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Outlaw Star
Script- Episode 20
Cats and Girls and Spaceships



Narrator: Subject, Jim Hawking, Jim to his friends. Age, 11. Height, 140 cm. Weight, 32kg. Blood
Type A. A boy genius, he is the son of a renowned hacker known as the computer wizard.
The cautious type, Jim is Gene Starwind's polar opposite. Jim always carries a
computer with him and dilligently keeps a close eye on profitable information and
enemy movement. He is a quick thinker yet he is also very outgoing in his actions. Jim
displays many precosous traits that are anything but childlike. Although occassionally
victimized and tormented by Gene's inability to plan ahead, Jim has not abandoned him.
And judging by the way he manages Gene, Jim clearly looks up to him.

Gene: Well thats understandable.

Jim: Anyway, I'm totally the kinda guy needed around here to keep Gene's bachelor lifestyle from
crashing down around his ears.

Gene: Hey, stop making things up!

Jim: Well thats my cue to leave!

Gilliam: I would also like to ask that you do not disturb my job.

Jim: Right!

// On the ship...

Gilliam: We are navigating under uncommonly safe conditions. There is no unusual activity to
report outside or inside the ship. Estimated time of arrival at transport station Symka
5, 30 minutes.

Aisha: An uneventful trip might be a bit of welcome relief to you guys, but it sure doesn't leave
much excitement for a live wire like me you know.

Jim: It could just be a simple matter of one coincidence after another, but this is a weird crew
we collected.

Aisha: Hey, I heard that Jim. A child barely out of diapers like you shouldn't be insulting a
woman whos mature and worldly.

Jim: You heard me?

Aisha: You better believe it. The best ears in the whole universe are that of the Ctarl Ctarl.


Jim: No way.

Aisha: Now thats a good boy Jim.

Jim: Yeah, I think I'm just beginning to understand just what it really means to upset you Ctarl
Ctarl, I wouldn't want to do that.

Aisha: Mmm hmm. Thats a sure sign of you becoming a young man.

Jim: Right, whatever you say.

Melfina: Jim and Aisha get along so well, its like they're really family.

Gene: Hmm? Family?

Suzuka: Mm. This tea is delicous.

Gilliam: I've detected a ship in the proximity and its rapidly approaching us. I've made
several attempts to hail it, but it is not responding to our signal.

Gene: An enemy ship!


Cats and Girls and Spaceships


Gene: Why didn't you spot it earlier?

Gilliam: I can only surmize that the craft is using some method to evade my sensor system.

Gene: Or in other words, you're simply without a clue, right?

Gilliam: Unfortunately...

Gene: Erh.

Jim; Uh oh Gene, that ship's almost on our butt!

Gene: Go to grappler combat mode.

Gilliam: I'm receiving a signal from the other ship.

Gene: Put it on.

Mata: You're Gene Starwind of the Outlaw Star? Nothing personal, but I'm here to kill you.

Jim: It's an enemy ship.

Gene: Could that be one of our old pirate buddies out there?

Jim: Probably. The ship's in firing range now Mr. Popular.

Gene: Well, lets blow some hot kisses to my devoted fan.

Jim: Launching missiles.

// The enemy does too.

Jim: Its a decoy!

Gene: Well you bastard, if its a grappler fight you're itching on, you sure came to the right guy.

// The fight continues...

Gene: This punk's not so darned tough.

// The ship's grappler arms break off and attack.

Gene: What the?!

Kemy: Mata, this guy's a wimp.

Mata: C'mon, lets finish him off.

Aisha: What the heck's going on?

Gilliam: Warning, pressure levels are rising through out the ship. If they continue to escalate,
remaining in combat is not advised.

Gene: Yeah, I know that. But these guys are just too quick and hard to out manuever. The
fighting capabilities of the Outlaw Star aren't cut out for this. There is one chance.
If I could only find an opening. Jim, on my signal I want you to give them everything we've

Jim: One last resort coming up.

Suzuka: Last resort?

// They shoot all their missiles then run away.

Gene: Ugh... that was too close.

Aisha: So your last resort was to run away? What cowards.

Gene: Hey, you're alive, aren't you? Gee, I'd appreciate a little more gratitude here.

Jim: If you consider that we survived than we haven't really lost.

Aisha: Oh you two.

Melfina: Well you certainly make a good team.

Gene: Well now Melfina thanks but its no big deal you know (laughs)

Jim: Somehow it doesn't seem to me like being called a team with Gene is so great.

Gene: Is thta right James, what is that supposed to mean?

Jim: Huh, what do you mean?

Gene: Seems you and I need to have a little chat about a few things.

Jim: Oh no we don't.

Gene: Yes we do.

Gilliam: Ladies and Gentlemen, we will be arriving at Symka 5 momentarily.

// They get there.

Jim: Well should we go see about repairs and weaponry?

Gene: Yeah.

Melfina: Hey, where's Suzuka?

Aisha: Suzu mentioned that she was gonna take a nap.

Gene: Yeah, she has a lot of difficulty working as a team.

Jim: Right, maybe but she's not the only one.

Aisha: Well I don't know about you guys, but I'm gonna go find some fun.

Gene: Another one who just can't work as a team.

Jim: yeah, like you're one to talk Gene. Hmph.

Gene: Yeah, whatever.

// Later...

Repair Guy: You're kidding, you want me to fix everything and get you weapons on a budget like

Jim: We were hoping we could work out a deal of some kind.

Repair Guy: If you could do some of the labor yourselves I can give you a discount.

Jim: What do we do?

Gene: Like we have a choice. Go ahead and start on the repairs for now.

Jim: Mister, don't cut any corners either. We can tell you're good, just by looking at the
equipment you got.

Repair Guy: Okay then, fill out the paperwork and I'll jump right on it.

Jim: Alright, thanks.

// As they leave...

Gene: That other ship might be on this station too.

Jim: Then shouldn't we look for it?

Gene: Nah, if they come at us I'll cut 'em down.

Jim: Oh, pretty sure of yourself, aren't you. Or maybe you're just lazy.

Gene: Say what?!

Jim: You know what I'm saying, we have to remember to keep our guard up. Right, Gene?

Gene: Yeah, and one more thing... I'm gonna go out and party! Hah hah, a couple of drinks will
help me unwind.

Jim: I'm not kidding Gene, I'm really worried about ya.

Gene: C'mon, lighten up partner. I need to have a little fun.

Jim: Suit yourself, Melfina would you please tag along with this idiot here and keep him out of

Melfina: Sure.

Gene: Huh, wha... wait a minute, I was talking about going out alone.

Jim: Bang.

// There...

Gene: What did I do to deserve this... do you want anything else?

Melfina: Oh this desert is plenty for me thank you.

Gene: Yep, thats great, glad to hear it Melfina.


// Back on Outlaw Star...

Jim: How come I'm always the one who gets stuck doing everything around here?

Gilliam: Its rough, isn't it Jim?

Jim: Hey thanks a lot Gilliam, you know you're the only one who notices how much I bust my butt?

Gilliam: I have the combat data on the enemy vessel.

Jim: Without a strategy we're not gonna beat that other ship. Gene never plans ahead, he makes
it up as it goes. But this time its all up to me.

Gilliam: Shall I brew up a pot of coffee for you?

Jim: Sure, sounds great.

// Later...

Jim: (yawns)

Gilliam: Jim, its already morning, perhaps you should take a break.

Jim: Man, I'm exhausted but I can't go to bed yet. Guess a breath of fresh air might do me good.

// He wanders around outside.

Jim: Hmm? Wha? Wow, you don't see many cats on spacestations. Hey, come here little kitty. Ah,
thats a good kitty cat, aw there you go. Boy, you guys really like that huh? Oh? Hey, wait
a minute guys don't you want to play some more?

// They run off.

Jim: Huh? Here kitty kitty kitty. Oh.

Hanmio: Hmm? Hmm.

Jim: Hi. Are those your kitty cats?

Hanmio: They are. Why do you want to know?

Jim: Uh... no reason, just wondering.

Hanmio: Just wondering?

Jim: Mm. Maybe I was just trying to talk to you, is that alright?

Hanmio: Why, do you like me or something?

Jim: Uh... no I didn't mean it like that, well maybe I do.

Hanmio: Hmm?


Jim: So, do you live here on this station?

Hanmio: Oh no, just passing through on a trip.

Jim: So you're travelling with your kats?

Hanmio: Yeah, this is Mata and Kemy.

Jim: So whats your name?

Hanmio: Oh sorry, my name's Hanmio.

Jim: My name's Jim Hawking. I'm on a trip too, I just stopped off here at the station for a

Hanmio: Oh wow, then its fate!

Jim: Huh?

Hanmio: Don't you see, we were supposed to meet. What are the chances that both our ships would
stop here? It was fate Jim.

Jim: Fate? I guess so.

Hanmio: Well I have to go back and feed the kitties.

Jim: Uh... well can you come back again this afternoon?

Hanmio: Okay.

Jim: Great, I'll see you around 1 o clock.

Hanmio: Well then I'll see you later, bye!




Melfina: Jim? More coffee?

Jim: Yeah, thanks. So where's Gene?

Melfina: Still sleeping. He drank an awful lot of liquor yesterday.

Jim: But Melfina, what went wrong? You were supposed to keep an eye on him.

Melfina: Yes, I tried to stop him but when I did he started drinking even more.

Jim: Sounds like Gene.

Gene: What does?

Jim: Hmph, good morning sunshine. There's an inspirational image. Okay, hurry up and eat now we
have a busy day.

Gene: Yeah, yeah. (yawns)

// Later...

Jim: Hey, hows it coming mister?

Repair Guy: Doing just fine considering I'm not making any profit on this job. But its a great
ship. I've never seen this model out here on the frontier before.

Jim: Nice one, huh?

Repair Guy: Yeah, she's a real beauty.

Jim: Good work, keep it up!

Repair Guy: Leave it to me!

Jim: Hey there, hows it coming along?

Gene: Look, I know that we're cutting back on costs, however could you offer a little bit of help
with the work load here? This isn't a run of the mill fix it job, what the hells the big
idea, you're making me change out the arm's wiring on this thing and thats a lot of work.

Jim: Look Gene Starwind, don't you hear that voice deep inside of you telling you to work harder
in order to pay for that bar tab you racked up yesterday?

Gene: Yes, I was so wrong, what was I thinking? Please Master James, what more can this unworthy
servant do for ya?

Jim: Well, if you were on a first date, what kind of present would you bring? Whats wrong?

Gene: Has my little Jimmy discovered girls? Alright, this is your first step to becoming a man,
so feel free to ask the pro anything you want.

Jim: Ah, forget it, I'm an idiot to ask advice from a letch like you, not all guys have one thing
on their mind sleazeball!

Gene: Hey, watch it you little runt, now you're really ticking me off!

Jim: You're dirty, slimy and scummy!

Gene: Thats it come here now, you're gonna get it!

Gilliam: Oh dear, how embarrasing...

// Jim waits around.

Hanmio: Guess who?

Jim: Hanmio?

Hanmio: Thats right!

Jim: Um... here.

Hanmio: You brought me flowers? Wow! That is so nice.

// On the Outlaw Star...

Melfina: The X axis checks out normal.

Gene: Its less damage than I thought.

Melfina: Good news, isn't it?

Gene: Yeah, the Outlaw Star's one of a kind.

Melfina: It really is a fine ship.

Gene: Huh?

Melfina: Huh? What is it, whats wrong?

Gene: Uh... what do you mean, there's nothing wrong.

Melfina: Gene...

Gene: I said its nothing!

Melfina: Am I... in the way?

Gene: No, of course you're not. God... its not like that at all. We need you here Melfina.

Melfina: Alright.

Gilliam: Please pardon the interuption, but a video mail transmition has just been received from
Fred Lou.

Gene: Play it.

Fred: Gene, my old friend, how are you and your merry troop doing out there in your end of the
universe? These messages are expensive, so I'll keep it short. I have news about an
interesting place thats related to the Galactic Leyline. I mailed the details to Jim in
an encoded file. Well, good luck, take care of yourselves now.

Gilliam: End of message.

Gene: We'll have to check out the place. Things sure are beginning to liven up around here.

Aisha: I can already smell the treasure. Lets get going.

Gene: Don't you ever knock?

Aisha: Meow.

Hanmio: That was fun, huh?

Jim: Yeah. Hey, do you think we can meet again tomorrow?

Hanmio: Oh yes, we can meet right here, the same time we met today.

Jim: Okay then, I'll be here.

Hanmio: Me too.

// Later...

Hanmio: Jim?

Jim: Yeah?

Hanmio: Thanks for the flowers, I've never gotten any before.

Jim: You're welcome, see ya.

Hanmio: Bye bye.

// Hanmio heads to her ship with the cats, which is the one that attacked the Outlaw Star
earlier. They get into position to lift off.

Kemy: Hanmio, you haven't forgotten about our mission, have you?

Mata: Thats right, you haven't, have you?

Hanmio: Will you stop worrying? All I have to do is disable their ship and get rid of Gene

Mata: Okay, okay, the Outlaw Star hasn't launched yet.

Kemy: Hanmio, I wish you hadn't made that a date like that, you should have discussed it with me

Mata: And me as well.

Hanmio: Well I'm sorry, but this is fate. Don't worry about it, I will finish the job.

// On the Outlaw Star...

Melfina: All systems green.

Gene: Alright people, lets launch. Whats wrong Jim, you seem kinda down in the dumps. Oh right,
I forgot, how did your big date turn out?

Jim: It went just great if its any of your beeswax so back off now lets get out of here. I'm
sorry Hanmio, I can't make it.

// They head out.

Gilliam: Alert, a solitary vessel is closing in on our ship from astern.

Aisha: Whats he up to?

Suzuka: Oh, he's taking his time, just like a feline toying with a mouse.

Gene: Looks like he's trying to screw around with us.

Jim: Well then, we're just gonna have to show him what a mouse can do when it gets cornered.

Gene: Jim, what course of action would you recommend?

Jim: There's more than one way to skin a cat the saying goes.

Aisha: What a vile saying.

Jim: Don't take it personally Aisha.

Hanmio: Going to Grappler Combat Mode.

Kemy: Roger.

Mata: Ready when you are.

Kemy: Same here.

Hanmio: Lets finish him off quick, I have an appointment to keep.

Mata: Focus.

Kemy: Relax.

Hanmio: I am relaxed, dont' worry I can sense the power. Its coming now.

Gene: Is this really gonna work?

Jim: I don't know, but if we do it the same as last time, we'll lose.

Gene: Yeah, probably.

Jim: Gilliam, cut all external monitors except this one and stand by to activate. Gene,
concentrate on piloting. I'll back you up without your instructions. The arms response has
been increased to 150%. Aisha, Suzuka, they're all yours.

Aisha: Hey this is easy, its just like a game!

Gene: Yeah, well keep in mind there's no reset button on this game.

Gilliam: This system can only remain operational for one minute. Keep alert and be careful
everyone. And good luck everyone.

Melfina: Lets all pull together the way a team should. If anyone can do it, we can.

Gene: Gosh, I feel like crying. Lets do it.

// The fight begins.

Gene: Bastard!

Jim: Its making another pass!

Aisha: (screams)

Kemy: Ah!

Mata: They killed Kemi!

Hanmio: They're gonna get it!

Suzuka: I think I'm beginning to get the hang of it now.

Hanmio: Let go of Mata!

Jim: Launching all missiles!

Mata: Ah!

Hanmio: Mata! Oh no!

Aisha/Gene/Suzuka: Ah!!!!

// They win.

Jim: Did we get him?

Hanmio: A dead ship... the Tora Ata won't respond. Kemy... Mata...

// The ship blows up.

Jim: Yeah!

Gilliam: Although the advesary is defeated, we sustained extensive damage as well.

Gene: Then we have no choice. We have to return to Symka 5 for more repair. Now what about cash?

Jim: Don't sweat it, we'll figure out something.

Gene: What are you so happy about?

Jim: Me? No reason.

// There, Jim waits but Hanmio never shows up. He heads back to the ship and talks to Gene.
(hear no dialogue). Later, the ship takes off.

Aisha: We're off to the Galactic Leyline and the treasure!

Jim: It must be nice to be a Ctarl Ctarl without any problems.

Aisha: Thats not true, a delicate flower such as myself has her share of concerns.

Jim: Like what?

Aisha: Well, um... I get hungry.

Jim: Oh... you call that a concern? Give me a break.

Aisha: Well then, what would you call a problem?

Jim: The big stuff, like what do people exist for, whats in my heart, who am I, thats what.

Aisha: You need a life.

Jim: You just don't get it.

// A sole flower floats in space as they pass the spot where Hanmio's ship blew up.

To Be Continued...