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Outlaw Star
Script- Episode 22
Gravity Jailbreak



// A ship heads towards the prison planet.

Prison Transport: Hekaton Kairez orbital station, this is Prisoner Transport 018. I have one
prisoner currently onboard. Request docking clearance.

Station: Roger, you are cleared.

// Meanwhile...

Computer: Curse Hawkwind. Sentenced to life imprisonment for class one assault, robbery, theft
and other felonious crimes.

Warden: This one should prove amusing. Send him down at once.

// Gene is frisked.

Warden/Robot: Is this your only personal effect?

Gene: Yeah, thats my good luck charm. Take care of it, will ya?



Gravity Jailbreak


// Gene is getting a meal in the cafeteria.

Warden/Robot: Whats taking you so long? Take your food and sit down now! I hear you ran like a
wild man on the outside, but if you can't learn to move in gravity this low you'll
never survive for very long in here, Curse. You're so pathetic, 3 G's is nothing.
Up in the punishment facility at the north pole, 10 G's is what you can expect.
At this rate you'll die of massive heart failure or brain aneurysm before your
sentence is up.

// He sees another guy.

Warden/Robot: Hey, what're you wobbling around for, start walking blast you! Stand up and pull
yourself together you good for nothing.

Saiyo: Easy, c'mon now Jake, you don't want to make any trouble for the warden.

Warden/Robot: Saiyo, this is none of your business.

// He tries to punch him, but he dodges.

Warden/Robot: Don't try to dodge me, hold still idiot!

Saiyo: Heh heh, sorry abou thtat, I guess I slipped.

Warden/Robot: Silence, I've had enough of your yapping!

// Gene hits him with a stool.

Warden/Robot: And what do you think you're doing?

Gene: Why don't you put down the puppet for a minute and come out and meet me face to face like
a real man.

Warden/Robot: You scum bag, you'll pay for this!

// He knocks out Gene.

Gene: Ugh...

Saiyo: Hey, wait a minute ugh..

// Him too...

Warden/Robot: You two think you're smart, huh? Well you just earned 24 hours in the punishment
facility. Crash, you just arrived at Gay Hanna so its time you learn what real
fear means. Let this service as a final warning to all you other prisoners. You're
under constant surveilance. There's no use trying to escape at this prison and
theres no defying me either! Hah hah hah!

// While waiting to get on the train...

Saiyo: You've got a serious death wish buddy. Deliberately trying to start something like that.

Gene: And what do you call what you were doing?

Warden/Robot: I don't wanna hear another word from either of you, now get on board.

// He pushes them in. The train starts going.

Gene: Ah... that guy really likes to play rough doesn't he...

Saiyo: Ah... he's always like that.

Gene: Maybe I shouldn't have pushed the limit so much.

// A flashback to back on the Outlaw Star...

Gene: You mean planet Hekaton Kairez?

Gwen: Yes, thats right. Its a strange world thats very massive for an earth type planet. It has
an incredibly high rotational speed, and a gravity of 1 G along its equator, its shaped
like an intricate string of beads on an abacus.

Gene: Hey Gilliam!

Gilliam: Yes, just a minute, I'll pull up the data.

Aisha: Whats an abicus anyway?

Gwen: The point is, its not the shape thats the problem, its the gravity. The force pushing down
on the planet varies depending on where you are. Its a crushing 10.4 G's on the poles
even though its still 3 G's where the prison is situated.

Jim: Then I guess you'd weigh 3 times what you'd normally weigh.

Gwen: Thats right Jim, what a smart boy to figure that out so quick. At any rate there isn't
a single area in the prison where the gravity is stabilized. As a matter of fact, for
security reasons you can't find a gravity stabilized area anywhere on the entire planet.
Due to its high rotational speed, the planet acts as a huge dynamic generating a
powerful magnetic field around the globe. The result is that radios and radar don't
transmit or receive as well on the surface.

Aisha: And in human time 1 day is 74 minutes just thinking about it makes me sick.

Suzuka: I didn't realize that Gay Hanna prison is located on Hekaton Kairez, no wonder no one
has ever gotten out alive. Gene, you've got to be careful you're usual recklessness won't
serve you well if you want to take on this mission.

Aisha: She's right, use your head this time if you jump in without thinking its all over.

Gene: Yeah, like you're one to talk.

Jim: Gene... c'mon.

Gene: You say that no one's ever gotten out of there huh? Alright then, what are we waiting for?

// A little later...

Gene: Where's Suzuka and Aisha?

Jim: Just like you said, Aisha's with Mel and Suzuka's sticking to Gwen Khan like glue.

Gene: Alright Jim now don't let your guard down.

Jim: Mmm.

Gene: Khan, did you get a chance to look into what I was asking for?

Gwen: Yes, as a matter of fact I've got it right here with me, a monopole. I don't know what
you're going to use it for, but bear in mind that its even more expensive and more rare
than Dragonite so make sure you return it to me when you're finished using it.

Gene: Yeah, sure I got it, I understand what you're saying. So anyway, were you able to rig it
like we discussed?

Gwen: Of course I camoflaged it well if I do say so myself. It's an incredible piece of work that
would cost a small fortune, it was made by someone else.

Gene: If you do say so yourself. See you later Jim, I'm counting on yah.

Jim: Yes sir.

// In the present, the train stops.

Gene and Saiyo: Erh...

// They are thrown in their cells.

Gene: Ugh... No small talk just get right to the right stuff. Oh... this crummy bed's in here
just to torture us. I can't get up, give me a hand.

Saiyo: Hey, take it easy newbie. Don't move around. Don't worry, the Warden isn't listening. His
don't have the budget to lay wires all the way up here just to allow him to run the robots
and cameras to keep an eye on us.

Gene: So why did they build this thing in the first place if they can't even see us?

Saiyo: As a lesson to all the other prisoners. Its over kill though there's no chance you can
run away on this tin cheap black hole.

Gene: Yeah, I feel like I'm gonna pass out if I don't get out of here soon.


Saiyo: Heh heh heh. I'm surprised you were able to talk this much on your first trip to the
cooler. I'm Saiyo Wong. Who are you?

Gene: Well isn't that a coincidence. That makes things easier. Saiyo Wong. How perfect. You're
the man that I came in here to see.

Saiyo: What did you say?

Gene: I wanted to ask you the coordinates of the Galactic Leyline.

Saiyo: The Galactic Leyline? Why don't you tell me who you are first boy.

Gene: Just an ordinary outlaw passing bye.

Saiyo: What are you, an idiot? Even if I did tell you the coordinates, there's no way to get out
of here. Relax kid, now that you're in you'll never get out.

Gene: You got to be kidding. You think I'm gonna spend the rest of my life in here rotting in a
prison cell? If you want to, you can tag along with me. Are you in, or are you out?

Saiyo: Moron.

Gene: Whats that? Hey man, whats it gonna be, huh Saiyo? C'mon Saiyo, what do you say?

// Later, when they are brought back...

Gene: Pretty nice of them to bring us back after only one day don't ya think? I can't believe
that 3 G can feel so light, I'm cruising.

Saiyo: If you do something dumb like jumping your bones are gonna snap in 2 like toothpicks pal.


Gene: Oh well, look who's talking. I knew if I was annoying enough you'd finally say something.
So Wong, are you interested in what I'm talking about?

// Suddenly, screens all around the room turn on.

Gene: Huh? What the hecks that?

Warden: Gentlemen, its been a long while, but a courageous if not foolish man has revealed
himself among our distinguished inmate guest list. That man is none other than Nicolai
Ilovich who was invited to this prison 17 days ago sole standard time. He destroyed an
entire prison wall using explosives that he had carefully hidden inside his body before
attempting his failed escape from this facility. You certainly don't see a heroic
attempt like this very often.

// The prisoners sound excited, like they think he might make it out.

Warden: Why don't we take a look and see how he's making out shall we?

// The screens switch over to him in the desert, being chased by the robots.




// The robots catch Nicolai.

Nicolai: Ah!!!!!!!

Saiyo: Now do you get it? At 3 G there's no where to hide in that barren wasteland even if you
got beyond those walls they're on top of you before you know it and even if you managed to
lose them the only place you can run is to the equator where the gravity is weak. They'll
circle ahead of you and its all over. There's no way to escape from this prison, end of

Gene: Yeah? Well how do you know it won't work if you never even tried it?

Saiyo: What a moron...

// Later they eat. Saiyo leaves when Gene sits next to him. In the laundry room...

Robot/Warden: Alright, next in line.

Gene: Hey, wuz up Wong.

Robot/Warden: There's absolutely no talking.

Gene: C'mon, whats the big deal, I just wanted to say hi.

// He gets punched. Later, in the sauna room...

Gene: I was wondering what kind of monster I'd find here when I heard that you're a big shot in
the battle group, and outfit that gives the Kai Pirates a run for the money. Eh... but
you're just another pathetic little man waiting to die of heart failure I guess.

Saiyo: And here I thought you had potential, but you're just another dumb crook who only knows
how to shoot off his mouth and make an idiot of himself.

Gene: Hey, I'm not a criminal, I'm an outlaw.

Saiyo: If you wanna call yourself an outlaw fine. But don't let that reckless death wish of
yours get anybody else hurt.

Gene: Oh yeah? Reckless? Well no outlaw would sit around and wait to die in this god forsaken
prison when he's got nothing left to lose. If there's the slimmest chance no matter how
small, you have to go for it, never give up hope. And thats what it means to be an outlaw.

Saiyo: You think I'm putting up with this because I want to? Well you're right! There's nothing
left to lose in this dark hole. Do you know that no one has ever served out his sentence
and left this prison alive? Everybody's heart eventually gives out and they die before
their sentence is up. This gravity is too much for humans to survive. The place is a
total bloodless execution ground.

// He leaves.

Gene: Huh? You guys want something?

Fat Guy: If I'm not mistaken, you're the little moron who's been bugging Mr. Wong lately.

Gene: You Saiyo's gang?

Fat Guy: Heh heh, you better watch your mouth pretty boy. What you don't understand is that
Mr. Wong looks after us even if it involves going up against the warden. A punk like you
doesn't have any business hanging around.

Gene: If he's content to be the leader of a pack of weak dogs then Saiyo Wong outta just quit
while he's ahead.

Fat Guy: You idiot!

// They fight. In the cafeteria...

Guy: Whats all the ruckus about?

Prisoner: They say that there's a fight in the sauna room.

Guy: When they know they'll get sent to the cooler? Who's the moron?

Prisoner: Looks like Jose and the others are putting the guy in his place.

// Gene comes in and sits down.

Gene: Who's side are you on anyway? Man, I'm taking garbage from everybody. Aren't you fighting
the wrong guy? Ever thought about giving that warden a hard time instead of me?

Saiyo: You stand out too much. Don't you get it? You've got too much spirit.

Gene: Whats that supposed to mean?

Saiyo: Everybody wants to escape from here so bad they can't stand it but they can't do anything
about it. They can either do something crazy and go like Illovich or they can give up on
everything and wait to die. To people like that you stand out like an eyesore because
you got too much spirit.

Gene: Does that go for you too?

Saiyo: What was that pal?

Gene: Whats about you Wong, are you throwing in the towel and giving up on everything too?

Saiyo: Thats what I mean! Thats the attitude thats ticking everybody off! As if I'd ever give up
hope and wait to die in a concrete bunker like this.

Gene: Okay then, what would you do if I told you I have a surefire escape plan to get us out of
this place?

Saiyo: Huh?

// Later, Gene and Saiyo fight.

Prisoner: Ringside seats, we have a fight on!

Guy: Mr. Wong's finally gonna teach a lesson to that smart alleck new guy.

Criminal: Don't let those stupid robots interfere!

Gambler: Anybody out there wanna put a meal on the new guy?

Person: Where is it, where's the fight?

Robot/Warden: Stop it immediately, both of you!

// They tear apart the draws, grabbing their stuff.

Saiyo: Get ready to die you punk!

Gene: You're first loser!

Robot/Warden: Hold it, what do you think you're doing? If you're got that much energy, I'll make
sure you burn it off. 48 hours in the punishment facility. Starting right now.

Saiyo: Whatever you say.

Gene: Take it easy, getting mad's bad for your blood pressure.

Robot/Warden: Not another word!

Gene: I'm asking you once again, can't you yell at anybody face to face instead of through a
camera lens?

Robot/Warden: You, you little...

// He knocks Gene out. Gene wakes up on the train.

Gene: Ah man that hurts.

Saiyo: You just had to open your mouth didn't ya? Jeez, I still can't believe I trusted an idiot
like you. I guess I must be losing my edge or something. So anyway, did you get what you
were looking for in there?

Gene: Yeah, how about you?

Saiyo: You mean this?

Computer: Warning. Warning. Abnormality on linear car 002. Car is out of control and running

Warden: What the heck?!

Saiyo: Are you absolutely sure that doing this is such a great idea?

Gene: Everything's gonna be alright, even if we try and jump the train tracks to the next stop
the gravity's so strong that we outta stop right away. Atleast I think so. I hope it works.

Saiyo: Hey, wait a minute.

Warden: Get to work, do something!

Computer: I'm sorry, but its totally out of my control. To stop the train its necessary to shut
down the whole transport system. Do I have permission to iniate a shut down?

Warden: I can't do that, are you crazy?!

Computer: Linear car 002 has crashed through the punishment center gates now plowing through
snow field.

Warden: They think theyan outsmart me do they? Capture them at once and bring them here! I'll
make them wish they'd never been born.

// Outside...

Saiyo: Everything's going smoothly according to your plans so far. But what do we do now huh?

Gene: Thats where this baby comes in.

Saiyo: Ah... the good luck charm, what do you plan on doing with that thing? You gonna start
praying or something?

Gene: See, its not an ordinary compass. Its got 2 monopoles, magnetic particles with just one
pole except its designed to resemble a regular compass.

Saiyo: You got some kind of trick up your sleeve?

Gene: Yeah, something like that. HuH?

// The robots arrive.

Robot/Warden: Curse, Wong, give up there's no escape. If you surrender peacefully I'm make sure
you are granted a quick death. (laughs)

Gene: Yeah, why don't you get lost slow poke. This really is too bad Wong, just when we were
having a wonderful time here.

Saiyo: What, hey!

Gene: Okay now, listen up. If I'm not mistaken, this is the north pole, right? Now the south
attracts and the north repels. But a magnetic monopole plays by its own rules because it
only has one poles. So the south monopole would be pulled into the ground, and conversely
the north monopole would be sent flying upward on the magnetic field line.

// He puts it in his pants and he rises in the air. Saiyo grabs on to him.

Saiyo: Even if somebody came up with such a crazy idea who in their right mind would ever believe
it would work? How high are you planning on going up anyway?

Gene: That depends on when our ride shows up. But in the meantime, I suggest that you start
praying that my buddies have the good sense to fly by as low as possible.

Saiyo: You're nutz Curse, I'm never gonna work with you again I mean it!

Gene: Hah hah. I may as well tell you now, my real name's not Curse, its Gene. Gene Starwind.

// In the Outlaw Star...

Suzuka: I'm picking up a magnetic signature. Its currently rising up over the north pole.

Aisha: You guys, its Gene.

Jim: Okay pretty much empty over the pole. We're going in there and do a catching go at full

Gilliam: Understood.

Computer: Sub-ether signature detected above the planet. And is descending near the north pole.

Warden: Huh, what did you say? Huh? Impossible! That can't be happening!

// They get into the ship.

Warden: This can't be! After them! If they get away I'll be ruined, do you understand? After
them, hunt them down now!

Computer: No one can get to them in time, not even from the station's orbit.

Warden: Darn them!

// Later, on the ship...

Gene: Man, I bet that Warden's having a fit right about now. I sure would love to see his face.

Saiyo: Get serious, even if he's crying I don't ever want to see his face again.

Gene: Hah hah hah, thats for sure.

Jim: Hey Gene, great job.

Gene: Thanks.

Gwen: Well there, well done, well done. Young man, you should be quite proud of the work you've
done. What about the Leyline? Have you asked about the Leyline's coordinates? Haven't
you asked yet?

Gene: Mel comes first.

Gwen: Yes, thats right, I'm sorry. Oh what a bother, what a bother. Breakfast is signaled with
a silver spoon.

// Melfina wakes up.

Jim: Hey, it worked!

Aisha: You okay Melfina?

Melfina: Huh, what? Gene, you look different somehow, when did you change your clothes?

Gwen: Well you're satisfied, right? Now hurry up and ask abou the Leyline.

// Suzuka knocks him out.

Suzuka: Sorry, but somebody had to put you in your place.

Aisha: Thats right, the guy's a moron.

Gene: You can use this guy's spaceship if you hurry up. He's out cold now. In return do me a
favor and ditch him somewhere along the way.

Saiyo: Would that be after I get him?

Gene: Look, I told you before, I'm an outlaw, not a criminal.

Saiyo: I'll leave him alone. Analyze this when you get a chance, there's a data file in it.
The password's Maranda. It also happens to be my daughters name.

Gene: Thats a nice name.

Saiyo: Of course it is, I'm the one who gave it to her. Anyway, the data file contains the
Leyline's coordinates. After that you can go get yourself killed for all I care. Never
want to see an outlaw again.

// They laugh. Saiyo takes off in Khan's ship.

To Be Continued...