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Outlaw Star
Script- Episode 8
Forced Departure



Narrator: Gene Starwind, what are you looking for, where will your heart's desire take you? What
will satisfy you? Gene Starwind, are you going to live or will you die here? The
decision is yours, you're completely in charge of your own destiny. Thats the only
certain thing in life. So, believe in yourself and create your own destiny. Don't be
a failure. You have nothing to lose, the young only acquire things. You've come into
possession of the Outlaw Star and Melfina, the only question now is how will you use
them? Go to the Galactic Leyline, no one can stop you. Adventure is waiting for you.
You should understand this by now, time is running out. Open your eyes, shut out, and
continue foward. This is only the beginning of history.

// Gene has been seriously injured in the previous episode.


Jim: Gene...

Suzuka: The needles went right through. And he's infected, it seems the injections he was given
were full of poison.

Jim: Poison?

Suzuka: Yes, we must find the antidote right away.

Jim: What are we gonna do right now?

Suzuka: The enemy might be using this situation to force us to negotiate.


Gilliam: Please pardon the interruption, a transmition is coming from outside.

Jim: Put it through.

Head Pirate: Hello there, I'm checking in on how Captain Starwind is doing. If his blood isn't
cleansed, he's not going to last until nightfall.


Forced Departure


Head Pirate: If and only if you leave the ship will I then give you the antidote.

Jim: Well do you have one?

Gene: Forget it Jim.

Jim: Easy, Gene.

Gene: Do you really think they're gonna let us walk away from this?

Head Pirate: Heh heh heh. Well, he seems in high spirits. What will you do now?

Jim: Stop Gilliam, stop transmission.

// In the Pirate's hiding place...

Head Pirate: Heh heh heh. How amusing. Ah. Its me, things are going to get a little noisy soon.
Just look the other way and you'll be greatly rewarded. Lets go.

// Back on the Outlaw Star...

Jim: C'mon Gene, help us!

Suzuka: I agree with Gene as far as the pirates are concerned. But if something isn't done soon...
I, uh I'm not sure they actually have an antidote for Gene. Our only option is to find
out and steal it.

Jim: Okay, then I'm coming with you.

Melfina: Wait a second. I think, I think that I might be able to do it.

Jim: Might be able to do what?

// Melfina holds Gene at the point where she enters the ship's computer.

Jim: We're counting on you Melfina.

Melfina: Right.

Gilliam: Warning, the enemy is closing in.

Jim: Hm?

Head Pirate: (laughs)

Jim: Gilliam, bring up all systems, lets go.

Gilliam: Without Melfina's help, we have a limited number of systems to access.

Jim: Got it. Put this creep on the monitor so I can see him. Give me a close up.

Head Pirate: Hello, we're here to sell you the antidote my little friend.

Jim: Well, we're not handing the ship over to you, so just back away buddy.

Head Pirate: Well, well, my dear friend, are we gonna give up on Captain Gene's life then? I'll
bet this moment he's in a lot of pain.

// Jim shoots at them.

Head Pirate: Ah!

Jim: I'm so sorry, Gene.

// Meanwhile, Gene flashes back again.

Gene: Hey dad, I learned all the controls already.

// Pirates attack the ship. Gene is thrown in the escape pod.

Gene: Dad, wait!

Gene's Father: Sorry Gene, but I want you to live.

Gene: No dad!

Gene's Father: Good luck, my son.

Gene: Dad! Noooooo!

// Back to the present.

Gene: I'm, I'm... alone.

// Melfina appears in front of him.

Melfina: Gene... Gene... Gene, you're not alone, I'm here now. I'm here to heal you. Open your

// They extend their hands to each other, which glow. Gene finds himself in another place, now
with Melfina behind him.

Gene: Ah!

Melfina: Gene... Gene... Gene... Gene... Gene... It's alright. I understand. Everything's fine
now. It looks like I can be of help to you. No more worries, I can save you Gene.

Gene: Hmm.

// Meanwhile...

Gilliam: Attention, strange weapons are approaching.

Jim: What are those?

// 3 mechs start heading towards the Outlaw Star.

Head Pirate: Just hold them here for now. Well I guess I won't mind if you damage it just a little.

Suzuka: They're the pirate's mechanical soldiers.

Jim: Darnit.

// He shoots at them again, but they have a shield this time.

Jim: They're way too close for missiles and beams won't work.

Gilliam: Jim, I have a call form Mr. Lou in Hugo.

Jim: Now? Put him through.

Fred: Hi there Jim. Aren't you looking as good as ever.

Jim: What do you want Fred, I'm sorta busy now.

Fred: Where's Gene?

Jim: He's unavailable, Fred.

Fred: Alright now, this is very imporant. Listen closely to what I have to say, several Kai
pirate ships are heading this way to Sentinel 3 and I believe they're going to reach West
Virginia Space Port soon.

Jim: What? but we're in Ban Territory, Fred.

Fred: Thats my point, the fact that word spread all the way out here to the frontier shows that
these pirates mean to start a big commotion.

Jim: Why would they want to do that?

Fred: Well, uh... well acting as an intermediary is my job. Saying no to them is bad for business,
and I don't want to ruin our relationships so I called you.

Jim: Enough! Alright, alright, thanks for nothing! Ah!

// The mechs attach to the Outlaw Star and start climbing it.

Gilliam: Enemy attached to ship exterior.

Jim: Oh... What should I do? Huh?

// Gene and Melfina return.

Gene: Hm. Sorry for the wait.

Jim: Alright.

Gene: Jim, give me the pilot's seat.

Melfina: You shouldn't, your wounds haven't healed up.

Gene: You removed all the poison. The rest is up to endurance. Melfina, thank you. You're the
one that saved my life.


Melfina: Yeah, I... Oh!

Gilliam: The enemy's weapons are attempting to force open the hatch.

// One of them attempts to do this.

Head Pirate: And now I'm going to take back the XGP.

// Gene gets in the pilot's seat, Melfina in her usual spot.

Gilliam: Attention everyone, this ship is presently in danger due to enemy attack.

Gene: I know, I know, I know. As soon as Melfina is ready, we're blasting out of here.

Melfina: All systems green.

Gene: I'm ready to go.

// The Grappler arms are released and Gene takes out 2 of the pirates with them.

Gene: Loser!

Head Pirate: Well, those are interesting grappler arms. They can't even reach the target, how
completely useless!

// Suzuka is standing on the crane nearby him however...

Suzuka: You coward. I hope you can hear me Gene, cause this one is all mine.

Head Pirate: Interesting, what does she think she can to me?

// Suzuka jumps on the mech and chops it in half.

Head Pirate: What? Ow...

// The mech crashes and falls off the tower. He hangs on the edge, but climbs back up, where
Suzuka is waiting.

Head Pirate: Ah...

Suzuka: It's over.

Pirate: Oh spare me please, I'll do anything.

// He shoots, but she blocks.

Suzuka: You're a coward, aren't you.

// Suzuka kills the pirate.

Gene: Hey, not bad Suzuka.

Suzuka: When its a Kai Pirate it's really nothing.

Gene: Well, its good to know. Anyhow, its just about time to blast off. I guess I should ask the
Ctarl Ctarl for help at this point. You better climb aboard Suzuka.

Manager: This is the control tower. Dock 26, Outlaw Star, whats going on over there?

Gene: Nothing too serious. We're getting ready to blast off so we'd like to receive the correct
weather and flight conditions.

Manager: Thats a negative, I will not give you launch clearance. We've verified that there's been
a disturbance on the launch pad. The Outlaw Star will be checked out by port authorities.
Hold your present position.

Gene: No way. Release all systems from standbye mode, begin transfer to navigation mode now.

Gilliam: What are you planning to do?

Gene: Blast outta here without any kind of guidance from the control tower.




Jim: The container's ready and loaded.

// Gene turns the ship on.

Melfina: CFS activated. Newton reactor coming online. Systems show normal. All the views show

Gilliam: My crew is a bunch of lunatics. This is rather reckless Gene.

Jim: I've got the weather reports and I'm sending them over to your screen right now.

Melfina: Ether Drive System operational. Sub Ether Drive System operational.

Gene: Engine system operation now verified.

Gilliam: We're receiving a broadcast from the control tower.

Manager: Gene Starwind, come out of that ship immediately! The police will place you under arrest.
Do you realize the kind of trouble you're getting yourself into?

Jim: What're we gonna do now, Gene, hm?

Gene: Well Jim, I guess we're never coming back to Sentinel again. Lets blow 'em off and get out
of here. Is that alright with you Suzuka?

Suzuka: I'll be joining you.

// The engine starts.

Gene: If you don't move, you're gonna get burned. Lets go Jim.

Jim: You got it.

Gene: Ready, Melfina?

Melfina: Ready. Gravity cycle operational. System shows green.

Manager: Gene Starwind! Don't do it!

Gene: Shut up!

Gilliam: I see you're really going through with this. The ship is air tight and ready for take

Jim: Everything's all set here and we're ready to go.

Gilliam: Life support systems are reading normal.

Melfina: All control services showing green.

Gene: All systems green.

Melfina: Engine output stable. Commencing countdown. T minus 30 to launch.

// The countdown begins.

Melfina: T minus 20.

Gene: So here it is. My journey is finally beginning. Goodbye Hilda.

Melfina: T minus 10... 8... 7... 6... 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... 0

Gene: Let's go!

// The ship takes off, destroying much of the tower.

Gene: Ship roll is now complete.

Kid: Aw dad, you know what? When I grow up, I wanna be a spaceship pilot.

Father: Really? Well if you work hard maybe you will be.

Kid: Wow I can't wait... yeah, I'm gonna do it!

// On the Outlaw Star...

Melfina: We've exited the atmosphere. Please put us in orbit.

Gilliam: We have successfully completed planetary launch.

Jim: Yeah, we did it!

Gene: Oh... Well of course we did it! I'm awesome at absolutely everything I set out to do with
my life. (laughs)

Jim: Yeah right, whatever.

Melfina: (laughs)

Suzuka: What interesting people you all are.

Gilliam: Congradulations Gene. So sorry to interupt the festivities, however...

Gene: Okay, now what?

Gilliam: I'm afraid Pirate ships are closing in our position.

Gene: Pirates? Where?

Melfina: Distance, 20000. They seem to have spotted us.

// Indeed. On the pirate ship...

Bald Pirate: Gaki, Unak, lets plan to attack in 2 minutes. Do you see any sign of them?

Gaki: Well, the guys on the ground really screwed up, huh?

Unak: Ah... Who cares thats fine with me, lets have some fun.

Melfina: They aren't responding to our signals.

Gilliam: Its a jammer. It looks like those are grappler Pirate ships.

Jim: Now what do we do?

Gene: Time for grappler combat. Now Gilliam, tell me, just how do I arm these?

Gilliam: Once you remove the safety's, they should be able to arm themselves.

Jim: Are you sure about this? You've never done it before.

Gene: Hey don't worry. When it comes to manipulators, I'm as good as it gets Jim. So anyways,
look, I'm really gonna need your help here so we can pull this one off. Huh, partner?

Melfina: Now switching over to Grappler Combat mode. Combat will begin in 30 seconds.

Gene: Ah... scatter all the camera pods now, Jim.

Jim: You've got it.

Gene: Here goes.

Gilliam: The enemy ships are grappler ships and they're spreading cameras as well.

// The enemies shoot at them.

Gilliam: Enemy has fired multiple missiles.

Jim: Launching anti-missiles now.

// He does it.

Gene: Let's do it!

// Gene shoots at them.

Unak: You're tough, you're also meat.

// Gene blast his ship, and part of it is destroyed.

Unak: Ah, I'm hit hard.

Bald Pirate: You okay, Unak?

Unak: Yeah, I'll get him!

Gene: You think you're as good as me with a gun? Ah... it's not firing.

Jim: The gun't empty. We've got to swap it with a spare. But I can do it.

Gene: Okay, you do that but for now we're gonna go hand to hand.

Unak: Lets do it Gaki!

Gaki: Yeah, dinner's on me when we get back.

// They fight.

Unak: Yah!

Gaki: Blast you!

// They both are killed.

Jim: Way to go.

Gene: But there's still one left.

Gilliam: Abnormality in engine 2.

Melfina: Output dropped 30 degrees.

Gene: Alright, I'm gonna finish this guy off fast.

Bald Pirate: You just took out Unak and Gaki. Now you're dead meat.

// They fight.

Gene: Yah!

Bald Pirate Yeah!

// They fight.

Bald Pirate: I got to admit... He's pretty good.

// He dies.

Jim: You did it Gene!

Gilliam: Combat mode ended.

Gene: Ah man... Thats a good workout. I think its about time now for me to hit the baths.

Melfina: Gene, well done.

Gene: Hey, thanks a lot Melfina.

Melfina: It was nothing. You did everything.

Gilliam: I'd just like to say that was a job well done. You've managed to keep the ship intact,
and we're now exited the gravity zone of Sentinel 3. Shall I prepare to go to Sub
Ether Drive?

Gene: Yeah, okay. Lets go to Heiphong now.

Jim: Why there?

Gene: Heiphong is the Ban pirate territory so I imagine that those Kai pirates won't go looking
for us there, right?

Suzuka: Thats not for certain only time will tell.

Jim: Heiphong's got a lot going on so maybe we'll be able to find a good job there.

Gene: A job?

Jim: Yeah, how else will we pay for this thing's maintence, ammunition, and repairs?

Gene: I don't know... Boy did we inherit a major pain in the butt or what?

Gilliam: I beg your pardon, but I am not a major pain in the butt. I am Gilliam 2. And the name
of this ship is the Outlaw Star.

Melfina: Do you mind if I set the course for Heiphong?

Gene: No, go ahead. It's about 20 light years. Good bye, Sentinel 3.

To Be Continued...