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Outlaw Star
Script- Episode 23
Hot Springs Planet Tenrai



Narrator: Vast though space may be, there are only a handful of planets which are famous as tourist attractions. Among these, the name of the planet Tenrei, is famous among many
races despite the fact that is an Earth-type tourist spot. Further, it's history is
colored by legend. There were three pioneers who came to this planet, which was
believed to be uninhabited. They came to this world in search of something called
"mana", but what they actually found was one hot spring after another. Seemingly
overnight, the beautiful sorceress had transformed this world into a tourist planet!
More than 100 years after it's development, some say they still live. Only a tourist
planet could have a history like this one.

Aisha-"Oh, wow..."
A panoramic view of the OLS gang overlooking the city on Planet Tenrei. ()
Jim - "Are there really going to be any wizards on a planet like this?"
Gene - "I heard there are so we had to come here!"
Jim - "But why is everybody dressed like that?". Skimpy bathing suits.
Host of hot springs - "Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Hot Springs World."
Host - "Come along, you'll need to go through immigration first. Right this
Individually they are pushed, into the gate rather rudely by the cities
official mascot greeters.
Aisha - "What's the big idea?!"
Suzuka - "How rude!" Slaps one of the greeters who manages to through her in
clumsily anyway. ()


Hot springs Planet Tenrei


The doors of immigration open up to see that all five of our favorite
characters are in bathing attire.

Host - "Are you ready everyone ?"
Jim - "Immigration huh?".
Aisha - "and all we did was change clothes".
Host - "All right then! Please enjoy your visit!".
Intercom - "An uphill train will soon be arriving on track two. Due to
danger, please stand behind the white line."
Jim - "Gene."
Gene - "What?"
Jim - "Nobody knows anything about wizards."

Going through flashbacks - three different groups of people - "We never heard
of em' " Shaking their heads back and forth in a
negative manner.

Gene - "They've got to be here! Every time I've gone looking for Caster
shells, I heard rumors about wizards who could make them
on planet Tenrei!"
Jim - "Maybe they were messing with you!" ()
Aisha - "I've never heard rumors like that from a Ctarl-Ctarl, either."
Suzuka - "I hear that Casters and their shells are products of a lost
technology that no one can produce anymore."
Gene - "B-But what about that old woman we met?!"

Another flashback
Old woman - "Go to the temple at Mt. Nantai, then." "Atchoo"- sneezes.

Gene - "We'll learn something when we go to the temple the old woman
Jim - "There was something fishy about that old woman, though We finally know
the coordinates of the Galactic Layline, so we
should go there already!"
Gene - "We came here to look for Caster shells because we don't know what's
going to be waiting for us at the Layline remember!"
Aisha - "Well this is a Hot Springs planet so we might aswell enjoy it!"
Suzuka - "Right. By some coincidence, it's on the way to the Layline, after
Jim - "Fine see if I care if the pirates get there first."
Gene "- "Those pirates are still screwing around somewhere!" now on the train
Melfina - "uhm - what's a hot spring ?"
Jim - "Right, You've never been to a hot spring before, have you, Mel?"
Melfina - "No"
Gene - "Well a hot spring is where you...." Broken up by the train intercom.
Intercom - "As a part of customer service, we will now flood the train with
hot water."
Splash, the car gets flooded and everyone soaked up to their necks. ()
Jim - "Basically a hot spring is something like this."
Melfina - "Oh okay!"
Aisha - "They call this hot...?"
Suzuka - "This has no charm at all."


Arriving to Mt. Nantai hot springs center, Jim slides down a huge swirling
water slide and lands in the pool only to be
greeted by some busty bikini ladies.
Pool girl 1 - "Oh, wow"
Pool girl 2 - "My, what a cute little boy! he's just my type!"
Pool girl 1 - "Maybe we should have some fun with him, huh?"
Jim - "hewhehew" Being shy and awkward
Pool girl 3 - "He's so cute!"
Pool girl 4 - "Hey play something with us!"


Camera pans to Aisha, Suzuka and Mel in a different area of the pool.
Aisha - "They call this hot?"
Suzuka - "This has no charm at all."
Camera back to Jim being smothered with the pool girls breasts.
Jim - "Hey, where's Gene? he isn't here. It's got to be pretty serious if
that pervert isn't here." ()
Camera now to Gene who is hiking up the mountain.
Gene - "Atchoo," "Did I catch a cold or something?"
Gene - "This is the place" Entering a temple half way up the mountain.()
Gene - "What the heck are those?" (staring at immense statues of druids).
Reaching into his tropical shirt for his Caster gun, it mysteriously begins
to swirl and activate.
Gene - "Huh, what's going on here ?"
"HAHAHAHA" (a laugh in the distance).
Faceless voice - "Just as I was thinking that we don't get any visitors here
in the inner temple"
Faceless voice - "someone arrives who has one of those old abominations, and
is red haired as well." Shows himself standing on
one of the statues shoulders.
Gene - "Are you one of the wizards?"
Nameless wizard - "Wizard? I see. That name may be appropriate. The day we
call ourselves priests is at an end."
Gene - "Can you really make shells for this thing ?"
Nameless wizard - "I suppose."
Gene - "I came here to ask you for shells."
Nameless wizard - "Seeing how you've come all this way, would you mind buying
something as a souvenir?" Rolls out a cart full of
Nameless wizard - "How about a Mt. Nantai good luck charm? Or how about this
T-shirt which has the same effect as the charm."
Gene puts his hand on his face in disgust then knocked over the cart.
Gene - Who cares about any of that?! Are you really one of those
Gene - "Can you really make Caster shells?!"(still screaming).
Nameless wizard - "How dare you?! How dare you?! How dare you?!"(screaming
louder then Gene).
Nameless wizard - "I haven't named myself yet. But I'll have you know that
I'm Ark Manaf. 12th head priest!"
Gene - "12th head priest ...?" replied in a soft voice, looking surprised.
Ark - "But all that is in the past." back in a normal tone "For now, buy a
souvenir." Picks up the junk off the floor fallen from the
cart and hands it to Gene.
Now at the center of the inner temple with another wizard or priest.
Ark - "Originally, "Caster" wasn't the name of a gun, but rather a wizard who
cast spells."


Ark - "Long ago, the gun was called a spell gun. I always though the shells
effect was almost like Tao spells."
Gene - "But are they really magic ?"
Ark - "Something caused the mana, the magic power of this planet, to
Ark - "To maximize the power of the little mana left. A technique to place
spells into cartridges was developed. that's what
brought about the Casters."
Ark - "There are 20 types. Each with a different effect. I've found 17 kinds
of shells but I've never seen a #4, #9 or a #13."
Ark - "Because they are special. A #9 is now all but impossible to find."
Gene - "Why?"
Hadul - "Lord Ark is lunch ready yet?"
Ark - "Only Hadul here can make a #9."
Hadul - "I can't hear very well."
Gene - "In other words, there's no beating the advance of years huh? So what
about #4 and 13?"
Ark - "I can make #13's but #4..." ()
Gene - "#4 ...?"
Ark - "The woman on Mt. Nyotai."
Gene - "Oh then I'll have to go there too."
Ark - "I wouldn't go there if I were you!"
Gene - "Why not ?"
Ark - "That woman, that damn woman ..."
Ark - "Long ago, the tree of us came here in search of the power of mana. It
was a long hard journey."
Gene - "you don't say ?"
Ark - "Instead of looking for mana, she found one hot spring after another
and transformed this world into a tourist planet!"
Gene - "So what's wrong with that ?"
Ark - "Plenty! to top it off, she banned men from the top of Mt. Nyotai,
barring even me from entering!"
Ark - "She lords over everybody like a queen over there. And she totally
ignores me!" Said in an angry voice.
Gene - "I don't have the slightest idea what your so mad about."
Ark - "You say you want a #4 shell so your going to climb Mt. Nyotai right?"
Gene - "Y-yeah" (unsure of what lies ahead).
Ark - "Take this and record whatever it is that Urt's up to!" (hands him a
small video-cam). "If at all possible get some dirty
pictures of Urt!"
Gene - "what? did you say dirty pictures of Urt?"
Hadul - "I want to see that too! If you let me see that a #9 shell is a
bargain!" (then falls down)
Gene - "what's with the dirty old man?"
Ark - "it's just one of his fits"
Gene leaves the temple.
Gene - ""go take dirty pictures" he says." ()
Then in a flashback
Ark - "I'll make a #13 shell! just make sure you get those pictures!"
Gene - "Oh brother..." Shaking his head.
Reunited with the gang on another train.
Suzuka - "They say Mt. Nyotai is a genuine hot spring, so I'm looking forward
to it."
Aisha - "I sure hope this ones a hot hot spring!"
Gene - "Must be nice being as relaxed as you guys, I don't have that kind of
luxury right now." (camera pans to the mountain)
"That's mount Nyotai huh!"
Now in the Mount. Nyotai hot spring.
Suzuka - "Now this is the charm of a real hot spring."
Melfina - "Oh, this is the charm of a hot spring huh?" ()
Melfina and Suzuka bathe contently while Aisha swims back and forth then
jumps out.
Aisha - "This isn't hot! This isn't hot! This isn't hot!"
Aisha - "Aren't there any springs around here that're hotter than this ?"
Aisha - "I want a Hot spring! A Hot spring! A Hot spring!" Marches off in
search. ()
Melfina - "Hey Jim can you hear me?" (Women and men springs are separated due
to nakedness) "How's the water temperature
over there?"
Jim - "I'm scared!" (all alone) "how come Gene Isn't here at a time like
Camera then goes to Gene which is knee deep in snow due to the altitude,
climbing up Mount. Nyotai
Gene - "This cold is gonna kill me." Holding the video camera in position, he
sees a sign.
Sign - "No Men Allowed!! Mount Nyotai Temple."
Gene - "No men allowed huh! Suits me fine!" Keeps walking past the sign.
Gene then hit a trip wire with his ankle and sets off a trap.
Gene - "what the--?" Having realized what he's done.
All of a sudden a flurry of snowballs followed by a huge boulder sized
snowball fly down the mountain taking Gene with
it.()Rolling all the way down he falls into one of the women's hot springs,
to see a naked female alien.
Naked alien - "OH!"
Gene - "I didn't come here to get an eyeful!"
Gene Back again knee deep in snow climbing up the mountain.
Gene - "I won't fall for this trap this time!"
But Sure enough, his ankle again met the trip wire and set off another flurry
of snowballs followed by a huge one to send
him tumbling down the mountain again. Camera goes to Suzuka in the hot spring
bath, sipping on tea.
Suzuka - "this is what I call a hot spring!"
Interrupted by a splash caused by a mass of snow and Gene. Both Melfina and
Suzuka Stand up and grab their towels.
Melfina - "Gene?" (Surprized)
Suzuka - "What's the meaning of this? This is the women's bath!"
Gene - "I didn't come here to get an eyeful!"
Getting up out of the water and heading back up the mountain. He then pauses
and turns to take a peak at Suzuka and
Melfina in their naked splendor. Then Suzuka Rushes swats him with her trusty
wooden sword. ()
Suzuka - "You fool!" (yelling).
Once again Gene makes his way up the mountain..
Gene - "This time...This time I won't fall for that trap!"
This time noticing the trip wire he manages to jump over it but falls in a
second trap which in turn sends him falling down
the mountain again. Camera goes to Aisha in her own section of the Hot hot
spring that looks almost like lava.
Aisha - "meow meow meow this is more like it!"
Then all of a sudden a huge snowball which held Gene splashed into the lava
like pool.
Aisha - "Wha...?"
Gene then emerges out of the hot liquid
Gene - "Hot ....HOT HOT HOT HOT! HOT HOT HOT!" Screaming, jumps out on to the
safety of a nearby rock.
Aisha - "Now I get it...You came all the way here to get a look at ol' Aisha
naked huh?" Squeezing her arms together perking out
her breasts. ()
Gene - "That's' not it at all! I didn't come here for the--uh" Then his eyes
met with Aisha's bare body, Flummoxed he then falls back
in to the spring.
Gene - "HOT HOT HOT!"
Aisha - "He's getting all worked up over this? Talk about no control."
Gene makes his way back up the mountain.
Gene - "I mean it! I really mean it! This time I'm not gonna fall for their
traps!" Succeeding, he reaches the summit.
Gene - "Hey there ain't no temple up here at the summit." Then falls flat on
his face in the snow.
Gene - "What the...?" He hears a noise.
Gene - "I hear women singing down there.." Starts digging the snow beneath
He then hit some glass which polishes and peers through and to his surprise
sees many half dressed young women
stirring water in a pool with wooden planks. They were all singing in unison.
Gene - "It's heaven!" He yelp's.
Gene - "How do I get in?" Banging his clenched fist against the glass.
Gene - "How do I get in ?" Yelling "Punch through" pulls out his gun and
shoots it.
Gene - "No good huh!" Nothing happened.
Then an explosion knocked Gene out. Waking up, Gene finds the young women
with planks staring at him angrily and Urt
sitting in the pool across from him holding his Caster gun.
Urt - "Considering this gun and your red hair, I think I'll forgive you for
breaking my ceiling."
Gene - "So your the wizard of Mt Nyotai huh?"
Urt - "That is correct, I am called Urt. Well then Red-haired man come with
Gene - "Come with me? what do you have in mind?"
Camera then switches to Gene and Urt having a conversation while playing
Ping-pong. ()
Urt - "Really now Ark and Hadul can be such a bother."
Gene - "They said that if I don't bring back dirty pictures of you, they
won't give me #9 or #13 shells."
Urt - "And would you like to see that as well ? Dirty pictures of me?"
Gene knocks the ball just out of Urt's reach.
Gene - "I win, I win"
Urt - "Very well then. I promised that I'd give them to you if you won."
(pulls out two shells) "These are #4's"
Gene - "This time do you want to play for those dirty pictures of you?"
Urt - "If you lose I get to take Dirty pictures of you!" (Gene shudders) "I
am joking."
Gene - "You bitch!"
Urt - "Wait a momment! I'll go and take those pictures then."
Pulling out her own camera and going into a room with a curtain for a door.
Gene pulls the curtain open to sneak a peek
and receives a punch square in the face.
Urt - "no peeking now!"
Gene - "Yes ma'am" Blood dripping from his nose.
Back at the Inner Temple.
Hadul - "Is that true ? you rally brought back dirty pictures of Urt?!"
Gene - "Yeah, Taken by the lady herself!" ()
Gene - "they are right in here." Shows Ark and Hadul the video camera as they
both yelp with excitement.
Gene - "Shells" puts out his hand
Ark - "here"
Gene - "What ? just one of each!"
Ark - "Red-haired man, let me give you a word of warning."
Ark - "These special shells of ours have more powerful magic in them than any
of the others."
Ark - "However to activate them in these times of weak mana, a certain
catalyst is needed."
Gene - "So what's the catalyst?"
Ark - "It's..."
Gene - "Well..?"
Ark - "The life force of the person who fires the Caster."
Hadul - "Fire it once and you'll be woozy. Fire it twice and you'll be half
Gene - "In other word's , no multiple discharges."
Hadul - "Just know."
Gene - "Of all the ....." Looks down at his groin.
Gene - "I got more stamina then that!"
Ark - "Forget about that...Hurry up and let us see that!" Looks at the
Hadul - "Lord Ark, let's look at them right away!"
Hadul - "Hurry, hurry!"
Gene - "Mind if I watch too?"
Ark - "You sly dog!" nudging him with his elbow.
The dirty film starts... ()
Urt - "Dirty pictures of Urt"
Urt - "Let's get started...!"
Urt - "Just a bit..." She takes off her belt.
Urt - "Almost there." Her robe slides off her seductively.
All three of the voyeurs let out a moans of fulfillment but there seems to be
a 60 second timer counting down in the
corner of the screen.
Urt - "Your such a dirty boy....." She takes off her bra and lets it fall to
the ground.
Hadul - "Great ! us more!" Urt slips off her panties.
Ark - "I wonder what those numbers are for?"
Hadul - "Who cares about that?!"
Gene - "Exactly!, Forget it!" the counter now say's 9-8-7...
Urt - "I can't beleive your still watching...."
Urt - "You people are idiot's aren't you?"
The three men say in unison - "Huh ?"
Urt - "Three."
Urt - "Two."
Urt - "One."
Urt - "Zero."
The Screen lights up and Bang-BOOM! the entire temple explodes into rubble!
The video tape was rigged.

Gene - "T-that bitch!" Blackend with debris.
Ark - "Urt never would've done cheesecake like that without something
Hadul - "I can die satisfied now..."
Back in Town at the local merchant.
Aisha - "Five bean-jam buns, mister!"
Aisha - "Gene what took you so long?!"
Gene - "Hey don't talk to me like that. I did get the Caster shells."
Back at the train station.
Intercom - "A train is now arriving on track 2. Please stand behind the white
Back at the ship.
Guillium - "It's about time! You don't mind if I launch do you?"
Gene - "Do it! Set course for the Galactic layline!"Back in the helm.
Ship launches...
Back at the ruins of the Inner temple.
Ark - "A red-haired man with a Caster ...?" Staring at the Outlaw star making
it's way into space.
On Mount Nyotai.
Urt - "Will this Universe meet with another disaster?" ()