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Outlaw Star
Script- Episode 10
Gathering for the Space Race



Narrator: The history of racing in space goes back many years. Before the development of the
Manchausin Drive, races were held in the sole system using primitive spacecraft. With
the construction of the FTL craft, the scale of the races expanded. Eventuallly,
competitions that descended down from them continue to take place throughout the
galaxy. Spaceship development factories and their subsidiary companies risk losing
prestige by sinking funds into corporate ships, while unknown privatiers enter their
own ships, trusting in their abilities. Whether they're corporate or private, pilots
in the race are all shooting for the same goal. The fame and glory bestowed on the
winner. It spurs them on in these dangerous races. These races have become well known
for the difficulty of their courses, not to mention the speed involved. Year after
year, many ships continue to participate. But the ultimate glory's given to the one who
overcomes all of these obstacles.

// The Outlaw Star is finally at Heiphong.

Space Port Guy: Attention. This is space port control tower in Heiphong. Outlaw Star, I have you
on my beacon.

Gene: Yes, we finally made it to Heiphong.

Jim: Since Heiphong's such a big place, aren't the port fees gonna cost us an awful lot of money?

Gene: Yeah, whatever, it will work out.

// They are on a subway.

Jim: Wow, this place is pretty cool.

Gene: C'mon, don't get so excited, it's embarressing.

Jim: I can't help it.

Jim and Gene: Oh...


Gene: Man o man, Heiphong's a big city alright.

Jim: Yeah.

Suzuka: So Gene, where do you plan on going to from here?

Gene: To the offices of the space race here in Heiphong.

Suzuka: Space race office?

Gene: Thats right, we're gonna enter the Outlaw Star in the space race.


Gathering For the Space Race


// In the office...

Claire: Alright , now the Heiphong Space Race is open to everyone. The entry fee may be paid by
business or an individual, either way is fine. And the ship's class doesn't matter
either. If you'd still like to enter, I recommend you do now.

Gene: There's one more thing I'd like to know. If it would be possible, I'd like to get some more
information about the other ships that are competing.

Claire: I'm sorry, according to the rules, you're not allowed to investigate the other ships.

Gene: But I'm only interested in one other ship.

Claire: Well, I'm not allowed to tell you that sir.

Gene: Are you sure you can't?

Claire: Yes sir.

Gene: Okay, well in that case there's one other thing I'd like to know.

Claire: What would that be?

Gene: I'd really like your phone number.

Jim: Oh...

Claire: If I'm not mistaken, I think you already have this office's phone number.

Gene: Oh I see, since you put it that way, I guess I'll just call the office when the race is
over. In the meantime, would you mind doing me a favor? Tell us what we need to do now.

Claire: Just fill in the necessary items on these forms. Our staff will conduct a simple on
board check in before the race begins.

Gene: And anything else?

Claire: Yes sir. You must deposit into an assigned account 150000 wong as your entry fee.

Gene: I'm sorry, how much did you say?

Claire: 150000 wong. That of course includes the insurance.

Gene: Open to everyone?! Yeah right, c'mon lady, even if you win the race you don't take home a
single wong. What private pilot has that kind of money?

Jim: That is the stupidest thing I ever heard of.

Claire: When participants can't afford it they simply find themselves a sponser.

Jim: Find a sponser?

Claire: Thats right. The Heiphong Space Race is regarded as a highly effective advertising
approach by which many businesses have found they increased their sales. However...

Gene: Yeah? What now?

Claire: Just so you'd know, it might be difficult for someone entering the first time to find a

Gene: I know! Thanks for nothing! Just you watch us lady, we're gonna enter this darn race and
we're gonna win! I'm not really sure how though.

// Later, as they eat at a local diner...

Jim: Just forget about it. I don't think we'll come up with the 150000 no matter what we do.

Gene: There are 2 reasons why we gotta fly in the space race. First, we gotta promote our name.
Because if we don't the big jobs are never gonna come our way.

Jim: You mean use it to kinda advertise us? Still what good is the race if we don't make any

Gene: The second reason is MacDougal. I heard his ship is here now.

Jim: What are you kidding? The MacDougal Brothers are gonna enter the race?

Gene: I'm not sure. I dont' have any definite proof but I thought I saw one that looked like his
on the news when they showed all the ships entering the port.

Jim: Are you sure it was really them?

Gene: I don't think I can forget that ship. And I"m gonna enter this race to make sure they don't
forget me.

Jim: Okay, so now I know we are. But how are we gonna do it?

Gene: Hey, what do you think?

Suzuka: I believe in the expression neither a borrower nor a lender be. I left 3 wong, which was
my part of the bill.

// Suzuka leaves.

Gene: Wait a minute, where are you going?

Suzuka: I haven't the slightest bit of interest in space racing and theres nothing else here at
the moment that needs my help. But don't worry, once the race is over I'll be in touch
with you again.

Gene: Hey, don't bother.

Melfina: You sure about that?

Gene: I don't care, she can do what she wants.

Jim: So now what are we supposed to do?

Gene: I guess we're gonna have to go see our friend.

Jim: What? Uh oh.

// At Fred's...

Fred: My my, Gene and Jim. It must be fate that has brought us together again.


Gene: Actually, I'm surprised to find you here at your place. I thought other people always ran
your divine headquarters.

Fred: If theres a god of business he's certainly watching over me.

Gene: We came here strictly for business Fred. C'mon, I already explained this to you on the

Fred: Okay, alright, stop joking. I'll be glad to sponser you.

Gene: Really?

Jim: Yeah!

Fred: Its good advertising, even for us. We'll handle all your expenses if you finish in the

Gene: Whats this in the money? Is that when you finish in the top 3?

Fred: Thats right. But if you finish 4th or lower you'll owe me even more money.

Jim: You see, what did I tell ya Gene?

Gene: Stop, its alright Jim. Okay, thats fine. With expenses it will come to about 400000 wong so
please have it ready for us.

Fred: Don't worry, I've been ready for a long time. Hm.

// He brings out a rack with a sheet over it.

Gene: Whats that supposed to be?

// Fred takes off the jacket revealing a very weird looking costume.

Fred: When you're in the winners circle you'll wear this. This way everyone will get a chance to
see you in it. It will be worth the 400000 and bring me such joy to my heart that I did it.

Jim: You're not gonna go through with this, are ya?

Gene: Yeah, like we have any other choice.

Jim: Fred, Melfina's not gonna have to wear that thing, is she?

Fred: Gene, you shouldn't bring Melfina here, it wouldn't be good. This place is much too

Melfina: Oh.

Gene: Whats going on here, what do you know about this?

Fred: Oh, not too much really. Only that the Kai pirates have been looking all over the place for
you and are making a special effort to find Melfina.

Gene: Oh, are you going to betray us and try to sell us out?

Fred: Of course not. Continuing to do business with you proves to be much more profitable.

Gene: We're not gonna let you down Fred.

Fred: Good. Now lets see what you're made of.

Gene: We'll see ya later. I hope you have a good time watching the race.

Fred: When does the race start?

Gene: Not long, 30 hours from now. We need to get going, we got a lot to do. Take it easy, Fred.

// On the way out...

Guard: You better not screw this up, I'm counting onyou.

Gene: Well well, what a shock. I never thought I'd see the day when you were cheering me on.

// In space...

Control Tower Guy: Outlaw Star control tower here. Negative return now confirmed.

Gene: This is the Outlaw Star here. Yes, negative return is clear.

Gilliam: Planetary launches should always run as smooth as this. Big cities always have the best

Jim: yeah, but it costs so much to park and we were only there for half a day.

Gene: You can't do anything without money here in Heiphong Jim, but if you're willing to spend
a little you can find just about anything that you can think of.

Melfina: Now displaying route to designated star position.

Gene: I gotcha.

Gilliam: Proceed immediately to start position.

Gene: Hey Gilliam, do you have any detailed maps of the Heiphong area?

Gilliam: Yes I do. My library is on par of that with a space force cruiser.

Gene: Good, go ahead and get them ready. We're gonna be needing them for the race.

Gilliam: Really, what race would that be? And by the way Gene, you still haven't explained to me
why Suzuka didn't come along this trip with you.

Gene: Don't worry, I'll explain the whole plan to you later.

// At the dock, Gene looks around.

Gene: I don't see MacDougal's ship anywhere.

Jim: You can tell all of that from here?

Gene: Believe me, if he was here I'd know it.

Jim: I think its kinda creepy here. (Yawn).

Gene: Hey listen, why don't we go check out that pre-race party thats going on now?

Jim: Mmmm... I'm there.

// On the way...

Jim: We left Melfina on the ship you know. You sure she's okay?

Gene: I'm just worried about what Fred said. And since she prefered to stay behind, I figured
that was best.

Jim: Maybe we should bring her back some cake from the party, I'm sure she'd really like that.

// On the Outlaw Star...

Melfina: Gilliam, I'd like to make a request to access Heiphong's largest data bank if you will

Gilliam: The most likely one would be Dialo University. Just give me an extra moment Melfina.
And what specific topic are you interested in finding out about?

Melfina: The subject is myself.

Gilliam: Yourself? What exactly do you mean by that?

Melfina: I'd like some information to find about about who I really am. Why was I created at all.
I want to know why.

Gilliam: Melfina dear, in my world thinking about one's self isn't permitted at all. But I can
truly sympathize with how you're feeling right now. And I will do all that I can to
help you.

Melfina: Thank you Gilliam.

// At the party...

Speaker: The Heiphong Space Race has now reached its 13th year, and has become a truly hospicious
event with our largest field ever. This year, it consists of 13 corporate ships and 29
private ships that have entered the competition.

Gene: I wonder if he's here somewhere.

Speaker: The fact that there are 40 ships participating in this race merely for the honor of
winning is a true testement to its popularity.

Jim: Looking around won't do you any good, you don't know what he looks like.

Gene: So, I can still look.

Jim: C'mon, Gene, we paid big bucks to be in this race so lets atleast get our money's worth.
Check it out, don't you wanna try a little? Hm?

Gene: Yeah, alright.

// Gene walks up to a waitress that looks oddly familiar.

Gene: Ah. Hm? Ah?

Aisha: Meow?

Gene: Um.... hi.

Aisha: Yaah! I finally found you, Gene Starwind!




Gene: Um... Hi.

Aisha: I found you! I found you! I found you! I finally found you!

Gene: Okay... What are you doing, Aisha?

Aisha: This is divine guidance from the god of Ctarl. Thank you god of Ctarl, I can hardly believe
it! Even though I had absolutely no money, I was determined to track you down and so I
hitchhiked all the way across space.

Jim: You hitchhiked all the way across space to get here?

Aisha: Yes, and it was hard. I went to where the ships were stationed and when I got there they
made me do all this heavy labor. I dreamt it and dreamt it and wound up here on Heiphong
and was so grateful to get this waitress job to earn just enough to eat. And just as I
was paying myself who would show up buth you? (laughs) Well well, who knew we would be
running into each other again so soon?

Gene: Man, I can't believe what bad luck we have.

Jim: This is ridicolous.

Aisha: Hey you 2, stop your babbling, I'm the one in control here.


Boss: Aisha!

Aisha: Huh?

Boss: Behave yourself.

Aisha: Ah... These 2 creeps, I mean gentlemen, were bothering me and I had to take care of myself.

Boss: Thats enough, we'll talk later.

Aisha is dragged away.

Aisha: Stop! Let go of me, let go!

Boss: If you cause anymore trouble here Aisha, you're not gonna get paid!

Aisha: Oh...

Boss: I'm very sorry about that gentlemen.

Gene: Hey, thats okay, really its no big deal.

// Back on the Outlaw Star...

Gilliam: I'm afraid there weren't enough leads for me to get any information for you Melfina.

Melfina: Thats alright, thank you for trying.

Gilliam: We could try checking out the pirates through the space forces, but I think thats also
gonna be very difficult.

Melfina: Its okay, you don't have to worry Gilliam. I didn't think I'd find out everything there
is to know about me right away.

Gilliam: Very well, I am sure that we will find a good lead eventually Melfina.

Melfina: Me too. Gene promised me one day that I would find out.

Gilliam: Oh did he? Well speaking of the devil, I believe he's coming through the door right now.

Jim: We're back! Hey guess what Melfina, we brought you a surprise!

Melfina: Just for me?

Jim: Mm hm.

Gene: Now listen Melfina, we need to resupply the ship, make a maitenence check, and get some
rest cause we start in 12 hours.

Melfina: Okay.

Gilliam: We start for where?

// Later...

Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, the start of the 13th Annual Heiphong Space Race is about to
begin. Participating ships have come from all over and are now assembling at the
starting point. Which team will win the wreath of victory in the Heiphong Space Race?

Gene: We leave here from Heiphong 4 and head to the third planet, Heiphong 3.

Jim: They say that its a binary planet. Man, they sure picked a nasty place to put that

Gene: Oh, it gets much worse after that. Next, its the 5th planet, and then an orbit around
that gaseous nebula and then we pass through the asteroid belt.

Jim: It says that you can use the checkpoint at either the first or the second planet.

Melfina: The course using the second planet takes longer, but the course for the first planet
is kinda risky.

Gene: I like it already. Then we turn around and head back to Heiphong. The trip totals 1.6
billion kilometers.

Gilliam: We're in this race so we may as well win, Gene!

Gene: Alright, well its good to see you psyched.

Gilliam: Thats because no ship is even gonna come close to beating out the Outlaw Star.

Gene: You know it, now lets show them what the Outlaw Star is really made of. (thinking) I'm
gonna hunt you down MacDougal.

Jim: Gene, this will be all for nothing if we don't finish in the top 3.

Gene: Don't worry about that.

Jim: Alright, whatever you say. But if we finish in the top 3, thats 400000 wong minus the entry
fee then we get 200000 left for us. (laughs)

Announcer: The ships will start one at a time in 2 minute intervals. The first ship is approaching
the starting gate. The Blue Continental, a private vessel that competed in the last 6
races, piloted by Ernest Blue.

Melfina: All systems are normal, the output of all engines is normal.

Gene: We're number 26 in the line up, so relax, it will take a while.

Announcer: Ship number 7 in today's competition is unique. The Noburi Nueiro will be driven today
by Mr. Nubaso Kunono. He's here on business from Ctarl Ctarl.

Gene: Hey, he said thats a Ctarl Ctarl ship.

Jim: Oh yeah?

// On the ship...

Pilot: Officer Aisha, how would you like us to run this space race, like we normally do, or
perhaps some other way.

Aisha: Until I give an order, do what you want, but always remember to think of my orders as the
same as the empire's orders.

Pilot: Right.

Aisha: Just you watch my dear friends.

Pilot: Well, I'm going now Officer Aisha.

// They start.

Melfina: Newton Reactor and gravity cycle unit are now coming online.

Announcer: Well it looks like he made it after all, and just in time. The El Dorado arrived
late, but now the ship has managed to find its place in the starting lineup.

// MacDougal's ship shows up.

Gene: Huh? Oh...

Announcer: The El Dorado, which placed fifth last year, is a favorite this year. Her captain is
Harry Williams.

Gene: Harry Williams? Does that mean its not MacDougal?

// On the ship...

Harry: Hey I'm sorry I'm late, I got caught in an ether current storm on my way over to the race.

Technician: The El Dorado is scheduled to start in 7 minutes. Can you get yourself ready to go
by then?

Harry: Sure.

Technician: Alright, good luck Mr. Williams.

// He leaves.

Leo: Hey Harry, there's a transmition thats coming in. Says he's on the Outlaw Star.

Harry: I don't know that ship. Its about time we got started, just drop that for now.

Gene: Darn, he won't answer.

Race Official: Outlaw Star, the open channel at the starting point is for official use only.

Announcer: Attention, the El Dorado is headed for the starting gate.

Gene: Lets fire off the engines, I'm gonna close in on that ship.

Gilliam: The officials will stop us most certainly.

Jim: Gene, now take it easy, don't do anything crazy. You don't know who's ship that is for sure.

Gene: Ugh... Yeah, I guess you're right about that. Its a long race, but I'll get my chance to
find out for sure.

Announcer: El Dorado, its time to start.

Harry: Okay Leo, go ahead and cut loose.

Leo: Yeah hah!

// The El Dorado starts. Suzuka is in a casino, the race is on a television.

Announcer: Following the Bonaparte, sponsered by the Penelope Corporation, is the Outlaw Star, a
private vessel competing for the first time. Her captain is Gene Starwind.

// Outlaw Star starts going. An odd looking man watches in the dock.

Gwen: that ship looks very familiar.

Man: Is there something bothering you, Professor Khan?

Gwen: Oh no, its was nothing, nothing at all. Thank you for asking. It'll be alright. No doubt
about it, thats ship's the XGP15A2. But whats it doing here?

// Meanwhile...

Race Official: This is your final check, are you ready?

Gene: All systems green.

Race Official: Out