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Outlaw Star
Script- Episode 11
Adrift in Subspace



Narrator: Ether spray laps against the sides of ships. Stars flare up turbulance, space whipping
out storms. The swift currents of the abyss overpower them. Cast off planetary debree
pierces their hulls, left with a history of scars and mutation. But no matter how many
thousands of ships are turned to scrap, or tens of thousands of lives vanished into the
void, ships do not stop venturing into this sea. There is no end to sailors who will
sail her. Drawn by mysterious passion, craving an endless appetite. Unknown regions
await them even now in this endless era.

// The Outlaw Star quickly races to the checkpoint as the wave approaches.

Gene: How do I get out?

Gilliam: There is no way out.

Gene: No way?

Jim: Gene, the checkpoint, I think its gonna be swallowed up!

Gene: All we can do is break through at full speed.

Gilliam: Thats not very smart...

Gene: But Gilliam, I thought you were the fastest ship in the galaxy.

Melfina: Engine output 108%. All engines show normal.

Gene: Go!!!!!!!!! Ah!!!!!!!!

// The Outlaw Star narrowly makes it through the checkpoint.

Gene: We did it!

Melfina: Ah!


Adrift in Subspace


Gilliam: Hate to disillusion you, but we're not out of the planet's orbit yet. And please return
the engine output to normal levels.

Gene: Man, you just have to complain about everything, don't ya. Huh?

Race Official: You have just cleared checkpoint 1 Outlaw Star, and I gotta tell ya that was one
heck of a stunt you pulled out there.

Gene: I know, where do we stand now?

Race Official: Well lets see... You just flew past 12 ships. There are 13 ships ahead of you,
but your time puts you in sixth as of now.

Jim: We're only in sixth after all we went through?

Race Official: You know, you're not the only ones who took that route just now, but I'll tell ya,
you are the only ones who slipped past that wave.

Gene: Yeah, well I thought I'd try to make the race a little more exciting.

Race Official: I getcha. Well now, you have a good race, okay?

Jim: Next up is the fifth planet Heiphong 5. Distance about 5 million kilometers.

Gene: Alright then, lets go to Sub Ether and jump this stretch, what do you say?

// Meanwhile, Suzuka listens to a radio on the beach.

Announcer: The rookie ship Outlaw Star has suddenly jumped up when it cleared the first checkpoint
and is know currently in sixth place. What do you think will happen, Mr. Ishigaki?

Mr. Ishigaki: Good question. With the Outlaw Star in sixth place, its certainly the darn course.

// On Outlaw Star...

Gene: Making a single orbit around this thing is an easy checkpoint, its obvious, what do you
think... Jim? Huh?

// Jim is asleep.

Gene: Hey! Jim!

Melfina: Hang in there Jim, we're almost to the weigh station.

Jim: (yawns) Yeah, you're right. You know, we're supposed to pull the ship over so we can run
maintanence for atleast an hour.

Gilliam: All systems show normal. Showing all green.

Gene: Well in that case, lets run maitanance on our selves. C'mon guys, lets go get something to

// They go to the station. Gene sees the El Dorado in the ship dock.

Gene: Its that ship... I finally caught up with him.

// Gene walks into a restaurant in the station and to the table where Harry sits.

Gene: Pardon me guys, are you the crew of the El Dorado?

Harry: Yeah, thats right, and who's asking?

Gene: First of all, which one of you's MacDougal?

Harry: There's nobody by that name here.

Gene: Yeah right, like I'm supposed to believe you. The MacDougal Brothers are the ones who own
the El Dorado.

Harry: Who are you talking about? I don't have the foggiest idea of what you mean.

Gene: Look, don't be stupid. It doesn't look like the guy Hilda talked to is here, but I remember
that ship alright.

// Flashback to El Dorado


Gene: You don't fool me, I wouldn't forget that for anything. That is definately the same ship
that attacked us at Farfallas.

Leo: What are you trying to pull here mister?

Terry: Let go of Harry right now!

Harry: Hey Terry, Leo its okay. Look here, I have no idea what you're talking about, I've never
even been to Farfalas, or whatever.

Gene: Alright then, why were the Kai Pirates looking for the XGP? And why did your people try to
destroy the XGP?

Harry: If you keep trying to pick a fight, I'll just have to call the race staff and...

Gene: Fine, go ahead but if you're smart you'd just cut out all the nonscense and just level with

Harry: Somebody! This guy's interfering with the race!

Official: Is there a problem here?

Gene: Heh heh, no, he was just telling me about the house special, right? Well, sounds great, I
better be going, the special will have to wait for next time, thanks anyway buddy. See you

// He leaves.

Terry: Hey Harry, who was that guy?

Harry: Shut your mouth.

Terry: Eh?

Harry: That little $@%*&! I can't believe it, he survived Farfalas?

Official: Everything okay here sir, you need some help?

Harry: No, everything's okay. Thank you.

// Back on the ship...

Jim: Watching you deal with that guy scared the life out of me, Gene. Man, talk about just blowing
a whole bunch of hot air.

Gene: Yeah, well thats only if the guy wasn't MacDougal. But if that really was him, then he
can't ignore us anymore. You'll see, he'll make contact.

Gilliam: Excuse me, but that ship is starting out now.

Gene: How soon can we leave?

Gilliam: In 11 minutes.

Gene: Once we catch up I'll show him a thing or two.

// Later...

Race Official: Attention all ships, we've been told that an ether stream is forming that
stretches from Heiphong 5 to the checkpoint 4A at Heiphong 1. The use of checkpoint
4B at Heiphong 2 is recommended. I repeat...

Jim: You heard what he said.

Gene: Now, lets see how fast the El Dorado handles it.

// On the El Dorado...

Harry: Leo, give me the official data on the ship that left after us.

Leo: Okay.

// He sees the info.

Harry: Is that the XGP?

// Meanwhile, at Fred's...

Announcer: The ship in last place has now cleared the second check point. Two ships have currently
dropped out due to engine trouble. Lets hope no other ships...

Guard: Where do you think Gene might be with the Outlaw Star?

Fred: I have no idea, but this pathetic broadcast is barely covering the pirate ships.

Announcer: The third check point is the Leon Lagrange point, which is 140 kilometers from
Heiphong 5.

// On Aisha's ship...

Pilot: Lady Aisha, we'll be reaching the third chekpoint in just a moment.

Aisha: What is that out there?

Pilot: They say that a long time ago a satellite in orbit around Heiphong 5 had been destroyed
by something and all the debree from the destruction had been collected there.

Aisha: Reduce speed immediately.

Pilot: Like I really need to be told that.

// The El Dorado flies by them.

Leo: Its all yours Harry.

Harry: Well we could never gain any time without me at the helm, Leo.

// Meanwhile...

Aisha: Hmm Hmm Hmm Hmm Hmm... Hmm?

Pilot: Is there something you'd like to share with us Lady Aisha?

Aisha: I'm looking for a place to set up an ambush.

Both: Huh? Set up an ambush?

Aisha: Prepare for battle!

Both: Prepare for battle?

Aisha: Battle systems get ready, we will now launch a sneak attack on the Outlaw Star!

Pilot: Attack with a single machine gun?

Aisha: A single machine gun?! Hmph, what about your guriguri missiles or a gagaga cannon?

Pilot: We are not equipped with anything like that.

Aisha: And you call this an imperial ship?

Pilot: What are you saying, the Noburi Nueiro is just for trading with Heiphong. I don't know
what kind of orders you've been given from the empire, Lady Aisha, but this ship can't
make an attack!

Aisha: I can't believe this. Alright then, its time for a clever scheme from Aisha!

// Meanwhile, the Outlaw Star approaches another checkpoint.

Jim: There it is!

Gilliam: Ether density is climbing and is surging irregularly.

Melfina: Subspace radar error has increased to 24% and effective radius for standard radar is
also down 30%.

Gilliam: We'll have to forgo instruments and rely on our eyes.

Gene: Now you're about to see how good I can really be.

Jim: C'mon Gene, slow down!

Gene: Yeah, sure I will.

Melfina: Current speed is 12 kilometers per second.

Gilliam: It is clear for the next 180 kilometers. But I do see some big asteroids after that.

Gene: Whats the shortest route to the checkpoint?

Melfina: Please change course to one o'clock low.

Gene: Roger that.

Jim: Thats it.

Gene: Let's do it!

// They go through the checkpoint.

Jim: We have cleared the checkpoint.

Gene: Yeah, way to go. All we have to do now is get the heck outta here. Huh?

// They get a transmition.

Pilot: May day, may day. This is the Noburi Nueiro. I've collided with an asteroid. I've abandoned
ship due to risk of explosion. Request assistance, request assistance!

Gilliam: Its an emergency rescue transmition. I've pinpointed his position. I'll put it up on the

Jim: Gene, what do you think we should do? I know the course marshall will come by soon and they'll
be sure to take care of him.

Gene: Ah... Lets help the poor guy out.

Jim: Gene, what are you pulling, thats not like you.

Gene: Believe me, its not fun to be stranded out in space. Its a feeling I try not to remember.

// The ship stops and Gene prepares to go out.

Jim: Do you see him Gene?

Gene: Yeah. Uh... Uh...

Jim: Hey, whats wrong?

Gene: I'm jut a little dizzy.

Melfina: Will you be okay?

Gene: Yeah, I think I can handle it.

// He goes out and gets the stranded person, who is in their suit. They go inside the ship.

Gene: Okay now, you'll be fine.

Gilliam: Pressurization complete.

Gene: Are you the only crew member, or are the others still out there?

// The guy removes the helmet... it's Aisha!

Aisha: You wont' get away from me this time, you sucker!

Gene: Ah! What are you doing here?

Aisha: (laughs)




Aisha: Do you mean to tell me after all this time the ones who have the key to the Galactic Leyline
are those MacDougal guys?

Gene: They sure have a lot more information on it than I do that much I can tell ya.

Aisha: Do you really expect me to believe you know absolutely nothing about the Galactic Leyline?

Gene: If we did, we would have gone there a long time ago. Look, when we find something we'll be
sure to tell you now get off the ship and go bug someone else.

Aisha: No way, I can't! There's no way I can go back to the empire like this! I can't go back,
they treat me like I'm useless! You're the only lead I have, you understand me? Until I
get my hands on what I want, I'm not going anywhere!

Jim: Gene, what are you gonna do with her?

Gene: Being popular with the girls ain't easy.

Jim: Thats not what I meant.

Aisha: I've never seen a ship like this before, its way behind any Ctarl Ctarl ship, it won't
move unless you're wet! Heh heh, thats very funny, don't you say?

Gilliam: How dare you talk about the galaxy's fastest, most advancedship like that.

Aisha: Huh? What the heck is that thing?

Gilliam: I am not a thing. I would appreciate if you called me Gilliam.

Aisha: What the... its a computer? Wow.

Gene: Enough of this, lets get back to racing. My plan to catch up with the El Dorado sure went
up in smoke, its becoming useless. Oh great, the cat girl shows up and everything goes out
of whack.

Jim: If we don't finish third or better, we're gonna be in debt even deeper.

Melfina: Now preparing for Sub Ether drive. Please handle course corrections.

Gene: Alright, roger.

Melfina: Estimated time to Sub Ether penetration 24 minutes.

Aisha: Meow.

Gene: I can't see!

// Later...

Aisha: Yawn. All of this travel has worn me out, I'm gonna take a little at nap right here.
Wake me up when we get there, okay?

Gene: Yeah, sure whatever.

Jim: Uh...

// Later...

Melfina: Now switching over to Sub Ether Drive. Manchausin Drive Reactor output regular and
climbing. Ether output thresholds reached.

Jim: Course laid in, relative coordinates verified.

Melfina: Now forming Sub Ether bubble.

// An alarm goes off.

Aisha: Quiet down, will ya?

Gilliam: Objects are closing in from rearward. There's an 87% probability they are missiles.

Jim: I don't get it, I didn't think anybody was after us.

Gene: We'll just intercept them, thats all.

Melfina: We can't, we're transforming to Sub Ether mode.

Gene: Just great. How long till we go to Sub Ether?

Melfina: 18 seconds.

Gilliam: Missiles will impact in 16 seconds.

Gene: I'll shake them off.

Aisha: Whats going on?

Melfina: Preparations for jump to light speed now complete. Sub Ether penetration in 8... 7...
6... 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... 0...

Jim: We're gonna make it. Ah!

// The missiles hit them as they go into light speed.

// On the El Dorado...

Terry: Man Harry, that was really awesome.

Leo: Heh, they went to Sub Ether while they were being hit by gravity waves.

Harry: Too bad, they'll probably disintegrate. Okay, we can prepare to go to Sub Ether now.

Leo: Hey Harry, what was the big deal with that ship anyway?

Harry: As far as my brother and I are concerned, it was just an eyesore.

// Meanwhile, the Outlaw Star goes crazy.

Jim: Ah!

Gene: Erh...

Gilliam: There is no way to determine which direction we're going.

Gene: Sub Ether drive, emergency abort!

Melfina: The Manchausin Reactor is out of control!

Aisha: What the heck is going on?

Gilliam: Stress on the ship is climbing. Now exceeding any power.

Gene: Thats it! I'm cutting all engine systems!

// He shuts the ship off, stopping it.

All: Yaaah!

Aisha: Meow. Hey, c'mon, wake up will ya?

Gene: Uh... is everyone okay? Melfina?

Melfina: Yes, I'm fine.

Gilliam: We are currently operating on auxiliary power so there's no information regarding whats
outside. Please restart the ship.

Gene: Unbelievable... life goes on and on. Its too much.

// He restarts the ship.

Gilliam: Testing. Testing.

Aisha: Where the heck are we anyway?


Gilliam: It would be accurate to say we have safely returned to normal space. Fortunately, we
don't appear to be too far away from the Heiphong system. I will try to calculate our

Aisha: This ship is a lot tougher than I thought.

Gilliam: I believe I already mentioned it. I am the fastest, most advanced ship in the galaxy.

Aisha: Hm.

Gene: Know where we are?

Gilliam: Yes, Gene. We are slightly outside the orbit of Heiphong 5. About 360 million kilometers
above its orbital plane.

Jim: How long has it been since we jumped?

Gilliam: Ship's clock says its been 2 minutes 24 seconds since Sub Ether entry.

Gene: Bring us up to date Gilliam, whats the status report?

Gilliam: Life support, all communications and all sensors show normal.

Melfina: Irregularities confirmed in the ether drive system. Newton Reactors 1 and 3 are inoperatable.

Jim: Ah!

Gene: Alright then, activate Newton Reactors 2 and 4. And lay in a stable course to checkpoint 4.

Gilliam: I perceive that you want to continue the race.

Gene: You think I'd give up when we can still move under our own power? The Sub Ether drive still
works, right?

Melfina: Yes, but 2 reactors are at 50 percent output, thats not enough for Sub Ether entry, we
are working under a lower level of propulsion.

Gene: How many hours to checkpoint 4 just using the Ether drive?

Gilliam: The distance is 600 million kilometers. At 50 percent propulsion, it would take 96 hours.

Jim: The race would already be over...

Aisha: What's the deal, you've given up? Someone just blasted you with a couple of missiles and
you're just gonna sit there and cry, the ship's busted, we're stuck! What're we gonna do?
We don't stand a chance, we're all doomed! Oh no, we're really doomed, we've failed, I'll
never make it . To a Ctarl Ctarl this attitude is all wrong. A Ctarl Ctarl never accepts
defeat, to a Ctarl Ctarl its all about justice, courage, and tenacity...

Jim: Doesn't she know by now we're not Ctarl Ctarl?

Aisha: It takes guts to go swimming in the Ether sea...

Gene: Wait, ether? Gilliam, can you tell me where that ether stream is forming?

Gilliam: Oh my, lets take a look. Ah, here it is. The stream runs from Heiphong 5 to Heiphong 1.
I've located it.

Gene: Aisha, sit down.

Aisha: Don't tell me what to do... Ah!

Jim: Now what are you planning to do?

Gene: I don't care is we win or lose, but I've got an idea, I think it can work its at least
worth trying.

Jim: You don't mean what I think you mean...

Gene: Jim, you know any normal ship would be history if it went into an Ether stream. That is,
any normal ship.

Gilliam: I say this is no ordinary ship.

Gene: Thats it exactly. I noticed something surprising when I saw the operating manual. This ship
can make it out of an ether stream with no problem. Which means, we're gonna take this

Jim: I don't wanna hear it!

Gene: And ride that ether stream all the way.

Aisha: Heh, let's go!

// They do...

Melfina: We have made contact and have now switched to Grappler combat mode.

Gene: Have faith in me guys, enjoy the ride, you're in good hands. I can handle this, I can do it!

Jim: How do you know?

Gene: I don't!

Jim: I knew it.

Gene: Thats okay, there's a first time for everything!

// Using parachutes on the grappler arms, the ship is pulled along the wave.

Gene: (How bad?) is the best practice.

Aisha: Heeyah! Lets get that missile guy!

// The El Dorado heads through the checkpoint.

Race Official: You have just passed checkpoint 4, El Dorado.

Harry: What's our standing?

Race Official: According to our checkpoint data, as the standings read you are currently in 4th

Leo: So now it all depends on which ships are headed for Heiphong 1, is that right?

Race Official: However, we have recently been notified that there is an ether stream that is
in the surrounding areas of Heiphong 1.

Harry: So finishing in above 4th place is a sure thing. But why is my heart pounding like this?

// Elsewhere...

Tech Guy: What, where did they come from?

Tech Guy 2: It looks like they're riding the ether stream.

Tech Guy: By accident?

Tech Guy 2: No, it look