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Outlaw Star
Script- Episode 12
Mortal Combat With the El Dorado



Narrator: They kill as well if it will make them some money that is. Pirates? Outlaws? Space
Force flunkies? No, they're none of those. But they'll take jobs from anyone. Right,
if it will make them some money. At any rate, they're like Hyenas that are valued by
all the powers. They're dangerous if you get to close to them. And good. If they weren't,
somebody would have stopped them a long time ago. They are more powerful than other
people's hatred of them. Everyone in the Underworld know the name: The MacDougal
Brothers. But no one knows what the MacDougal Brothers are really like. They're
careful, bold, cunning and will do anything for money. They're dependable, tough,
ruthless. Everyone who knows anything more than the rumors has dissappeared. All at the
hands of the MacDougal Brothers.

// The Outlaw Star heads through an asteroid cluttered area.

Melfina: Distance to Leon Lagrandge point 30000 kilometers.

Gene: Jim, do you see any sign of the El Dorado?

Jim: Nope, still nothing. But, the magnetic storm seems to be affecting the sensors just a little.

Gilliam: According to the findings of the latest meteorlogical data, it appears solar flares are
still active. This magnetic storm will probably last a while.

Gene: Good. This means they're in the same situation. And now its pay back time, El Dorado.


Mortal Combat With the El Dorado


// Flashback to earlier...

Gene: What did you say? What do you mean the El Dorado has dropped out!? Huh?

Official: You're asking the wrong guy.

Gene: Where did he go, tell me!

Official: Well sir, thats just it, we have a comm cube with your name on it. It was sent directly
from the El Dorado.

Gene: What? Sent to me?

// Back to the present...

Melfina: Distance to Lagrandge point 10000.

Gilliam: Still no sign of the enemy.

Jim: Gene, wouldn't he be inside the asteroid field by now?

Gene: More than likely, but I don't want to go in there yet until I'm absolutely certain. I'm
slowing us down.

// Flashback to when they checked out the comm cube.

Harry: I'm fed up with that so called luck of yours, you're wasting my time. Come over to the
Leon Lagrandge point, I wanna finish this. Make it within 50 hours. If you get there
before me, I'll tell you whatever you want to know.

Jim: What do you think?

Gene: I guess that he's challenging us to a duel.

// Back to the present.

Gilliam: Oh my. Collected interplanetary material. Sudden ether current interface. Magnetic
storms, horrible conditions.

Jim: It doesn't look like the radar, CFS, or subspace radar are gonna be of any use to us in this

Gene: So we'll just have to rely on our eyes, thats all.

Aisha: Then leave it to me, cause I got the eyes.

Gene: Yeah, I hear that the Ctarl Ctarl have got the best eyes around.

// Flashback again...


Gene: Just give me one good reason why we have to bring you along.

Aisha: You're the ones who ruined my chance at moving up in the world. Hmph. You're gonna make up
for it. I have to find the Galactic Leyline and you're gonna help me do it now.

Gene: Okay, but there is something I've been wanting to ask you. Exactly what in the heck is the
Galactic Leyline?

Aisha: You don't even know that?

Gene: Hilda didn't exactly divulge information.

Aisha: Well listen closely. At the Galactic Leyline there's an incredible treasure.

Jim: Treasure, like what, some kind of precious metal?

Aisha: That or some storehouse of dragonite. In other words, the empire's intelligence bureau
estimates that its value is capable of buying an entire solar system!

Jim: Wow, incredibly cool.

Gene: However cool it is, its just a thing. From just the little bit of information I have heard,
I wouldn't go as far as to call it some incredible treasure.

Aisha: What would you call it?

Gene: A gate? I don't know, I hear that its some kind of gateway.

Aisha: Then thats it, that gateway is probably made out of Dragonite. That would make sense to

Gene: Anyhow, there's absolutely no way we can take you with us. This is our own duel, okay?

Aisha: Uh... Uh... Uh... If these MacDougal Brothers know something about the Galactic Leyline
then I'm definately coming along with you guys. Understand what I've said to you?

// Back to the present...

Aisha: Hmm... I don't see a sign of them.

Jim: Maybe its a trap?

Gene: Of course its a trap, what do you think? They want to destroy this ship. That is, the ship
called the XGP.

// We now have yet another flashback. As they leave the dock, a strange glassed man approaches

Gwen: One moment. A moment please, gentlemen.


Gene: Huh? You mean us?

Gwen: Yes, thats right, I'm addressing you. How did you come into possession of that ship? Hmm.
Hmm. That ship.

Gene: So, who are you?

Gwen: Hm hm hm. I'm Gwen Khan. Yes, I'm Gwen. I am a race official. Of this race. Hm Hm Hm Hm.
Thats what I am, an official.

Gene: And what exactly makes you so interested in our ship, Mr. Official?

Gwen: I'm interested, yes interested, yes I am. Its a high performance ship made by an unknown
manufacturer. Yes, its a high performance ship it truly is.

Gene: Is that so?

Jim: (grumbles)

Gwen: C'mon now, tell, do tell, how did you come by that ship, I must know. That is the mystery.
Yes, that is the mystery.

Gene: Hmm... We found it.

Gwen: Found it? Hm, you found it. Is that possible? No. How odd. You found it.

Gene: Yep, it was abandoned, and without an owner. So I guess that means it's our ship now. Is
that a problem?

Gwen: A problem? A problem? Let's see... I suppose there isn't. No, no problem at all.

Gene: Good. Alright then. You'll have to excuse us cause we're in a hurry.

Gwen: Gentlemen. Aren't you guys going to read?

Gene: Huh?

Gwen: Hah hah, its nothing. Absolutely nothing. Nothing, nothing.

// Back to the present.

Aisha: (yawn) I'm just so bored.

Jim: What was the deal with that old man Khan?

Gene: I don't know.

Jim: By the way Gene, are we just gonna keep circling this asteroid forever?

Gene: Ah... we can't find our dance partners so what choice do we have? Hey, maybe I'll just slow
a little bit.

Melfina: All sytems show green.

Gene: Green is good. Now what about Newton Reactors 1 and 3?

Melfina: Functioning normally.

Gilliam: Well yes of course. Although it may have been a rush job, the repairs have been completed.

Gene: Gee, your superiority once again saves the day.

Gilliam: Your praise flatters me Gene. One moment.

Gene: Now what?

Gilliam: Detecting missiles, closing in from 9 o clock high.

Gene: Missiles? With no warning?

// They shoot the missiles down.

Jim: Enemy ship spotted ahead.

Harry: This will be a one on one duel. That isn't a problem, is it?

Gene: Now, now, this isn't exactly fair. Its pretty obvious that you intend to destroy us. But
there's just a few things we'd like to ask before you're destroyed.

Harry: Don't you know you don't stand a chance?

Gene: Well thats quite the plan. We're in your backyard so we have the disadvantage.

Harry: In that case I'll give you a guarantee. Listen, I don't come over to the Heipong area very

Gene: Oh really? So where's your usual stomping ground?

Harry: Ah... just around. Heh.


// Ends communication.

Aisha: Errh... shoot.

Jim: Now what are we gonna do?

Gene: Accept the challenge, what do you think? Gilliam, launch the camera. It'll be our scout.

// Gilliam does so.

Gilliam: Be aware the conditions are even worse inside the asteroid field. Sending it in too far
would appear to be useless.

Gene: Then you might say that his traps wouldn't stand a chance in there either, would they?

Jim: There's no sign of the enemy ship at all!

Gene: Hey Aisha, I want you to watch our backs, you got it?

Aisha: Just leave it to me!

Gene: Aw... darn it all. Why did he pick a place like this for a duel? What kind of trick is he
trying to pull?

Melfina: Missiles detected. They're directly below us.

Gene: You're gonna pay!

// They dodge the missiles.

Jim: Looks like he's got himself some accurate missiles. This guy's not foolin around.

Gene: Now I get it, so thats why he has us stuck out here. If we can make this a close quarters
fight, he's all ours.

// They see him.

Jim: There he is! You sucker!

// They miss, as the El Dorado goes behind an asteroid.

Gene: You won't get away! Huh? Where'd he go?

Aisha: They're on our back!

Gene: What did you say?

// Missiles fly at them.

Gene: Erh... that loser!

// The Missiles miss.

Gene: Tell me something Gilliam. Is his ship more manueverable than the Outlaw Star is?

Gilliam: This ship utilizes the most advanced navigation system in the galaxy. Its impossible
that my manueverability is inferior to a ship of the same class.

Gene: You don't say. Well this guy has no idea.

Melfina: Missiles closing in 10 o clock high.

// They shoot them down.

Jim: Man, just come at us dead on already!

Gene: Yeah, the MacDougal Brothers definately have some interesting tactics. They sure like to
sneak around.

Aisha: What? Starboard ft, some more missiles approaching!

Gilliam: At four o clock high.

Gene: No, what do you mean? He snuck up behind us already?

Jim: There's no way we can shake off the ones on the right.

Gene: Then I'll swat em down!

// Gene starts Grappler Combat Mode and shoots them down.

Gene: (breathes heavy) I'm gonna have to go all out against this guy.




Gene: (breathes heavy)

// An alarm goes off.

Gilliam: Incoming missiles. 5 o clock high.

Melfina: Missiles coming in front 3 o clock high, count 5.

// Gene shoots them down.

Gene: Erh.

// One of the missiles hits the ship.

All: Ah!!!

Jim: Gene, if this keeps up, we're history!

Gene: Don't worry, he'll be out of missiles soon. Thats when the finals start.

Aisha: Stop fooling around you bird brains! Blast your way in there and smash him to a pulp!
You can't let him do this to you anymore!

Gene: Shut up Aisha, if I could I would.

Aisha: Erh...! Don't tell me to shut up, you!

Gene: I said to shut up, so shut up!

Aisha: You shut up!

Melfina: Gilliam, isn't it getting a little to hot on the bridge?

Gilliam: I'm sorry about that Melfina. I'll lower it 2 degrees at once.

Jim: 10 o clock high, more of them!

Gene: Ah! Got it!

// He gets them.

Gene: Where's the El Dorado?

Gilliam: I've seem to have lost it.

Gene: C'mon Gilliam, what are you doing?

Jim: Why don't we launch the cameras and position them all around us?

Gilliam: Our effective signal range in these conditions is about 100 kilometers. It is unlikely
that we will receive any useful visuals.

Aisha: Listen to me, plow through those guys, crush them into pieces, and stop fooling around!

Gene: I told you to shut up Aisha!

Aisha: Right, like I'm gonna shut up.

Gene: Look, if you don't shut up, I'm throwing you outside!

Aisha: Why you! Erh... meow?

Gene: Throw her out, wait... not thats it, just like in the old days when they had a look out that
would give them a signal. Like some kind of strong light or something. Aisha, I need you
to do me a favor that can only be done by a strong Ctarl Ctarl.

Aisha: Huh? What made you change?

Gene: I need to throw you off the ship, okay?

Aisha: meow...

Gene: Well, the odds aren't really that great really, but I think, well lets just say its a
better plan then keeping all of this going.

Aisha: meow...

// On the El Dorado...

Leo: By about now they should be sweating bullets.

Harry: You're probably right, huh?

// They get a transmition.

Terry: Hey Harry, we gonna finish them off?

Harry: Nah, I'm gonna play with them a little more. How many missiles are left?

Terry: We have 24 percent remaining.

Harry: (laughs) See, we have plenty left. Lets sneak behind them. Make sure that they don't find
out there's another ship.

// Suddenly, the ship is shot at.

Leo: Ah, no...

Aisha: There they are! There they are! I found them!

Harry: Oh no, I think we've been spotted!

Leo: Imposible!

Terry: Ship coming in. Its the Outlaw Star!

Gene: Yeah, now you guys are mine.

Harry: You think I'm going down that easily?

// The El Dorado's grappler arms come out.

Gene: I didn't know they had grappler arms!

Harry: You thought the El Dorado was just another ordinary cruiser, didn't ya?

// They fight.

Harry: Hah hah! Gotcha!

Gene: Erh...

// Harry pounds on the ship with the grappler arms.

All: Erh...

Harry: Die! Die! Die! Die! You die!

Gene: Blast you!

// He smashes the Outlaw Star into the El Dorado.

Gene: Take over, Jim.

Jim: But why?

Gene: Cause I'm going over there to meet them.

// Gene heads into the ship.

Gene: Uh...

Leo: This is the El Dorado! We've been caught by the enemy!

Harry: Stop that.

Leo: Huh?

Harry: If its come to that, don't worry, I'll settle it.

// Gene heads through the hall and is attacked by Leo in a mechanical suit, Gene uses knock out
gas and shoots him.

Gene: Now tell me, where is MacDougal?

// He points to where to go. Gene heads there.

Gene: Huh?

Harry: So tell me, what do you wanna know?

// Harry is hacking into the Outlaw Star with a wire on his neck.

Gilliam: Oh no. Warning. Warning.

Jim: What is it, Gilliam?

Gilliam: Someone is trying to hack into me. And the source is unavailable. Engaging emergency
protection. Now I must say goodnight.

Jim: Gilliam!

Melfina: Ah! Ah!

Jim: What is it?

Melfina: Stop it, stay away!

// Meanwhile...

Gene: So, you're MacDougal, aren't you?

Harry: Harry MacDougal. Although thats the first time I've been given my name to an enemy.

Gene: I'm only gonna ask you this once. Why did the Kai Pirates want the XGP?

Harry: It was their ship in the first place, isn't that right?

Gene: Why did you want to have the XGP destroyed?

Harry: Hah, I don't ask my employers for reasons.

Gene: Oh yeah? Who's your employer?

Harry: Well now... Heh heh.

Harry: (thinking) I see. So this is the ship's main computer!

Gene: Hey!

Harry: Oh, I've never met him before. He just came to us with a job offer, thats all.

Gene: Tell me about the XGP, whats the whole story behind it?

Harry: I don't really know anything about it. Hm. Well, the pirates did say something about being
involved with the Galactic Leyline.

Gene: What did they say about it?

Harry: (thinking) Hah hah! I'm gonna trash this thing in one mine.

Harry: (laughs) I don't believe this!

Gene: Huh? What are you doing?

Harry: (laughs)

Gene: Erh...

// Gene shoots him.

Harry: My arm! I can't believe it, you got my arm!

Gilliam: The access seems to have been cut off.

Gene: What does the XGP have to do with the Galactic Leyline? Huh?

Harry: I don't know. I don't know.

Gene: Alright then, tell me this. What did you destroy my father's ship 6 years ago.

Harry: I don't know. 6 years ago I was only 12 years old.

Gene: Hey, you're a MacDougal. Come to think of it, where is your brother?

Jim: Gene, we've got a problem. There's another one. Another El Dorado.

Gene: How can that be?

// Harry escapes.

Jim: Get back here now!

Gene: What do you know, the brother.

// Meanwhile...

Ron: Harry, whats the matter, what happened? C'mon, answer me now, Harry.

// On the El Dorado...

Harry: I'll blow them to smithereens. I'll blow them to smithereens. I'll blow them to smithereens!

// They escape in a dropship.

Gilliam: Well that finally solves the mystery. They didn't fly circles around us because they
were more manueverable, there was another ship.

Jim: This is no time for analysis. Gene! I'm pulling out the assault bolt!

Gene: Turns out that other guy is the real MacDougal.

Jim: What do you mean real?

Gene: Its his older brother. You're not getting away.

// The El Dorado blows up.

Jim: Uh...

Gene: Ah, darn it!

// The follow the other ship, but it shoots a missile at an asteroid, blowing it up and blocking
their view.

Gilliam: We're in danger. Please take evasive measures.

// On the other ship...

Harry: Oh man, you're hurting me Ron! Stop! Ow, my arm, my arm, my arm!

Ron: Calm down Harry, calm down. If you're a MacDougal man, you don't get upset over a stupid
little scratch.

Harry: Right, I'm so sorry brother.

Ron: Hey, its alright. We're gonna do a whole lot worse to the guy who did this to you.

Harry: Right, and I promise I won't back down like that again. That woman... That woman...

// On the Outlaw Star...

Jim: It's useles,, I'm not picking them up anywhere!

Gilliam: Enemy ship lost.

Jim: Okay, now what.

Gene: Like we have much choice. We just go back to Heiphong and try again. Sorry about that
Melfina, it looks like I just lost us another lead.

Melfina: Huh? Don't worry, its okay.

Aisha: Hey! Isn't it about time you guys picked me up?

Gene: Boy, I never thought I'd see the day when I had to apologize to Aisha.

Jim: We could always just leave her out there.

Gene: Nah, then she'd come back and haunt me forever.

Aisha: Okay everyone, I'm tired of this, you can come and get me!

Melfina: Harry MacDougal... What was he...

Aisha: I'm over here! Do you see me? I'm over here!

To Be Continued...