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Outlaw Star
Script- Episode 4
When The Hot Ice Melts



Narrator: Grappler arms were originally manipulators that were attached to EPE crafts. At first,
it was the Chinese pirates that put the arm's abilities to new and devious uses. After
the Chinese transport carried dragonite from planet to planet, the pirates began to
attack their own craft with surprising intensity. To the pirates of the era, arms
symbolized the strength of their ships and before long they integrated the arms into
their attack methods. The Federation Space Forces became extremely irate with this
situation and began developing grappler arms of their own, bragging that they planned
to formally equip space forces fighters with them in the near future. They would be
a force to be reckoned with. Because of the complicated manner in which space fighters
used these grappler arms, space combat was clearly impossible without the aid of
powerful computers. The combination of grappler amrs and potent computers savagly
pushed human physical and mental capacity to their limits and those that survived
battle were spoken of with respect. They were known as grapplers.

Horus: We have entered the same orbit as the asteroid.

Hilda: Alright, I'm gonna take us it.

Jim: Woah!

// The anchors attach to the asteroid.

Hilda: Okay guys, we're going over.

// The dropshift detaches and heads into the asteroid.


When The Hot Ice Melts


Jim: Woah! Awesome!

Gene: So this is it.

Melfina: Ah...

Hilda: That's it, the XGP15A2. A special ship. Built with the pirate's brains and the space
forces's technology. C'mon, let's go.

// She jumps to the hatch.

Gene: Oh hey. Wait a minute, don't leave us here.

Jim: Ah... Poor little baby. I'll hold your hand if you want me to.


Gene: Lay off, will ya.

Melfina: The XGP... 15A2...

Hilda: Melfina, come!

Melfina: I'm coming!

// They open the hatch and head inside.

Gene: Check it out! The controls are pretty unusual.

Hilda: Like I told you, this ship is pretty special.

Jim: So what's that Hilda?

Hilda: It's an alarm claft.

Gene: You mean to tell me the pirates and the space forces worked together to build this thing?

Hilda: The pirates couldn't have developed this ship on their own. They used money and connections
to get space forces to sign on.

Jim: But what in the world are you doing with a ship thats hidden in a place like this?

Hilda: It's here because I swiped it from them.

Jim: Wow, I'm impressed. You managed to get on the bad side of the pirates and the space forces.

Hilda: I owed em one.

// The countdown is started and after, the ship is activated.

Jim: Wow!

// A sound comes out of nowhere.

Gene: Hey what was that sound?

Gilliam: Good morning and good day to you. Ladies, and of course gentlemen.

Gene: Who are you?

Gilliam: I am myself. But it is inappropriate for me to subjectivly define who I am. I'd take
means to test the veracity of any such definition. And the restraints therefore have
been placed within me restricting such an act.

Gene: What the heck kind of answer is that?

Gilliam: The only answer I have in regards to myself is that the name I have been granted is
Gilliam 2. And that I have been authorized with the maintanence of this vessel.

Jim: Hey, he's the ship's computer Gene.

Gene: Yeah? Well why didn't he say so?!

Gilliam: Incidently, just who might you two gentlemen be?

Hilda: They happen to be the crew.

Gilliam: One moment please... Oh dear, there seems to be a problem. It appears there is nothing
regarding this thats been recorded in my memory.

Hilda: Of course not, you've just recently been activated. Just start from now.

Gilliam: One moment please... It appears part of my personal service regulations file has been
deleted. Shall I attempt to recover it?

Hilda: No thats not necessary we are the crew. Obey the orders of the crew.

Gilliam: Understood. As it stands, I have no authority to run a search on you.

Gene: This is really ticking me off! Just launch the stupid ship, Gilliam! Do it right now!

Gilliam: Of course sir.

Gilliam: Oh my, and who might this be? Interesting.

Gilliam: Personell recording complete. However, currently I am unable to launch this vessel.

Gene: Say what?! Are you trying to tell me you aren't the ship's navigational computer?

Gilliam: I support all operations of the XGP15A2 except matters pertaining to piloting. They are
outside of my control.

Gene: Jim, whats wrong with this guy?

Jim: Maybe everything's done manually?

Gilliam: No, thats unlikely.

Hilda: Melfina will handle it.

Jim: Huh?

Gene: Huh, Melfina?

Melfina: Did you say... You mean me?

Hilda: Thats right Melfina. She will assist you, Gilliam.

Gilliam: Is that so? Then it is understood.

Jim: What's understood?

Gilliam: That you are this ship's crew.

Gene: Ah... This is driving me insane.

Hilda: Gilliam, report the ship's status.

Gilliam: Navigation is possible but all equipment is not on board.

Hilda: Just as long as you can fly.

Gilliam: Crew furnishings have not been loaded and food stores are limited to 10 emergency
packs. Furthermore, the XGP15A2 has not yet been appointed a designation.

Hilda: No name, huh?

Jim: How bout Genius James?

Gene: Give it a rest.

Hilda: The ship's name is...

Horus: This is Horus. Hilda, its the pirate ship. Distance, 6000.

Hilda: It can't be!

// On the pirate ship.

Old Man: Impossible!

// On XGP.

Horus: Magnetic aberation in enemy ship's Tao field delayed detection. Its closing in fast.

Hilda: Alright Gene, I want you and the others to launch this ship.

Gene: But what about you?

Hilda: Horus and I will intercept them.

Gene: Wouldn't it be better for all of us to go together?

Hilda: I don't want the ship to be taken. Melfina knows how to pilot it. Do it.

Gene: C'mon, I felt like puking for hours.

Hilda: Quit your whining.

// She leaves.

Melfina: Uh...

Gene: Erh... looks like I got no choice. Gilliam, prepare for launch.

Gilliam: Very well. Gene, please sit in the pilot's seat.

Gene: Okay.

Melfina: Uh... And what about me?

Gilliam: Over there Melfina.

// A hatch next to her opens.

Jim: I suppose I should sit here.

Gilliam: Thats fine, James.

Jim: Call me Jim.

Gene: Okay Gilliam, now what?

Gilliam: Holding for Melfina to get ready. I'll display the control manual so please read it
while you're waiting.

Gene: Whats he mean?

// A panel rises from the floor, where Melfina was.

Jim: What the heck kind of system is that?

Gene: You're guess is as good as mine.

// Hilda arrives at her ship.

Horus: I am unable to determine how the enemy ship tracked us here.

Hilda: Some Tao spell. How are the engines?

Horus: Ether Drive Engine is active. Shall I release the anchor?

Hilda: They're only after the XGP and Melfina. They won't do anything drastic. Ammunition?

Horus: 34% remaining.

Hilda: We'll attack from right here.

// The enemies head out and the battle begins. Meanwhile, we see Melfina emerced in liquid.

Melfina: Connecting. Connecting. Connecting. Connecting. Connecting.

// The container opens, revealing her to Gene and Jim.

Melfina: Connection established. I'll activate the engines.

Gene: Hey, what the heck is going on here?

Jim: Awesome, she's linked up to the ship.

Gene: Well I think she's nuts to get all wet at a time like this.

Melfina: Uh oh. The engines are sealed, we need to activate them now or they won't work.

Gene: Uh... where do I, uh?

Gilliam: The engine room please.

Jim: The engine room?

Gilliam: I'll show you the way.

Jim: Okay, I'll be right back.

Gene: Sure.

// He follows a Gilliam bot there.

Gene: Man, this ship is a royal pain.

Gilliam: It only appears that way at first. You might think of it as it were still in its
plastic wrapper.

Gene: Has it been flight tested?

Gilliam: The engine itself has been tested, but there is no record of it being tested after

Gene: Ow... are you kidding me?

Melfina: Bring up all sensors.

Gilliam: This ship outside is hailing us. Shall I open the channel Gene?

Gene: Patch her through right away.

// Meanwhile...

Hilda: Gene, how much longer?

Gene: Don't ask me!

// A trio of pirate fighters land on Horus.

Hilda: Just picked up a case of termites, hurry!

// In the engine room...

Jim: Oh. Man, these guys are uptight.

Gilliam: I'm told that its a space forces tradition.

// Meanwhile, the Old Man and a group of pirates enter the dock room.

Old Man: Oh, so thats it. Let's go.




Gilliam: Warning, intruders have entered the dock.

Gene: Say what?

// On the pirate ship.

Girl Pirate: Lock all guns on Horus. Once the XGP is secured, fire at will.

Hilda: Leave anchors and accelerate slowly. We'll rotate the asteroid and use it as a shield.

// It does so.

Girl Pirate: Blast you Hilda, trying to protect yourself with the asteroid! Seperate the Grappler
ship. Take us to the sun side of the asteroid.

// The grappler ship detaches from the rest of the ship. Meanwhile, Gene fires at the pirates.


Old Man: Don't fire at random! Split up and attack him from all sides!

Gene: Ah!

// He closes the hatch.

Gene: Gilliam, how do I get that gate open?

Gilliam: I can open it by remote.

Gene: Open it!

// The hatch opens, sucking out most of the pirates.

Old Man: Yeeeaaahhh!

Gene: Gilliam, hows it coming?

Gilliam: Startup preperations are complete.

Gene: Alright.

Melfina: Please start the engines with the ignition key.

Gene: Thats easy.

// He starts it.

Gilliam: Engines online. Generators operational. Switching power over from sub circuits to main.

Jim: Oh! We're lifting up.

Melfina: All systems green. Ether drive engine standing by.

Gene: Allright. We'll launch once that gate's open.

Gilliam: Roger that.

// The gate opens.

Gene: Okay then. Huh?

// The pirate ship blocks the gate.

Gene: What the heck?

Jim: Whats that gate doing pointed at the bad guys?

Old Man: Cut your engines. If at all possible we want that ship undamaged.

Gene: Hilda! We're in trouble here.

Hilda: I'm a little busy right now. Release all anchors!

// Horus detaches from the asteroid, but the grappler ship grabs on to it.

Hilda: Uh... blast it!

Girl Pirate: We have you now, Hilda.

Gene: Gilliam?! Where are the weapons?

Gilliam: The grappler arms are operational, but they have no weapons.

Gene: We're going out!

Jim: But we'll crash into them!

Gene: Its alright, I'll think of something.

Gilliam: Please focus on the task at hand.

Gene: That's an order!

// The grappler arms detach from the ship for use.

Old Man: They're going to use their grappler arms. It will damage the ship but we have no
choice. Fire all anchors!

Jim: Ah! Hurry Gene, hurry!

Gene: Oh no man!

// Suddenly, there's a large explosion on the pirate ship.

Old Man: What the heck?!

Gene: What is that?

Melfina: I'm picking up an object on sensors.

Gilliam: Its a thermonuclear missile or shell. Something of that nature.

Old Man: What the heck happened?

Pirate: We're under attack sire! Thats... that's MacDougal's ship!

Old Man: Oh no, what is MacDougal doing?

// The rest of the pirate ship is destroyed.

Jim: Errh...

Girl Pirate: But why are you doing this MacDougal?

Hilda: What are you up to MacDougal?

Ron: Hey Hilda, its been a very long time.

// They shoot at the asteroid.

Hilda: You'll destroy the XGP!

Ron: Thats the general idea.

Girl Pirate: You have double crossed us!

Ron: As of now our contract with you has ended. We're carrying out a new contract and thats all
there is to it. And that contract is to wipe out the XGP.

Old Man: Erh.... Ah! At this rate we won't be able to escape the star's gravity well!

Girl Pirate: Come back please hurry up!

Jim: Ehh....

Gene: Can you see what's going on outside?

Gilliam: I'm not sure, but the dock cameras are still active.

// They turn on, showing MacDougal's ship.

Gene: Ah... Hey wait, I know that ship.

// He has a flashback of his father's death and sees MacDougal's ship there.

Gene: I can't believe it, MacDougal.

Ron: Alright, launch the Helsion Missile.

Harry: Alright! Helsion Missile!

Ron: This is my way of saying goodbye, Hot Ice Hilda. That name of yours has caused us plenty
of unnecessary trouble.

// They shoot it at the asteroid, causing it to plunge into the star.

Hilda: Uh...

Harry: Man, you know brother thats totally a waste.

Ron: Its okay, we don't need the XGP. Remember, we're the ones with the fastest ship in the

Harry: I meant Hilda. Didn't you tell me that she was really cute?

Ron: Sorry, she's not your type. Alright, lets go back and report to our client.

// They leave, but the chaos continues...

Pirate: A gravity catapult around Farfalas would put us too close to a flair. The ship would
burn up!

Girl Pirate: I know that. All engines max!

Old Man: Hilda and MacDougal you will pay for this you blasted outlaws.

Horus: We are unable to escape from Farfalas's gravity.

Hilda: Gene do you hear me? Come in!

// Nothing...

Hilda: Gene! Melfina! Respond!

// Suddenly, the XGP tears its way out of the asteroid.

Gene: Yeah!

Old Man: Huh? Hmm...

Gilliam: The ship is now in the clear.

Melfina: Stabalizing attitude.

Gene: Once we're stabilized bring engines to full!

Gilliam: If you do it all at once the engines may not become stable.

Gene: Whats more important, the engines or the whole darn ship?

Gilliam: Well then, feel free.

Gene: Let's rock!

// The XGP blasts off.

Girl Pirate: What kind of ship is that?

Old Man: That ship has 4 Hansueng engines. Very well, prepare for close quarters combat. We'll
board them with our grappler arms!

Hilda: Prepare the lander for launch. I'm going over.

Melfina: Engine output 81 percent. We've exceeded Farfalas's escape velocity.

Gene: Where's Horus?

Jim: Gene, the pirate ship, look! Ah!

Gene: Don't mess with me, losers!

// The XGP smashes through the pirate ship's grappler arm.

Old Man: Aaaahhhh!

Gene: Hilda, come in!

Hilda: Grab me!

// The pirate ship shoots an anchor at the XGP, hitting the lander.

Hilda: Ah!

Gene: Hilda, no! Hilda, are you okay?

Hilda: Blast, I can't make it, you'll have to save me!

Gene: Come save you?

Hilda: Hurry up!

Gene: Well, can we do it Melfina?

Melfina: If we decellerate we'll go below escape velocity.

Gilliam: And we can't accelerate now due to that pirate ship. If you don't do something, we'll
fall into the star.

Jim: C'mon Gene, yank up that wire will ya?

Hilda: Wait, listen, don't cut that anchor yet. Sorry, but I have to leave you Horus.

Horus: I understand. Goodbye Hilda.

// She heads out and grabs on to the wire.


Gene: Move on it, Hilda!

Melfina: Increasing output 85... 86... 87...

Girl Pirate: Hilda!

// Hilda shoots at her.

Girl Pirate: Pa gu a sun fa Pa gu a sun fa.

Hilda: Help Gene!

// Suddenly, the wire snaps.

Hilda and Girl Pirate: Ah!

Gene: Hilda, I'm coming, hang in there!

Gilliam: You musn't, we'll just fall into Farfalas as well.

Jim: What about the ship's anchor?

Gilliam: The distance is too great.

Gene: Errh... Blast it!

Hilda: So there's nothing they can really do. Huh?

Girl Pirate: I won't let your people survive. Pa gu a sun fa. Pa gu a sun fa. Pa gu a sun fa.
Pa gu a sun fa. Pa gu a sun fa.

// Hilda grabs on to her.

Girl Pirate: What are you doing? Don't interfere!

Hilda: Still read me Gene? Just remember, outlaws never go down easy, no matter what happens to

// They all fall into the star.

Gilliam: We have just exited Farfalas's gravity well.

Jim: Gene...

Gilliam: Gene, please lay the course.

Gene: Before we do that, there's something I've decided on.

Gilliam: Yes? What is it, Gene?

Gene: I've decided to name the ship. I'm naming it the Outlaw Star!