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Outlaw Star
Script- Episode 21
Grave of the Dragon



Narrator: On the homeworlds of most civilized races there exists ancient ruins that defy
explanation. This includes Terrans of course and also the Aruba Reba ruins on Ctarl
Ctarl, the Sabun Temple on Cor Borno, the Oranotes on Sylgry. No one knows who built
these ruins or how they possible could have been constructed. And in space, there
exists ruins that are related to a race yet a race of unknown origin. Some researchers
have concluded that these ruins might be the product of a super ancient extinct race
and they presume that the ancient ruins of earth and other planets may have been built
by them as well. But there is no shred of evidence. Remaining enshrouded in mystery,
the ruins exist to this day.

// On the Outlaw Star...

Gene: Is that it?

Aisha: Thats the Galactic Leyline?

Jim: Look, how many times do I have to tell you, thats not the Leyline.

Aisha: Wait a minute... thats what you just said it was.

Jim: In another language, but to us its a planet with ancient ruins called Dragon, or Way of the

Aisha: Right, and thats the Leyline.

Jim: If it was, then the survey team would have left a much more thurough report.

Gene: C'mon, just give it a rest. Its something we need to see for ourselves, alright? So how
about a landing spot?

Jim: How bout the same place as the survey? The area down there's level enough so it shouldn't
give us any trouble at all.

Gene: Okay, prepare for landing.


Grave of the Dragon


Gene: Man, nothing's here at all.

Suzuka: Its no wonder that they haven't got any immigrants.

Gene: So, tell us where it is Jim.

Jim: Boy, you are really pathetic, can't you do anything without me?

Gene: Well you said you were the one who found it right?


Jim: Right, but it was tough enough to hack into the Space Archeology Soceity's database. I mean
it was surpressed like it was top secret or something. You could show a little gratitude
maybe. Got it. Its about 2 kilometers southeast of here.

Gene: Two kilometers? Hey, why'd you take us all the way down here when we're so far away?

Jim: Are you good enough to land that thing no matter what the situation?

Gene: Hmm? Okay, what do you say we treat ourselves to a little hike, huh?

// They hike for a while. Eventually, they stop.

Gene: Alright... lets take a break here.

Jim: So Gene, just what do you suppose the Galactic Leyline is anyway?

Gene: Huh? Why are you asking me that now Jim?

Jim: I don't know, I was just thinking that Hilda may have told you something thats all.

Gene: She didn't say much. She just mentioned that the Kai Pirates wanted it. So of course
Hilda's plan was simply to make sure that she got to it first.

Aisha: Which means its a treasure.

Gene: Yeah right. It'd be nice if it was. Then I'd be able to pay back all the money I owe Fred.

Aisha: Its gotta be worth a whole lot more than that.

Suzuka: Aisha, how did the Ctarl Ctarl learn about the Leyline?

Aisha: Um... Uh... well we, that is uh... its a state secret.

Gene: And I suppose you have no idea what the secret might be huh?

Jim: Ah... you only came because you were orderred to, must be rough.

Aisha: Erh... shut up!

Jim: Looks like we're on the money.

Gene: I'm starting to get worried about how much longer we're gonna be able to keep up this
friendship with her.

Jim: What are you talking about?

Gene: I'm saying we can't forget that she's still a Ctarl Ctarl officer.

Suzuka: Don't you think it would be best to confront her about it?

Gene: Well... to tell you the truth, the same goes for you.

Suzuka: Are you saying that I have some kind of short comings?

Gene: No, not at this moment exactly.

Suzuka: And not ever to be perfectly honest.

Gene: Yes ma'am. Hey, whats the matter Mel?

Melfina: Its nothing.

Gene: C'mon...

Melfina: When we find the Galactic Leyline, do you think I'll learn anything about myself?

Gene: Good question. To be honest, I'm not sure.

Jim: What are you saying Gene, of course she will. Isn't that right Mel? Woah.

Gene: We won't know for sure until we get there.

Melfina: I guess you're right.

Jim: Look Gene!

Aisha: Hey, over here! I found it! Hurry! Come take a look!

Gene: Uh...

Aisha: There they are, the ruins of the Leyline!

// Meanwhile, in space...

Ron: They sure picked another strange planet to go to.

Harry: Lets head down Ron. I'll make her mine this time without fail.

Ron: Sure. Thats the very reason why we tracked them down all this way. We'll finish this.

// Meanwhile, at the ruins...

Gene: Awesome...

Jim: See that thing in the middle? They call it the Dragon Sphinx. The line that leads up to it
is the way of the dragon.

Gene: So the way of the dragon is the Leyline.

Jim: After a lot of investigating, the survey team had concluded it was probably made about
10000 years ago.

Gene: Why did the survey team close down their investigation?

Jim: Apparantly the direct reason was their funding had dried up just before they could get any
final results terminating the exploration. They also mentioned that the Kai Pirates were
directly involved.

Suzuka: What exactly does that mean?

Jim: The pirates interfered by completely cutting off the supply lines of the survey team. So
of course it gave them absolutely no choice they had to pull out.

Suzuka: A place called the Leyline and the Kai Pirates are involved? Rather suspicious bed
fellows indeed.

Gene: So? What else did you find out?

Jim: Nothing at all. It wasn't in the database. I can tell you that much. Looks like the survey
team was able to check out the entry chamber to that Pyramid, but there isn't a single point
about it.

Aisha: Hey, whats all of this got to do with the Galactic Leyline anyway?

Gene: Thats why we came here, to find that out. So lets go check out the survey teams's barracks
and see if there's anything there we'll be able to use. C'mon.

// Meanwhile, the MacDougal's ship lands. Harry is in a big robot suit.

Harry: I'm all ready Ron.

Ron: Good. We wait til sunset then close in for our attack. The woman comes first.

Harry: We can kill everyone else, isn't that right?

Ron: Of course.

// Back to the others...

Gene: So...? Whats so special about this spot?

Jim: Look at the floor. They mention that there might have been something here originally.

Aisha: Hmm... What do you think could have been there?

Jim: Thats just the thing Aisha, they never did find out. Leyline was originally a term used by
the Space Pirates, it comes from Fuang Shi, meaning a path that she collects. They're
energy lines. They spoke of it as the Dragon's cosmic breath.

Suzuka: Thats all very interesting but it really doesn't tell us anything.

Jim: Look, I don't even understand it. If I did, I wouldn't be wasting my time right now, what
they're saying is controlling the Leyline means controlling everything. Huh? What is it

Melfina: I feel something coming from here.

Gene: You do? Well what are you feeling?

Melfina: I'm not sure, its just... ugh...

// A dragon symbol appears on the wall, then vanishes.

Aisha: Hey, what was that?

Gene: Mel.

Melfina: I'm not really sure what it was. Now I'm not feeling anything, not anymore...

// Later...

Jim: Where's Melfina?

Suzuka: She said she wanted to be alone for a while.

Aisha: She must be in the bathroom.

Jim: If she needed to go to the bathroom there's a toilet right over there. I wonder whats wrong.

Gene: Let it go Jim. If she wanted to be alone then let her be alone.

Jim: Gene, how come you don't care about Melfina? You're always so cold to her.

Gene: No I'm not, not really.

Jim: Yes you are. You've been acting weird ever since we left to look for the Leyline.

Gene: What do you mean?

Jim: Its like you're avoiding her or something.

Gene: So? I always do.

Jim: Not like this!

Gene: Of course I do. Where are you going?

Jim: I wanna be by myself.

Suzuka: I know you didn't ask, but to be honest I agree with Jim.

Gene: Hmm?

Suzuka: Well yes, is he wrong?

Gene: I don't really wanna say I'm sorry. And even if I did, what good would it do anyway?

Suzuka: What are you sorry for?

Gene: Well I made a promise to Melfina, now I'm not sure I can keep it cause I'm not making any
progress with it at all.

Suzuka: Oh. A promise?

Gene: I told her I'd find out anything I could about her.

// Meanwhile, outside...


Melfina: I don't know
What words I can say
The wind has a way
To talk to me
Flowers sleep
A silent lullaby
I pray for reply
I'm ready
Quiet day calling
Oh serenity
Someone please tell me
Oh what is it they say
Maybe I will know one day

// Harry arrives.

Melfina: Harry MacDougal.

Harry: Melfina, its okay, come with me. I will never let you be lonely again.




Gene: I was so sure I would come up with an answer by now but I haven't found out anything.

Suzuka: Now that isn't true, and you know it. You came all the way to a place like this to
investigate it, right? Whats the matter Aisha?

Aisha: Got to go to the bathroom.

Gene: From what MacDougal told me, Melfina was originally created as part of a navigation system
that was designed specifically to reach the Galactic Leyline. But you tell me, is that the
sort of answer you'd wanna hear? Of course not, who'd want to hear that? I can't tell her,
I just can't.

Melfina: Lonely? Do you mean me?

Harry: Yeah, thats right.

Melfina: You're wrong.

Harry: I'll give you everything Melfina, anything you've ever wanted, anything in the world.

Melfina: You'd do that?

Harry: Thats right. For you I would do that.

Gene: I was hoping that we'd learn more about her when we reached the Galactic Leyline, but now
I have no idea whats gonna happen when we get there. I don't know if it even has anything
to do with Mel, or the answer she's looking for.

Suzuka: You have no choice but to go there now.

Gene: As it stands, we can't get there.

Melfina: You're the only one who's lonely.

Harry: Me? Don't be ridiculous. I have my brother, and I have friends too.

Melfina: You are lonely, don't you understand? All you can do is take what you want but what you
want never seems to be enough.

Harry: What I want is you Melfina. C'mon...

Gene: I guess I have been kinda cold to her. I just can't be sure if I can actually keep my
promise. I don't know what to do.


Suzuka: You act so tough on the outside.

Gene: I wish I was a little tougher on the inside.

Harry: Now...

Melfina: No, I can't go, I have someone who has made a promise to me. Someone who has promised
no matter what he would help me find what I'm looking for.

Harry: Do you mean Gene Starwind? Ugh... would you forget about that guy?

Melfina: I can't.

Harry: Listen to me, we are the only ones who can really understand each other.

Melfina: Understand? I don't even understand myself.

Harry: Melfina...

Melfina: Please don't.

Harry: Will you sing that song again? Sing it for me.

Gene: Harry MacDougal! What are you doing?

Harry: Erh...

Gene: What were you talking about Melfina?

Melfina: Gene.

Gene: Is there something going on between you two?

// Harry arrives in his mech.

Harry: You're a dead man Gene, Melfina is now mine.

Gene: What are you talking about, she is not!

// Meanwhile, in the ruins...

Jim: Urh.

Aisha: Don't worry about it, grown ups are complicated.

Jim: Don't treat me like I'm a kid, quit it!

Aisha: But you are a kid. You know what? You should just live your life without worrying about

Jim: Yeah. Big talk from someone who always acts like a kid.

Aisha: Hmm?

Jim: What is it Aisha? Urh.

// Ron MacDougal fires at them, they dodge.

Suzuka: Gene!

// They battle. Meanwhile, Gene & Melfina are running from Harry.

Gene: Coward! Shoot!

Harry: Gene... where the heck did you go? Show your face!

Gene: Sorry, no one's home. Next time try calling first. Alright, game over.

// Harry dodges the attack.

Gene: Ugh...

// Harry starts blasting at Gene.

Harry: Die! Die! Die! Die! Die!

Melfina: Gene!

// Meanwhile...

Aisha: Erh...

// Suddenly the place starts shaking.

Ron: What the...

Suzuka: It can't be.

Aisha: Its an earthquake!

Harry: C'mon, just climb on. Huh? What the heck, hold it together. Ah!

// His mech falls over.

Gene: I don't think I'm gonna miss this time.

// Gene kills Harry.

Ron: Harry! Harry! What the heck happened, come in Harry, c'mon.

Jim: Why the quake have to start up now?

Gene: Jim! Come back to the ship now!

Jim: Okay.

// They head there.

Gilliam: Hurry everyone you have to move faster, its a crustal disturbance. If this keeps up,
the ship will tumble over.

Gene: Listen Melfina, if you don't want to, you don't have to go with us. I'd never force you
to do anything. Once we're in space, you can do whatever you want.

Jim: Gene, c'mon, what are you doing?

Melfina: Take me with you please. I want to go with you, please Gene.

Gene: Sure, I'll take you along. I'll take you along with me anytime. C'mon.

Melfina: Thanks.

// They take off.

Aisha: The surface is still shaking, the ruins are nothing but rubble.

Gene: Well Mel, it looks like we'll have to find ourselves a new lead.

Melfina: Right.

// Back on the planet...

Ron: Harry! Harry! Harry, hold on, you'll be alright. Oh Harry, what have they done to you?

// Outlaw Star parks at a space station.

Gene: First up resupply, then rest. Then we'll decide what to do next.

Gilliam: I have received a transmition. It is Professor Gwen Khan.

Gene: Professor Khan? Oh yeah, is it real time?

Gilliam: The transmition is direct from the station.

Gwen: Oh my hello, I've been waiting for you gentlemen. Hmm. Yes, I had a feeling you might stop

Gene: Alright Khan, what are you doing here?

Gwen: I could ask you the same thing. I went to a great length... Finally I caught up with you.
It wasn't easy, let me tell you.

Jim: Why is he following us and how does he keep finding out where we are?

Gene: Good question, did you plant a transmitor on us or what?

Gwen: Oh my... how did you know that?

Gene: What do you mean?

Gwen: I planted a bug, well its not exactly a bug but its something like a bug, right? It was
back in the planning stages of the XGP. Since the planning stages. But I devised it that no
one would know about it but me.

Gene: Wait a minute... What do you mean back in the planning stages?

Gwen: Forget about that. I have found someone who knows the coordinates of the Galactic Leyline.
I actually found someone. Go ask the man yourself. The thing is, he's currently
incarsirated at Gay Anna Prison. Apparantly he's been sentenced to 300 years and he's not
allowed any visitors, but you need to go there and ask him what the coordinates are Gene,
yes you do.

Gene: What the heck are you babbling about? There's no way I'm ever going into any prison.

Gwen: But Gene, he actually knows what the coordinates are.

Gene: There's gotta be somebody else besides him who knows the darn coordinates.

Gwen: Yes, but understand those somebodies are high ranking Kai Pirates and I really don't want
to get involved with them. I simply can't get involved.

Gene: Then I'll get involved. I'd prefer to not listen to that fishy story of yours otherwise I
might find myself drowning somewhere. Gilliam, prepare to launch.

Gilliam: Already? But we just got here.

Gwen: Wait a minute, are you crazy?

Gene: I've already made up my mind. All this time we've stayed away from the Kai territory doing
nothing but avoiding it. Now I'm gonna go there and make them tell me the secret of the
Galactic Leyline.

Gwen: No, you musn't you fool! Listen to me!

Gene: Forget it.

Gwen: Melfina, listen.

Melfina: Huh?

Gwen: Leyline project command input. It was you who broke my mason plate.

// Melfina suddenly becomes paralyzed.

Jim: Melfina?

Gwen: I was the one who created her control system and command from the beginning. I have now
suspended her personality.

Gene: What on earth do you think you're doing? Turn her back to normal now!

Gwen: Oh I will, don't worry. Once you go to the prison, meet with the man and find out the
Galactic Leyline's coordinates.

Gene: Ugh... you jerk.

To Be Continued...