. Outlaw. This was the name given to those who
traveled in space with only his freedom as his guide.

// McCoy, inside a mech, enters the room.

Gene: Well, well, well here he is.

Gene: You have got to be kidding me.

// Gene shoots paint at him.

McCoy: Uhh...

Gene: (laughs) That won't take it off. You can't see a darn thing, can ya?

McCoy: You asked for it kid.

McCoy: Better say your prayers. Dumb kid. Alright, I'll get you now.

// He gets out of the mech.

Gene: (laughs)

McCoy: You're history. That's it, you're mine.

// Hilda jumps behind him and shocks him.

McCoy: Yaaaaahhhh!!!!

Gene: Huh?

Hilda: So, you've got a lot of tricks up your sleeve I see.

Gene: Hey, I don't think these guys were after you just cause of what you did back at the bar.
Well, looks like just about everybody's after you.

// In the Hotel room...

Hilda: Okay, so tell me, what exactly do you want with me?

McCoy Henchman2: I don't know I tell ya, c'mon, I don't know anything.

Hilda: But you know my reputation, right?

McCoy Henchman2: Someone asked us to do it. They told us we could capture you, or we could just
keep you here.

Hilda: Gonna tell me who?

McCoy Henchman2: Uh uh.

Hilda: Somebody even worse than me?

McCoy Henchman2: It's Ron MacDougal.

Hilda: McDougal, why him?

McCoy Henchman2: I dont' know, we just did it, cause he offered to pay us a lot of money.

// She knocks him out with a kick to the head.

Hilda: Wake up Melfina and Jim. We're going to the dock.

Gene: So who's this MacDougal guy?

Hilda: I'll explain later.

Gene: I've heard that before.


Into Burning Space


// In the repair shop...

Mikey: Okay, thats the last of them.

Swanzo: Looks like you guys makde it here in one piece.

Hilda: Sorry about the trouble.

Swanzo: (laughs) Don't mention it, we go back a long way. Wouldn't mind knowing what they were
up to though.

Hilda: Looks like MacDougal put them up to it.

Swanzo: Oh, so they're going all out, eh? What have you got yourself mixed up in?

Hilda: Well it's nothing major, its the Galactic Leyline.

Swanzo: They Galactic Leyline? I'll never understand how you terrans think. You really believe
in that stuff?

Hilda: Actually no, Swanzo. I don't believe anything until I see it with my own eyes. How's
Horis doing?

Swanzo: I'm finished with the supplies. How's the engine, Mikey?

Mikey: All green, except you've got less than 50 parsecs until your next recommended overhaul
on your sub-ether drive.

Hilda: The manufacturer's too paranoid, we're launching right away.

Gene: Hey, hold it! You mean we're gonna launch now, just like that?

Swanzo: That'd probably be a good idea, there's a big ruckus over at dock 12, maybe their buddies
are sending us some ships.

Mikey: What are you, outta your mind? Starting a fight right outside Blue Heaven?

Swanzo: They're breaking the rules if they don't go hand to hand. Horis is too big for them.
It's like $#&*@!

Gene: What did you say?

Swanzo: Sorry, translator's glitch. It's like sharks ganging up on a whale.

Gene: Hmph, whatever, I've never even seen a whale before.

Hilda: Swanzo, thank you for everything, I'll be back soon and understand I will need your help
again. I'll have a new ship with me.

Swanzo: No problem, Hilda.

Hilda: Okay, let's get going.

// They head out, 5 ships head out after them.

Horis: 5 planetary grappler ships have launched from Blue Heaven and are closing in.
Hilda: Gene, hey Gene!

Gene: Huh, what is it?

Hilda: You ever fight in a spaceship before?

Gene: No, even if I did, I don't want to now.

Hilda: I thought you had experience as a pilot.

Gene: I do, I might puke all over the console.

Horis: Warning, that may cause a short circuit.

Jim: If you don't have a problem with it, I'll help.

Hilda: Can you operate a laser cannon?

Jim: Sure, I know how to use one.

Hilda: It's to your right. If they close in, open fire.

Jim: Okay.

Hilda: Melfina, sit in the auxiliary control chair. You're able to do it.

Melfina: Alright, I'll try.

Horis: Warning, please avoid any reckless evasive manuevers until we are out of Blue Heaven's
approach lane.

Hilda: Alright, continue accelerating.

McCoy Henchman1: They won't get away, lets split ourselves up.

McCoy Henchman2: Right.

// They split up.

Horis: Grappler ships to aft have split into 2 groups.

Hilda: Jim, eyes up, they're coming in from the rear.

Jim: Gotcha.

Jim: There they are!

// The blasts don't work.

McCoy: Ain't gonna work little lady!

Horis: Enemy craft have anti-laser defenses.

Jim: Uhh... Hilda, what are we gonnna do?

Hilda: Keep firing, it'll keep them on their toes atleast.

Jim: Okay.

Gene: Ugh...

McCoy: (laughs) Running out of time.

Horis: Further evasion is dangerous. Now leaving guide path.

Melfina: Grappler ship closing in from above!

McCoy Henchman1: Okay, lady, gotcha this time.

Hilda: Horis, we need a rapid climb.

// Horis dodges them.

Gene: Ugh...

McCoy Henchman1: Ahh man!

Hilda: How much longer until we're cleared of the asteroid zone?

Horis: 482 seconds.

Melfina: I see something thats closing in on us from ahead. It's a large ship.

Horis: Ship is cruiser class. Type unknown. It is on a collsion course.

Hilda: Send out a warning.

Horis: They claim they have the right of way.

// On the ship...

Aisha: This is the Orta Hone Hone, registered to the Ctarl Ctarl empire. I am speaking to you
as Ambassador Planetary Petentiary Aisha Clan Clan. With total authority in all space,
held by the Ctarl Ctarl empire. We are docking at Blue Heaven, clear the way.

Crowd: Clear the way (~ 10 times)

Ctarl Ctarl1: Make way for the Ctarl Ctarl empire!

Ctarl Ctarl2: If you don't clear the we're gonna whip your butt.

McCoy Henchman1: The Ctarl Ctarl empire!

McCoy Henchman2: What should we do?

McCoy: Like we really have a choice? These guys are even worse than the pirates!

Hilda: Listen, I'm an outlaw. I hate to say it, but I don't have a treaty with you, understand?
This departing ship is taking the right of way.

Jim: Huh? You're picking a fight with the Ctarl Ctarl?

Gene: Hey Jim, tell me, what are the Ctarl Ctarl like again?

Jim: They're like a cross between a human and a tiger. They're really nasty.

Technician1: Approaching ship isn't changing course!

Aisha: Wait! Wait a minute, thats crazy!

Technician2: Stop messing around!

Technician3: Moron!

Technician1: We're gonna eat you.

Hilda: Don't worry. If you drop your shield, they'll be enough room for us to pass.

Aisha: What?! You defy the Ctarl Ctarl empire!? Grr....

Hilda: Without it the ships will collide!

Aisha: What? Just a minute!

Technician2: Graphic shields altering course 3 degrees to port.

Technician1: Firing starboard blasters for 10 seconds.

// Horis narrowly makes it by.

Jim: Ugh... ugh...

// An asteroid strikes the Ctarl Ctarl ship.

Aisha: Aaaahhh! Arrr!

Gene: Oh boy...

McCoy Henchman1: Kay, go after them.

Aisha: Hey! Hold it right there! All of you stop your ships do you hear me? You're under arrest
in the name of the Ctarl Ctarl empire!

McCoy Henchman3: Oh no, what should we do?

McCoy Henchman4: What else can we do? We can't get away from that ship.

Aisha: Hey! You outlaws, hold on!

Horis: T minus 60 until asteroid zone is cleared. Warning. Warning. Further acceleration within
asteroid zone is dangerous.

Jim: Aaaah!

Aisha: Grr! Blast it! Everyone's trying to make fools of us. That does it, fire! I said fire!

Crowd: Fire! Fire! Fire! Fire!

Technician1: But Lady Aisha, firing within the asteroid cluster is...

Aisha: Quiet! This is in the honor of the Ctarl Ctarl!

Technician1: Yes, m'am!

Crowd: Fire ( but are unable to stop Horis from escaping.

Aisha: Grrr!

Technician3: Lady Aisha blew it, she should have listened to him!

// On Horis...

Gene: Oh Hilda, where are we headed off to this time?

Hilda: Just a little star system. Meeting up with some friends there.




// On the Ctarl Ctarl ship...

Aisha: What?! You mean the outlaw Hilda?! That was her ship?

McCoy: Woah, Hilda's famous, even in the empire...

McCoy Henchman1: She sure is.

Aisha: Tell me where she's headed!

McCoy: Even if I knew I wouldn't tell ya. Errr...

Aisha: Grrr...

Aisha: These outlaws will face execution later. Go after her at once.

Technician3: But we can't.

Aisha: What are you saying. Are you defying me?

Technician5: They are orders from home. We are to remain here until further instructed.

Aisha: What! Do you mean to tell me you've been in contact with home?

Technician5: Of course, we were ordered to contact them once we arrived at Blue Heaven.

Aisha: Grrr....

// Meanwhile, Horis comes out of sub-ether mode.

Gene: Oh great, are we there yet?

Hilda: No, we have to go to sub-ether 3 more times.

Gene: Ugh...

Horis: Time required to fix sub-ether drive, 2 hours 10 minutes.

Hilda: Get some rest everyone.

Gene: Before I rest, I have a question. What is the Galactic Leyline?

Hilda: That's simple. It's a place the Kai pirates are desperate to find.

Gene: Why?

Hilda: Apparantly, they say there's some kind of huge treasure that's supposed to be hidden there.

Gene: One other thing. Who's this MacDougal Character?

Hilda: Horis.

Horis: The MacDougal brothers. They call themselves outlaws, but their position is unclear. They
will take any job for the right price. Other than that, no personal information is available.

Gene: Why the heck are they poking around your business?

Hilda: Why don't you just ask him?

Gene and Jim: Hmmm...?

Hilda: (laughs)

// Later, they come out of Sub-Ether near a planet.

Hilda: The moon of that planet. That's where we'll meet my friends.

Hilda: This is Horis. Marx, O'Malley, come in please. Anything on radar?

Melfina: No, I'm not picking up any spaceships.

Gene: Did you get here at the right time? Maybe we're just early.

Hilda: They should have come a long time ago.

Gene: You think you got stood up?

Hilda: I doubt that.

Melfina: I'm picking up something on radar, but its...

Horis: I'm picking it up on the cameras as well. Enlarging.

Hilda: I'm taking us in.

// They fly through the wreckage.

Hilda: Oh no... That's the Leprechan's nose art.

Horis: Debris ahead verified as the Leprechan and the Purgatory.

Melfina: I see a ship that's lifting off from the moon's surface.

Hilda: What?

Melfina: It's closing in at high speed.

Horis: Warning. It's that pirate vessel.

// The pirate ship sends out fighters. Inside...

Ron: Just like I told you.

Girl Pirate: Thank you, Mister MacDougal.

Ron: Don't mention it. I knew that the guild would pay for the information, so it was an easy
job. Tell me, is there any other way I can be of any help for you? My brother will launch
our ship if you need us to.

Girl Pirate: This is our job now, that won't be necessary.

// On Horis...

Hilda: You had to go and hurt more of my friends, didn't ya.

Gene: So what are we gonna do now?

Hilda: Accelerate and fly down their throats. Gene, take the gunner's chair.

Gene: You mean me? I can fire that, but I'm not gonna hit anything.

Hilda: Just how long are you gonna keep whining?

Gene: If I can't hit anything, I can't hit anything.

Hilda: You're just gonna keep running away?

Gene: Just keep running away? I'm not running.

// He has a flashback of his father's death again.

Gene: Don't start whining if I puke all over everything.

Hilda: If you want to be a spacer, hold it in.

Gene: Oh man... what a slave driver.

// Gene heads to the Gunner's chair.

Gene: Jim, I'll take over.

Jim: Hey, don't over do it Gene.

Gene: Eh... I'm a natural born spacer. Don't you worry about it, Jim.

// The pirates arrive to attack.

Old Man: Pa gu a sun fa. You won't get away Hilda.

Horis: Pirate co-fighters are approaching.

Hilda: Lasers won't work on them. Use missiles.

Gene: Yeah, I got it.

// Gene shoots missiles at the fighters.

Old Man: Waaaaa!!!

// He shoots some sort of device at Horis.

Horis: Small craft has made contact to starboard. No damage.

Gene: Okay you wiseguys, its your time to get it.

Old Man: (laughs)

// He gets away.

Ron: You're gonna let them escape?

Girl Pirate: You needn't concern yourself.

Ron: Oh?

Old Man: We've branded you Hilda> You will never be able to escape us now. We'll take back
everything that you stole from us. You'll regret what you've done.

// Horis gets away.

Hilda: Head straight for Farfalas Horis. Calculate sub-ether course.

Horis: Roger.

Gene: Hey, where is this farfa whatever place?

Hilda: Its a star system about 40 light years from here with a lot of natural resources. It's
a desert island in space.

Gene: So why are we going there?

Hilda: The ship I told you about before is hidden there.

Gene: Huh? You actually gave me a straight answer for once.

Hilda: Because I found out I could use you as a crew member.

Gene: Ah, what are you talking about... ewww...

Jim: Okee dokee, Gene, off to the bathroom, hang in there.

Melfina: Umm...

Hilda: Hmm...?

Melfina: Why did you bring me along?

Hilda: Would you have prefered to stay back there with them?

Melfina: Not really.

Hilda: I would never mistreat you.

Melfina: Alright.

// On the pirate ship...

Girl Pirate: Once all spacecrafts are aboard you may begin the pursuit.

Ron: Do you need help tracking them?

Girl Pirate: I don't.

Ron: In that case I'll be going. My brother is here to pick me up.

// On his ship...

Ron: This should prove to be interesting. Heh heh heh heh.

// At Blue Heaven...

Governer: This is a disgrace Aisha Clan Clan. Our reports clearly state that Hilda's ship Horis
was right under your nose and you let him get away.

Aisha: But governer... At that time uh... I did not have that information.

Technician: Lady Aisha, thats simply a comm cube you're looking at, its just a recording.

Aisha: (whines)

Governer: And therefore Aisha Clan Clan, your rank as Ambassador Planet Petentiary is here by
stripped. You will remain at Blue Heaven as a resident officer and gather information
regarding the Galactic Leyline.

Aisha: Oh no...! Governer, I beg of you thats way too harsh.

Technician: I'm telling you, he can't hear you.

Governer: The Orta Hone Hone will depart Blue Heaven and continue tracking Horis. That will be

Technicians: (cheer) Leave port! (
10 times)

Aisha: (whines)

// Meanwhile, Horis reaches a star.

Gene: Oh come on, brother, is it a little hot in here?

Hilda: We're getting closer to the sun. Hang in there.

Gene: Well how much closer do you plan on taking us?

Hilda: Just a little more.

Gene: What? Oh yeah thats great, just a little more and we'll dive right into it.

Horis: I found it, Hilda.

// Focus on an asteroid near the star.

Hilda: There it is. Thats a ship out there. A very special ship. One's that built with the brains
of the pirates and the technology of the Space Forces.

Gene: Space Forces and the pirates?

Hilda: Matching orbits with the asteroid. I'm taking us in.

Horis: Roger.

To Be Continued...