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Outlaw Star
Script- Episode 13
Advanced Guard From Another World



// At Starwind and Hawking Enterprises...

// The phone rings.

Gene: Hello. This is Starwind and Hawking Enterprises. Can we help you? Yes sir. Yes, we'd handle
interplanetary transport, but your ship's payload is kinda small. Whats the cargo? Uh...
that would be a problem. I'm sorry. Yeah, please call again sir.

Jim: What did he say?

Gene: He asked if we could hawl some huge construction equipment in the Outlaw Star, but c'mon,
there's no way we can handle that.

Jim: Hmm... uh... there's gotta be something out there, some job for us to do. I posted some
really good ads on the net, but the responses aren't even worth mentioning.

Gene: Yeah, forget it, the only thing that those jobs are worth is chump change.

Jim: Gene, we have to get a job no matter how rotten it is. Our wallet is in bad shape, I don't
know if we can be so picky.

Gilliam: Space port parking fees are ridicoulously expensive.

Gene: I know, the parking is practically on the street and it still costs too much.

Gilliam: It can't be helped. In the big city like this, we were lucky to even find a spot.

Jim: Ah, thanks a lot Melfina.

Melfina: Don't mention it. You still haven't been able to find any work, Jim?

Jim: If Gene wasnt' so picky, we might have some.

Gene: C'mon, if you don't turn any profit, whats the point?

// The doorbell rings.

Gene: Hey, maybe its a customer! How can we help...

Aisha: How's business doing, everyone?

Gene: Oh... it's only you. Okay, I guess.

Jim: Yeah, we've got nothing. Hmph.

Aisha: (laughs) I knew that. But there's no problem, you don't have to worry about a thing. Thats
why you find me standing here, I came to offer you two a job.

Gene: Oh yeah? Well, what is it?

Aisha: Well, they tell me that in the downtown area by the Heiphong Spaceport there's a ferocias
animal that happens to be in the sewers. Rumor has it its a runaway pet or something.
Anyway, the job is to exterminateit as soon as possible.

// Nobody pays attention.

Aisha: Erh... What is wrong with you, did you hear anything I said?

Gene: I heard you. You expect us to go in the sewer.

Jim: This job smells fishy, Aisha.

Aisha: What do you mean? It was posted by the Heiphong Municipal Waterworks Department so its

Gene: Yeah, but how much does it pay?

Aisha: 500 wong.

Jim and Gene: Huh. Mmm Hmm. Erh.

// They throw her out.

Aisha: Ah! Whats the big idea? Fine, if thats the way you guys want it, I'll just do the job
myself and you'll by sorry. Eh. When people can't accept a little kindness gracefully, its
gonna be all over for humanity.

Gene: Can you believe it, give me a break, what was she thinking?

Jim: It sounds like a 500 wong job.

Gene: Hey Gilliam, what about you, have you heard of any good work?

Gilliam: I'm sorry Gene, but I haven't.

// They get a call on the computer.

Jim: Who's that? Hey look Gene, it could be a job offer.

Fred: Hi there Jim, hows business been going?

Jim: Oh hi Fred, How ya doing? Uh yeah, how are ya?

Gene: Uh...

Jim: If this is about the money we owe ya, we can't pay you back yet.

Fred: I figured that much so I thought I'd tell you about a job thats come up. Actually, a
business associate of mine has gotten into some odd trouble.

Jim: Uh... What kind?

Fred: Well, he brought some cargo over from the Sylgreen system. But when he arrived here on
Heiphong, the cargo had suddenly dissappeared and he asked me to you two to look into it.

Gene: Uh... Why doesn't he just let the cops handle it?

Fred: Thats totally out of the question. Its just shy of smuggling.

Gene: Like weapons?

Fred: Its a new species of insect.

Gene: Sorry Fred. This is not our kind of job.

Jim: Just hold on Gene. How much does the job pay Fred?

Fred: 700 wong up front, plus 2000 if the cargo is returned safely.

Jim: Let's take it, c'mon.

Gene: Another chump job like that, forget it. I'm not interested.

Jim: Fine, I'll take it, who do I see and where do I go?

Fred: Great, he's a Sylgreen. He'll be on deck 8 of the spaceport right by yours. I'll go ahead
and tell him you're coming.

Gene: Uh, I can't believe you're working for Fred.

Jim: Gene, we cannot afford to be picky.

Gene: Hey, a much bigger job will be coming soon, don't worry.

Melfina: Jim, do you want me to come along with you?

Jim: Sure Melfina, that'll be great.

Gene: What!? I gotta stick around here all by myself?

Gilliam: I'm still here Gene.

Gene: And what am I supposed to do with you huh?

Jim: That big job's coming right? Keep an eye out for it.

Gene: Hah! You see, you're gonna regret it.

Gilliam: See you later Jim.

// They leave. The phone rings.

Gene: Well, there you have it, that was quick.

Gene: Hello, Starwind and Hawking Enterprises.

Ice Cream Vender: You're ad says that you'll solve any problems, is that really true?

Gene: Thats true. So what exactly is it we can help you with?

Ice Cream Vender: Well there's something funny about the ice cream vender next door.

Gene: Uh what... did you say ice cream?

Ice Cream Vender: He's gotta be breaking some kind of law! How else could he be making such a
killing by a case like that? Thanks to him, my business is in the toilet. There's
something about ice cream thats not normal.

Gene: Erh...

// He hangs up.

Gilliam: You didn't even ask him what he would pay.

Gene: I'm not an investigator. Huh? Hmm.

// Gene gets on the phone.

Gene: Hello. Remember me? Yeah, its Gene.

Gilliam: Gene, did you think of a good job?

// Gene knocks Gilliam over.

Gilliam: Uh. What was that for?

Gene: Yeah. Thats right, I promised you I would, didn't I? So, listen I was wondering if we
could go out for dinner or something.

Gilliam: And to think I called that man indebted.

Sylgreen: Hmm... I really don't know what to make of this. It happened 5 days ago. I had a break
after I landed and I figured I'd get down to business when I noticed that the container
was empty, just like you see here. If something isn't done, I'm gonna take the bath on
this one.


Jim: C'mon, honestly, what cargo did you have?

Sylgreen: Alright, Fred recommended you two so I'll let you in on it confidentially speaking. It
was an extremely rare insect and plant.

Jim: Well, did you ever think the insect could have run away?

Sylgreen: By opening the container and the hatch on my ship? Hah, no thats simply impossible.
Even if that were the situation, what about the plant?

Jim: Maybe the bug got hungry and ate it.

Sylgreen: Also impossible. Its carnivorous. They were stolen! My crew and I have looked everywhere.
But as you can see, there's no sign of them. None!

Melfina: Is it true that the police can't be of any help?

Sylgreen: We can't go to the police, because we didn't apply for import entry for either the
insect or the plant. Now you don't need to worry about a thing, they don't carry any
harmful viruses or diseases you can catch, we've checked all that out right here on our
own. You do understand, its such a bother to go through all that red tape.

Jim: Uh... I guess so.

Sylgreen: Come to think of it... now that I look back on the situation, I can't imagine for the
life of me why I took such a giant risk.

Jim: So what kind of bug and plant are they anyway?

Sylgreen: I'll get the catalog I put together for the sale. The plant looks and feels like one
of those cactusy things that grows in the world where y'all are from.

Jim: I guess he means a regular ol cactus.

// In the mine...

Superviser: My workers said they saw it right in here, thats what they said. The reports that I
heard claim that it was some big meat eating animal, but thats a little hard to believe.

Aisha: You don't have to worry anymore, Aisha's here to handle it.

Superviser: Yeah, there is no doubt about it, we were definately fortunate to get a Ctarl Ctarl
to handle this matter. Well, I'm gonna leave you now so you can do your work. Bye.

Aisha: You can count on me! Alright monster, Aisha's coming, you better stay put and be a good
boy now. (laughs)

// Jim and Melfina arrive home.

Jim: We're back. Hey Gene... Its you.

Suzuka: Welcome back. Hello there Jim.

Jim: You the only one here? Where's Gene?

Suzuka: I have no idea, he was already gone when I arrived.

Jim: Hmm. I wonder. Maybe there was a big job that came in. So why are you here Suzuka?

Suzuka: No particular reason, I just decided I would come by to see how business is coming along.

Jim: Eh... we're coming along I guess. Well Melfina, I was just thinking I should do a little
digging in the pet market over there.

Melfina: Thats a good idea Jim. Should I check the space port security section and see if anything
unusual happened 5 days ago?

Jim: Yeah, that'd be great.

Suzuka: You seem to be rather busy. So I'll be leaving now.

Jim: Oh, okay, see you later.

Suzuka: Please give Gene my regards, won't you?

// Meanwhile, on the streets of Heiphong...

Gene: Ah... Hey! Hi!

Claire: Hi, I'm sorry, have you been waiting long?

Gene: No, no problem, I just got here. So how you doing? Do you have any free time now?

Claire: Well now that tha race is over, thats all I have. I still think thats amazing. A privateer
making 4th place in his first race.

Gene: If we hadn't run into trouble we would have been first, but lets not talk about that now.
Why don't we go get some tea or something?

Claire: Sure.

Gene: To tell the truth, I still don't know Heiphong city very well. So what about you, do you
know of any good places around here?

Claire: Yeah, Lets keep walking and I'll show you all around.

Gene: Sounds great.

Claire: So, what are you up to now?

Gene: Well, we started our business again. Starwind and Hawking Enterprises. We sell solutions to
any kind of problem.

Clarie: How's business going?

Gene: Okay.

Claire: Thats right, how could I forget, you finished 4th in the Heiphong Space Race, of course
you're doing well.

Gene: Yeah right.

Claire: Are you sure you can take time away to meet me?

Gene: My seeing you is much more important than work. Huh?

Claire: I just got this great idea, lets get some ice cream.

Gene: Uh... ice cream?

Claire: C'mon, right over there. I feel like having some all of a sudden. Isn't this funny. It
never used to be this popular, maybe they changed their recipe.

Gene: It sounds great. For some reason, I feel like having some too.

Claire: Oh good, I'll go buy you some then.

Gene: Hey, let me get that.

Claire: Fourth place winner. It's my treat.

Gene: Uh... Hmm... What the...

// He notices the ice cream vender who called him before, at a neighboring empty stand.

Ice Cream Vender: Well there's something funny about the ice cream vender next door.

Claire: Sorry, it took so long.

Gene: Oh. Hey, thanks a lot. Hm. This ice cream seems pretty average.

Claire: Yeah, I agree.

Claire and Gene: Hmm.

// A cactus is behind the ice cream counter.




// Jim and Melfina are at a space port.

Jim: Here?

Melfina: Thats right. 5 days ago the fence around here was completely bent, but now it looks like
they've already fixed it.

Jim: And the security systems?

Melfina: They're equipped with both infa red detectors and metal detectors. But it appears as
though nothing has set them off.

Jim: Yeah, I guess they could be set off by a measly old insect.

Melfina: So maybe it didn't run away.

Jim: Maybe. If its a whole meter long, maybe a bug that size would have a brain. And if thats
true, what are those?

Melfina: They say they're the waste water drains for the space port, they're supposed to be
connected to the sewer.

Jim: To the sewer? Wait a minute. Wasn't it Aisha who mentioned something about a sewer?

// Meanwhile, Aisha's in the sewers.


Aisha: I'm on my way, I'm on my way to get the monster! I'm on my way, to get the monster, to
get the monster.

// She walks into some kind of spider web.

Aisha: Ah! Hey, whats going on here? Whats the big idea? Uh.. Uh... Uh... What the heck is this
stuff? Nah nah nah nah nah yah...

// Meanwhile, Jim's on the phone.

Jim: Thats right. The job you have, to get the animal in the sewers.

Supervisor: Oh sure, I've already put someone on that job.

Jim: Tell me, was it a female Ctarl Ctarl?

Supervisor: Oh, you know her?

Jim: Listen, its really important I need you to tell me where she's looking and how its connected
to the sewer lines from the space port.

// Meanwhile, back with Gene...

Gene: Man, thats seems strange. I wonder why that ice cream man is selling so much more ice cream
than the other guy when his ice cream doesn't even taste that good.

Claire: You do have a point.

Gene: Oh well. Who cares, lets forget about it. Its not like ice cream is the only thing Heiphong
is famous for.

Claire: Sure, there are plenty of other things to do here. You haven't done anything yet?

Gene: Not yet. We entered the race right after we got there.

Claire: Where did you live before that?

Gene: Sentinel, in the middle of nowhere. Huh?

// Jim calls him.

Jim: Gene! Gene!

Gene: Sorry, could you excuse me. Yeah, what do you want, could it wait?

Jim: No, if we don't stop Aisha, you can kiss that 2000 wong goodbye.

Gene: What the heck are you talking about?

Jim: The ferocious animal he was talking about that she went to get in the sewers is the Sylgreen's
bug. Aisha's gonna rip it to pieces, I just know it.

Gene: I don't understand a single word you're saying.

// Meanwhile, Aisha growls at the bug.

Aisha: Errh...

Jim: I don't know what happened to the cactus plant, but I know one thing, we have to capture
that bug before Aisha does.

Gene: Cactus plant?

// Aisha roars again. Back to Gene.

Gene: Cactus plant? The cactus plant.

Jim: Gene, do youread me? Hey Gene!

// The cactus emits a weird noise, freaking out everyone.

All: Ah!

// The bug comes out and Aisha attacks. Above...

All: Ah!

// Aisha and the bug go flying out of the sewer.

Aisha: Rrrr....

Gene: What the heck is that thing? Careful Claire, stand back.

Claire: Okay.

Aisha: Ah... Yah! Huh?

// Gene shoots at the bug, almost hitting Aisha.

Gene: Uh?

Aisha: Gene? Whats the big idea?

Gene: Oh. Hey, sorry. Whats that she's riding on? Ah! Its coming back!

// He shoots but the cactus's signals cause him to hit a sign, which bounces off and almost gets

Gene: What is that?

Aisha: Gene, what the heck are you trying to do you bird brain? Are you trying to kill me?

Gene: Heh no, of course not Aisha. You know, you're really beginning to bug me. You want some
more of me? Okay, you flea bag, try a little of this.

Jim: Gene! Don't!

Gene: Huh? Jim?

Jim: If we can catch the thing its worth 2000 wong.

Aisha: Its 500 for me if I stop it!

Jim: You gotta catch it before she does!

Aisha: I'm gonna stop it.

Jim: 2000 wong!

Aisha: I don't care, I'm gonna get it!

Gene: Guys, stop it already, what the heck are you two talking about?

Melfina: I've been sensing some high strange frequencey waves for sometime now. Like that one.

Gene: High Frequency?

Jim: Thats it!

All: Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!

// Jim goes over and gets the cactus.

Gene: Jim, where you going?

Jim: I don't know.

Gene: That cactus is doing this! Ah!

// He starts shooting his gun.

Aisha: What do you think you're doing?

Gene: I have no idea!

Jim: Now you're beginning to realize my true nature, not bad for a lower creature. I guess I'd
have to complement you.

Gene: What is the deal? Why are you talking so weird?

Jim: I'm telling you guys, its not me, my mouth is moving by itself.

Gene and Melfina: Huh?

Gene: Alriht, what in the heck are ya?

Jim: Hah! You may call me great one. I am a higher life form capable of ruling the entire
universe. No matter what you do, you have absolutely no means of escaping my control. I
suggest you surrender .

Gene: You cactus mutant, you were behind all of this! So what exactly is it that you plan to do?
Why are you selling ice cream, ruler of the universe?

Jim: Thats simple, for observation and experimentation to see precisely how effective my control
is over you. And now my observation and experimentation is complete.

Jim: Ah! Gene!

Gene: Hey wait Jim! Gr...

// The bug goes back in the sewer. Jim walks over there.

Jim: My plant will now precede to stage 2.

Jim: No way, help Gene!

Gene: I'm trying darn it! Melfina?

// She walks up to him.

Jim: Halt I say, you lower animal. Halt I said! Halt where you are! Halt! Halt! Why curse you,
why doesn't my power work on you?

Melfina: Stop doing horrible things to him!

// She knocks the cactus over.

Jim: Ah!

Jim: What have you done, hurry pick me up!

Aisha: Ah, ah.

Melfina: What should I do now?

Gene: Squash that thing.

Melfina: Uh... you really wnat me to squash it?

Jim: No, don't do it. If you squash it, we're gonna lose tons and tons of money.

Melfina: Oh.

Gene: Do it Melfina. Ignore whats he's saying, the cactus still has some control over him.

Melfina: Oh yeah, right. I'm sorry Jim. I have to.

Jim: C'mon, I'm begging you, don't do it!

Jim: Stop it darn it, stop! I command you to stop!

// She starts stepping on the cactus. It starts talking itself.

Great One: No! I told you to stop! I belong to a higher species! What are you doing to me?! Stop!
Stop it, stop it I tell you! How dare you, how dare you! You stupid animal! Stop, stop
it! I shouldn't have to think! I insist you stop, please stop... stop it... Now I beg
you please... stop. Ah... please...

Jim: Oop. Its all mashed up.

Gene: It sure is. Now you're not gonna make me eat anymore of that crappy ice cream, are you?

Jim: Why would you eat crappy ice cream?

Aisha: Oh no, now what, I'm gonna go get that monster! I won't let the cops have all the glory!

Gene: Oh great, what a mess. That Sylgreen is gonna take a fall and now we're not gonna see any
money out of it.

Jim: Yeah, I guess.

Gene: Well anyway, I'm amazed you could stand up to that thing's control the way you did, Melfina.

Melfina: Don't you remember Gene, I'm not like normal people. Um. Huh?

Gene: I know you're not and thats exactly what saved Jim.

Jim: Yeah, he's right about that. Thanks a lot Melfina.

Melfina: Sure.

// Back at their place...

Jim: Looks like that Sylgreen was under the great one's control when he brought it here. They say
it was a capsule that the Space Force found in deep space, and they have no knowledge of
there being any others.

Gilliam: I see.

Jim: After all we did, all we have to show for it is a lousy 700 wong deposit? What about you?

Gene: Hm? Who, me?

Jim: Yeah, you were there on the job too, weren't you?

Gene: Uh... yeah, but you know what happened, all that ruckus blew the whole thing out the window.
Uh... if only... aw man. If it wasn't for that lousy ice cream and that stupid plant, it
would have been a perfect date!

Gilliam: Oh really, you don't say?

Gene: Would you just shut that can of yours and mind your own business for once?

Suzuka: Good day.

Gene and Jim: How can we help you? Oh.

Gene: Oh, its you.

Suzuka: I was just wondering how business is doing.

Gene: Not bad.

Jim: Its not doing at all. Hmph.

Suzuka: I thought that might be the case, thats why I decided to come by and tell you about a job.

Jim: What job?

Suzuka: There's a theme park in the suburbs outside of Heiphong city and they're looking for
people to perform in a quick draw wild west show.

Jim and Gene: Huh?