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Outlaw Star
Script- Episode 1
Outlaw World

Jim: Gene, Grappler Ships dead ahead!

Gene: It wouldn't be fun otherwise. Let's do it!

Gene: I still can't believe this is happening. But I have to do it. I have to take the road
that's in front of me. I wanted to come here... to space.

Gene: Get the hell outta my way!

Jim and Gene: Woohoo!

Gene: Space...


Outlaw World


Old Man: We must never let her escape.

Tall Pirate: We'll just launch the fighters. At this rate, we can take her.

Blue3: This is Blue 3. I'm ready to launch.

Blue5: This is Blue 5, ready to launch.

Blue2: This is Blue 2, ready to launch.

Commander: Alright, listen up dirtbags. We're going up against Ice Hilda. I need all of you to
stay sharp, it ain't gonna be easy. But once we catch her, we take the treasure. Got it?

All: Roger.

Commander: Let's do it!

Commander: Missile, fire at aim 3 to slow her down.

Fighter: Roger.

Commander: A barrier? Damn! We have no choice but to close in and fire your anchors to catch it.

Horis: Multiple Impacts. Hull condition critical. Use of emergency escape devices recommended.

Horis: Unable to return fire. Unable to return fire.

Blue3: We did it! We caught our Ice Hilda.

Horis: Unable to return fire. Unable to return fire.

Hilda: To stay here is death. To go is death.

Blue3: Yeeeaaaahhhh!!!!

Tall Pirate: Her location, sub ether drive. Damn that Horis, I cannot believe he activated it in
that condition.

Old Man: Damn you, Hilda.

Horis: Planet Sentinel 3. Level 4 Terraformed world. Industry Class 3. Public Order Level 4.
Population 1.52 million.

Clyde: What'll it be?

Rob: I'm looking for a guy named Gene.

Clyde: Gene? And uh, what do you want with him?

Rob: Let's just say he pulled a number on my brother.

Jim: I'm gonna raise you.

Rob: I heard he was a regular around here.

Clyde: Yep, might say

Jim: So, whatcha got in mind? Ya gonna call? Or ya gonna fold? C'mon, I can't wait all day!

Rob: So Mister, does Gene come in here or doesn't he?

Clyde: Well, I...

Jim: What're you doing?

Gene: I gotta call the game, Jim. I got a guest to fight.

Jim: Oh! Damnit! That ain't fair. You know you were gonna lose.

Rob: What the hell?

Gene: You expecting something else? You're looking for me if I'm not mistaken.

Rob: You're Gene Starwind? You mean to tell me a runt like you took out Butch?

Gene: Oh yeah, Butch. That scraggly guy who started a brawl here last month. Hey, for a
wimp I made some good money off of him.

Rob: Hey punk, better watch it. Before you die, you should know who I am. The name's Rob Kane.
I've killed 30 men and you'll be 31.

Clyde: You're Death Rob?

Rob: Some people call me that.

Gene: So you're Rob Kane. 'Deaf' Rob?

Rob: That's death! Aaah!!! Uhhh....

Jim: He's not down, Gene, that guy's a cyborg!

Rob: Uwahh!

Rob: So, if you didn't have a gun, would you run away?

Gene: Only when I don't have one.

Rob: That doesn't work.

Jim: Gene, he's a type C! Go for the 'botic line in his side.

Gene: Ok, got it.

Gene: Ok, Clyde, you can call the sheriff now.

Iris: Gene! I was so scared.

Gene: Ah, Iris, it's okay now.

Jim: Hah! Is that why you have your hand on her ass?

Clyde: So you think everything's ok, Gene? And what about the damage to my bar?

Gene: Jim, what's the bounty on this Death Rob guy?

Jim: 4000 wong.

Gene: Pay the repairs, and deposit what's left. Tonight I'm gonna hit the town!

Jim: So, what do ya wanna do Gene, do you get something good to eat, do you want to hit the
casino, I was thinking maybe you wanna go... hmmm...

Jim: Boy, you don't see that everyday. Somebody other than the regular flight coming to Sentinel.

Gene: Alright! Jim, tonight we're gonna be going our separate ways.

Jim: Huh? But Gene, why?

Gene: I'm going someplace that doesn't interest kids, all right?

Jim: Hey! The girls always roll out the red carpet when I come along!

Gene: Okay, then you wanna come with me and become a real man tonight?

Jim: Uhh, ahh, I don't think so.

Gene: Catch ya later!

Jim: Oh! Gene Starwind, you scumbag!

Old Man: Are we certain that Hilda has fled to this world?

Girl Pirate: 3 days ago, we assume. If she's avoided all our traps, this limits her to this area.

Tall Pirate: Search for her!

Club Temptation Girl: Gene, are you going into space someday? As good as you are, I'm sure you'll
be okay. What do you think you're gonna be doing up there? Treasure hunting? Bounty hunting? Or
are you just going to be a romantic and look for adventure?

Gene: No, pirate hunting.

Club Temptation Girl: Ha ha ha, that's not possible.

Gene: Yeah, I guess. I've never been up there. And I don't have a ship to call my own.

Club Temptation Girl: Hey, don't get all serious on me.

Gene: Right.

Jim: Hey Gene, its almost noon! Get outta bed and give me a hand down here! We've got that
tractor repair job waiting for us this afternoon we gotta get done for Henry.

Gene: A job for 150 wongs, can't get myself out of bed for something that small.

Jim: When did you finally get back last night?

Gene: 5 this morning.

Jim: You probably haven't heard yet so I better tell you... That ship came down, the one last
night. It was a pirate ship.

Gene: Pirates?

Jim: I dont' know what organization it was with.

Jim: C'mon, Oh...

Gene: What about quarantine?

Jim: The space forces don't come down here. So, you just need to grease some palms.

Gene: I don't get it, what is it they possibly could be interested in down here on Sentinel?

Jim: I don't know, Gene, you're asking the wrong guy. Huh?

Jim: Hello, you've reached Hawking from Starwind & Hawking Repairs. We fix everything from
tractors, to relationships, so how can we help you today?

Rachel: I have a job for you.

Jim: Okeydokey. Could you give me the particulars?

Rachel: Lets see, if its not too much trouble, I'd like to order a few special parts, and I'd
also like a body guard.

Jim: I see. Very well then. And your name lady?

Rachel: My name's Rachel. And thank you.




Gene: Well?

Jim: Gosh Gene, that lady asked for some real serious hardware.

Gene: Hey Jim, she's a customer! And a real babe.

Jim: Women will be the death of you some day.

Gene: Right. I can't forget to include that in my plan for an ideal life. Hey, she gave you
money to order the parts, didn't she?

Jim: Mmm hmm. It's been deposited in our account. But its stuff like bioelements, organic
system parts, and some nanotech. Ya know, this stuff is hard to get Gene. And its real
expensive. Makes me wanna know what she needs them for.

Gene: You check her ID?

Jim: All green. Appears to be safe.

Gene: Hmm...Well okay, I guess I'll just have to go meet our Miss Safe and see how 'safe' she
really is.

Jim: Why do you think Miss Safe would need a bodyguard? Here, I've input all the data for
you. Take it.

Gene: I'll see you at the usual place then.

Jim: Hmm... okay.

Clyde: That's right, I'd be happy to pour you another when you finish the first one.

Iris: I hate it when we always get these animals after Gene gets into a fight.

Clyde: Now don't be like that, we're pulling in money because of it.

Iris: Oh, I hate him. Look at him flirting away with that girl over there.

Clyde: Don't be so jealous.

Gene: So Tell me, who's the bodyguard for?

Rachel: For me, I didn't know that this place could be so dangerous for the inexperienced like

Gene: This your first time to Locus? You sightseeing? Heh, well there's nothing to see.

Rachel: It's my job, it's for my father.

Gene: So, how long would you say you need a bodyguard for?

Rachel: I'll need you to start right now, until I leave the area and my job is done.

Gene: It'll be 800 a day plus any expenses.

Rachel: Very well then.

Gene: Okay, we have ourselves a deal.

Rachel: Mmmm... With you around Gene, I think my job will be much more pleasent.
Gene: What's taking Jim so long? I'm sorry, he should be here by now.

Rachel: That's alright.

Gene: Where are we headed, anyway?

Rachel: To an agroplant thats located 30 kilometers to the northeast.

Gene: What? Thats out in the middle of the wheat fields.

Rachel: Uh huh. You see, I have to do some major repairs on the farm equipment thats out there.

Gene: Is that why she ordered bioelements? Hmm...

Gene: Does this guy happen to be a friend of yours?

Rachel: Uh uh.

Pirate: You, leave the woman and walk away! Otherwise, you're a dead man!

Gene: Heh, this is great, just great. Do you realize you're threatening Gene Starwind? That's
right, c'mon!

Gene: Playtime's over!

Jim: Waiting long? I got hung up at the shop. What'cha been doing? huh?

Gene: You are late!

Jim: Who were those guys anyway?

Gene: I don't know.

Jim: Well, guess we should get going.

Gene: Yep.

Gene: I have a bad feeling about this. But a job's a job.

Gene: Let's roll!

Gene: Didn't I tell you to check it over before you left?

Jim: You don't restore a classic like this then drive it all over the place.

Jim: Maybe I was just being paranoid. This job seems simpler than I thought it would. Maybe
those guys that attacked you just then thought you were somebody else. Those guys had pirate
guild written all over them. There's no way that pirates would be after someone like Rachel.
You know what Gene? If you take the next offramp its a straight shot the rest of the way.

Gene: Yeah, I know.

Jim: Gene, it's them, the pirates!

Girl Pirate: Okay, playtime's done now. Can't fool us anymore. Come out and we'll spare your
life, Hilda.

Jim: Hilda? Hilda?! Hilda?!

Hilda: Close your eyes! Floor it!

Old Man: Damn you, Hilda!

Tall Pirate: I'll handle this. Aaaah Uh sung fung! Uh sung fung! Uh sung fung!

Old Man and Girl Pirate: Pa gu a sun fa Pa gu a sun fa Pa gu a sun fa Pa gu a sun fa.

Gene: Okay, tell us how much is a lie and how much is true?

Hilda: Rachel is purely a fictious name. The part about me needing a bodyguard however is real.

Gene: Okay, so your real name is Hilda. Why are those pirates after you?

Hilda: I'm their enemy. We're after the same treasure.

Jim: Treasure? This is bad news Gene! Lets get outta here!

Gene: You don't think they'll let us go do ya? Here they come.

Jim: What the hell is that?

Gene: They're using Tao magic! Hilda, take the wheel.

Gene: Jim, short barreled blaster!

Jim: Got it!

Jim: Ha ha! How do you like that?

Tall Pirate: Fung Hu Pai!

Jim: Uh...

Tall Pirate: Vega!

Gene: Dodge it!

Gene: Bastard!

Gene: Let's rock!

Tall Pirate: Pa gu a sun fa Pa gu a sun fa Hah hah!

Gene: Uhh...

Jim: No way...

Tall Pirate: Ha ha ha ha! Pa gu a sun fa Pa gu a sun fa

Gene: Jim, give me a #3.

Jim: We only have one of those bullets left.

Gene: Just give it to me!

Hilda: A caster?!

Gene: Eat this, bastard!

Tall Pirate: Aaaaaahhhhh!

Girl Pirate: They've been killed.

Old Man: It seems that we've underestimated our enemies.

Jim: Mission Completed!

Hilda: I appreciate what you've done.

Gene: Uhhh....

Jim: Oh god, Gene!

Hilda: Hold it. I've still got some work for you to do.

Hilda: Okay, pull out that trunk. Load it into the car.

Gene: Tell me Hilda...what's in the trunk?

Hilda: How did you...

Jim: Gene!

Gene: Sorry there buddy but it looks like we're gonna have to write off your personal assistant.
Shall we see what's in there?

Jim: It's an electonic lock! I need the code number!

Gene: What is it, Hilda?

Hilda: It's not in your best interest to open that.

Gene: What's the code?

Hilda: VSDO2C.

Jim: Okay, that did it! Gene, look at that.

Gene: Huh, what the hell, what is it?

To Be Continued...