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Outlaw Star
Script- Episode 9
A Journey of Adventure. Huh?



Narrator: Whats beyond that sea I wonder? The children leave their homes and search of this quest.
As they search, they are always askin questions. Whats out there? Whats waiting for me?
Leaving their innocence behind, they set out on this journey and experience many life
changing adventures. Countless difficulties lie in wait. Moments of dispair... The lure
of the razor's edge... There's always hope, joy, meeting new friends. They face
challenges, but in the process they come to find themselves. This is a journey. When
they have conquered a new land, yet another sea is reflected in their eyes. Whats
beyond that sea? When boys become young men, they begin their own quest. Life is an
endless journey.

// Outlaw Star flies by a star.

Gilliam: I can't believe this. This is really too much. Because of Gene's constant recklessness,
I've been forced to take this dangerous route.

// Everyone is asleep, except for Gene, who is aiming his gun.

Gilliam: What are you doing now, Gene?

Gene: Its pretty cool, don't you think?

Gilliam: Very amusing. Now would you please get some rest?

Gene: Alright, alright, alright. I think that I was sleepwalking. Sorry, I'll go to bed now.

Gilliam: Very well Gene. Goodnight.

Gene: Ah... Gilliam?

Gilliam: Yes? Is something the matter Gene?

Gene: No, nothing really.

// Gene swings his gun, but drops it on his foot.

Gene: Ow!


A Journey of Adventure. Huh?


// Lots of little Gilliams transport various goods around the ship. Jim is working in the cargo

Melfina: Jim?

Jim: Huh? Yeah? What is it?

Melfina: We don't seem to have any salt.

Jim: Salt? I thought I saw some salt around here somewhere. Found it, here ya go.

// Jim throws it up to her.

Melfina: Oh. Ah, thanks a lot. I've been cooking all day and in just a little while I'll have
dinner ready.

Jim: Okay. Phew. Gilliam?

Gilliam: What is it, Jim?

Jim: Where's Gene? Is he out of bed yet?

Gilliam: No. I've been trying to get him out of bed but I haven't had any luck yet.

Jim: Alright, I'm sick of this.

// A bunch of Gilliams try to get Gene up.

Gilliams: Gene, its time to get up. Gene. Gene. Gene. Gene. Gene.

// Gene knocks them away.

Gilliams: Gene, wak up. Gene. Gene. Gene. Gene. Gene. Gene.

Jim: Urh! Wake up! Get up now! C'mon, sleeping beauty, how long do you plan on staying in bed,

// Gene pulls Gene down over him.

Jim: Eww...

Gene: Give me a kiss.

Jim: Eww...

Gene: I promise I'll get up Rosie, just kiss me.

Jim: Erh! Just snap out of it!

Gene: Alright, alright.

Jim: Get out of bed!

// A few minutes later, Gene is dressed.

Jim: Look at you, its always the same, if no one gets on your case, you just slack off and stay
in bed all day.

Gene: Whats the problem? You don't need to worry about being attacked right now and nothing else
needs to be done. I'm burned out over all thats been happening lately.

Jim: So what? So is everybody else. C'mon, there's a ton of stuff that we need to do.

Gene: What?

Jim: First of all, theres the maintence on this cargo hold. If we don't do something soon, we'll
have a major problem cooking.

Gene: Huh? What the hell happened here you guys?

Jim: We didn't have any time to secure everything down when we launched, remember? And then
during the grappler fight, everything got all totally shook up so its a mess.

Gene: Ah man...

Jim: We also need to sit down and talk about future developments. So we can't lie in bed all day

Gene: The future developments of what?

Jim: Starwind and Hawking Enterprises of course.

Gene: Oh yeah? And whats that?

// Melfina is cooking as they come in.

Melfina: Oh, well good morning you two.

Gene: Good morning.

Jim: So listen, Heiphong's a big place. Now if we go there, our trouble with the Kai pirates will
probably be over, but I still don't think that Heiphong is so full of oppurtunity that we're
gonna find a bunch of good jobs just because we're looking for them.

Gene: Mmmm... That smells good.

Jim: Would you listen?

Gene: Easy there Jim, you're not kidding, you really are worried.

Jim: Well of cousre I am, don't you ever get it Gene?

Gene: Don't I get what?

Jim: Don't give me that! Look, we've never been to Heiphong, not to mention we don't have one
measly connection there. If we don't start getting information and coming up with some sort
of plan, repaying our debts will be the least of our worries.

Gene: It'll be alright. C'mon, besides, what good does it do to worry about all that stuff anyway?

Jim: So, have you already decided that we're going on this trip to Heiphong Gene? Huh? And what
about the space port fees? You've always been like this! If we don't put our heads together,
we'll never repay that 700000. I hate it that you always leave everything for the last
minute. I mean it Gene, you don't even know if you're coming or going.

Gene: Ah... I don't want to hear about it, its so boring. All we have to do is pull off some
job and thats all there is to it. Then, we'll pay back what we owe and live like kings for
the rest of our life.

Jim: Aw, give me a break Gene!

Jim and Gene: Grrr....


Melfina: Hey, both of you, please stop fighting.

Suzuka: What a child.

Suzuka: You better watch your pot, you shouldn't let it boil over like that or all the flavor
will boil away.

Melfina: Oh... thanks.

// Suzuka sits next to them.

Suzuka: If you didn't mind, I thought I'd join you all for dinner tonight.

Melfina: Of course.

Jim: I don't like this already.

Gene: (laughs) Hey did you hear that, she called you a child. So keep quiet little baby and eat
all your food.

Suzuka: Actually, I meant both of you were immature.

Jim: Huh?

Suzuka: Hmm.

Gene: What, are you talking to me, did you call me a child?

Suzuka: Well, what did you think, didn't it sound that way to you?

Gene: Listen you witch.

Melfina: Gene...

Gene: Huh?

Melfina: Know what, I think you've been acting very funny too lately.

Gene: What, so now you're saying everything thats happening is my fault?

Melfina: No, thats not it.

Gene: Yeah, give me a break, I've had enough of this.

// He leaves.

Melfina: But Gene, what about your food?

Gene: I don't want it.

// Later...

Jim: What're we gonna do with that lady, she's a real pain in the neck. Bringing her along was
a really big mistake.

Gene: What do you mean? Theres nothing we can do. Those Kai Pirates are after us, so for now
thats the way its gotta be. We have no choice, we have to keep her around here.

Jim: That may be right, but don't you think that if you turn your back, she may try to get you

Gene: Who knows... Even so, if she does try something, she's not stupid enough to do anything
on board the ship. Look, don't even worry about it.

Jim: There you go again, Gene.

Gene: Just listen for a minute. There is something that my old man told me a long time ago. He
said, people who think big make it big. People who choose to only think small will earn
only chump change for the rest of their lives. Thats the way things are. And thats what
business is all about.

Jim: yeah, so what exactly is your point?

Gene: Well, I don't know, I guess nothing.

Jim: Well pardon me for thinking so small. You can have your way about doing things big and not
thinking ways through, but I think I will be smart about it and do it my way you moron.

Gene: Hey, what did you just say?

Jim: Just forget it.

Jim and Gene: Hmph.

// Later, Gene is doing his laundry.

Gene: Gilliam, where exactly are we now?

Gilliam: We will enter Kozac space in 20 light years. According to Sentinel time, it will take
approximately 3 more days to reach Heiphong.

Gene: 3 more days, huh? Hey Jim, would you clean up and do your own laundry you pig? I'm really
getting tired of this.

// He walks into the hallway.

Gilliam: We are very lucky that we haven't been attacked by pirates.

Gene: Really? Well to tell you the truth I wish they would, because I could really use some
excitement right now.

Gilliam: Please don't say such things. What would happen if they did come?

Gene: I'd cut loose and blow em all away.

// He walks into the kitchen.

Melfina: Oh.

Gene: Oh, hi. Heh. Ahem. I guess that I shouldn't sit down for a meal while I'm holding my

// Gene puts his underwear on Gilliam's rail.

Gilliam: Gene, what are you doing? Stop that, thats my rail.

Gene: Yeah, I know, I'm sorry but what can I do, I've got no where else to hold them.

Gilliam: Why not hang them in the cargo hold, whats the matter with that?

Gene: Well Jim's hogging the cargo hold to himself. He won't even let me use any of it.

Gilliam: Then I must ask you to do it in your own quarters. Hanging them on the maintence rail
is out of the question.

Gene: Do I have to sleep with my underwear in my face?

Gilliam: Well, they're yours.

Gene: This is the kinda stuff that makes me wanna get the heck out of here. Huh?

// Jim walks by.

Jim: Hmph.

Gene: I guess he still got a problem, well he better learn to get over it. Uh... Gilliam, if I
remember correctly you said we were about to enter Kozac space, is that right?

Gilliam: Yes, thats absolutely right.

Gene: Do you know if there's a station near here thats called the Toward Stars Inn?

Gilliam: Yes Gene, there is.

Gene: Yeah...

Gene: Jim!

// He goes down to the cargo hold.

Gene: Whats the matter with you? Are you still mad at me?

Jim: I'm busy, what do you want?

Gene: Well I...

// A pink Gilliam arrives in front of Gene.

Gene: (laughs)

Gilliam: I knew it, I knew that you would laugh when you saw me.

Gene: Whats up with this new color, Gilliam, was it your idea to do this?

Jim: Give me that. No, it was my idea.

Gilliam: I keep asking him to change the color back to blue, but he won't cooperate.

Gene: So why is everybody making such a big deal? I think its kinda cute. (laughs)

Gilliam: I suppose.

Gene: There's so many of the other color floating around that its good to have one thats kinda
different, huh? Oh, and Melfina's upstairs, so why don't you show it to her.

Jim: If you don't mind, I still have a lot of work to do, so if you're finished making fun of
me you can leave now.

Gene: Well I thought I'd stop at a station to take care of some business.

Jim: Did you say a station?

Gene: I sure did and whether or not you come along is entirely up to you. So, just thought I'd
stop by a minute to let you know that.

Jim: What, you're going? Are you kidding Gene, we don't have any money. Just what do you have
up your sleeve now?

Gene: Hey, don't get all worked up about it.




// They head into the Space Station.

Jim: Okay smart alek, now what are we gonna do? I suppose when we leave we're gonna blast our way

Gene: No, we're not doing it that way, I don't wanna get on the bad side of those Ban guys.

Jim: Never stopped you before.

Gene: Welll we got a little problem, you see, there's no money in our pockets, right?

Jim: Don't tell me you're gonna get a job.

Gene: Yeah, something like that cause if we're going to Heiphong, we'll definately need to fatten
our wallets before we get there.

Jim: Oh...

Suzuka: I have to leave all of you now because there's some business I need to take care of, but
I'll see you at 20 hrs.

All 3: Huh?

// Later, at a restaurant, Gene eats.

Gene: First we gotta eat. If we're not strong enough, we'll never be able to work.

Jim: I'm not kidding Gene, all we have is pockeet change. You're not getting seconds.

Gene: Don't worry about it, just top whining and start eating. Unless you want me to eat all
yours too.

Jim: Hey, don't!

Gene: Hey, you're just too slow

Jim: Oh yeah? Watch.

// He eats fast. Gene does too.

Melfina: Oh. More, Jim?

Jim: Uh...

Melfina: Try these, they're delicious.

Jim: Oh man... thank you, Melfina.

Melfina: (laughs) Jim, I'm worried about you, you're not yourself today, c'mon eat some more
will ya?

Jim: Uh... I would, but I...

Gene: Man, kids are lucky. All the ladies kiss up to them, just because they're little.

Jim: Hm. Grr....

Gene: Gr....

// Later, they walk around. Melfina looks at stuff in a store window.


Melfina: Oh.

Jim: C'mon, Gene, what do you have up your sleeve this time, lets just get it over with.

Gene: Alright, alright. IF you have to know, I guess I'll tell you. I heard about this wild story
from our dear friend Fred. There's supposedly a legend about a wanted man who lives outside
the city. He's worth 10000 wong.

Jim: 10000 wong?!

// Gene covers his mouth.

Jim: I've never seen any stuff on this guy.

Gene: Thats because there isn't any data on this guy, but everyone around here knows about him.

Jim: C'mon, are you sure its a good idaea to take on a guy like that?

Gene: Jim, if you're gonna do something, do it big. You know thats the Starwind and Hawking
Enterprises motto.

Jim: That might be your motto but its not mine. Its the stupidist thing I ever heard of.

Gene: Okay thats fine then, have it your own way. Look, suit yourself. When I get that 10000 wong
I'm taking myself to a nice restaurant again. You'll be left with just pocket change and
you'll have to eat at some space take out or eat nothing at all.

Jim: Erh... Wait a minute, who said I wouldn't do it.

Gene: Make up your mind JIm. Are you coming, or are you gonna stay behind?

Jim: Uh... I guess I'll tag along with you.

Gene: Good, I'm counting on you big time, partner.

Jim: C'mon now, cut it out now Gene.

Melfina: Um... Is something wrong? Everyone's looking at you.

Gene and Jim: Huh? Oh... (laughs)

Gene: Sorry Mel, but would you mind going back to the ship now?

// They go to a bar outside the city...

Bartender: So what can I get for you guys?

Gene: I got to tend to some business here with a guy called Zonba.

Bartender: Uh... Uh...

// Everyone in the bar is silent.

Bartender: Are you a bounty hunter?

Gene: Uh... sorta.

// Everyone runs out in fright.

Bartender: Oh. Tell me whats you name and your exact height.

Gene: Why?

Bartender: Because now I'll have to order another coffin.

Gene: Yeah, thats exactly what I want to hear. This guy must be worth the money, huh?

// They go upstairs to Zonba's room.

Gene: Heh.

Zonba: How very rude, what do you want?

Gene: You Zonba?

Zonba: That would be me.

Gene: I'm the one and only Gene Starwind. And I'm gonna make a name for myself by getting rid of

Zonba: Don't you want your name on a tombstone? Lets take this outside. I wouldn't want to get
my room dirty.

// They go to an abandoned church. A crow is there.

Zonba: The crow you just heard is singing his song of doom for you.

Gene: Oh really? I think you're wrong, it sounds to me like he's singing that song for you.

Zonba: We'll find that out soon enough, won't we.

Gene: Okay, anytime you're ready. Lets get on with it.

Zonba: Yaaah!

Gene: Hey Jim.

Jim: Just a second Gene. You'll have to get behind him cause his back's his weak spot and that
way you'll get your shot.

Gene: Thats easier said than done.

// Gene stabs him in the back.

Zonba: Yaah! It seems the crow was singing for me after all.

Gene: Sorry about that, but when it comes to fighting cyborgs, I never hold myself back. I
couldn't have done it without ya, Jim.

Jim: Hey, way to go Gene.

// Later...

Gene: Alright, yeah, way to go, we got 2000 wong here.

Jim: Well I thought it was supposed to be 10000.

Gene: Ah, give me a break, Jim. Who knew it was only a dumb android and not the real Zonba? Hey,
I did the best I could. C'mon now, we can't really complain, 2000 wong is a lot of money.

Jim: Yeah, I suppose.

Gene: And after I take done the real Zonba, we'll have even more money. A man's gotta do what
he's gotta do. When you're a big guy like me, you've got to do big things, remember Jim?
Understand what I'm saying?

Jim: Oh...

Suzuka: Well, well what a surprise to see you.

Gene: Oh, hey Suzuka.

Suzuka: It seems like we both have the same idea.

Gene: I guess so, but we just made 2000. Jim and I just took down the legendary man.

Suzuka: What legendary man?

Jim: He was really tough. And if I wasn't there to tell Gene what to do, he would've gotten his
butt kicked upside down.

Gene: Yeah right, what do you think your talking about?

Jim: (laughs)


Gene: So uh, how much money did you actually make?

Suzuka: Oh, not much really, just a trifle amount.

// She leaves. A bunch of people nearby start talking.

Lady: Look, here she comes, she's the one who took down Zonba.

Lady 2: He was worth 10000 wong.

All: Ah!

Gene and Jim: Huh?

Gene: Did they say Suzuka took out the legendary Zonba?

Jim: Looks like we just lost our big fat chance to prove our manhood. I've been saying the same
thing all along. If we don't get our act together with some kind of plan, Starwind and
Hawking Enterprises is gonna be in trouble.

Gene: Erhhh.... yah!

// Later, as they head back to the ship...

Announcer: May I have your attention. Today is the day that the ships are arriving for the 13th
Heiphong Space Race. They have come from all over and are starting to assemble at this
time. In this strenous competition, we'll find out who will overcome all the
obstacles and take home the wreath of victory this year. The competition begins in
5 days.

// Gene sees MacDougal's ship on the screen.

Gene: Uh... Is that ship...

Jim: Hey, whats the matter with you?

Gene: Ah... nothing, really its nothing. Hey partner, what do you say, lets take off for Heiphong
right now.

Jim: Okay, eye eye sir.

// They go back.

Melfina: I'm glad you're back.

Gene: Look, we're taking off right away.

Melfina: Alright.

// They take off.

Gene: That ship... That was MacDougal's ship. No doubt about it.

To Be Continued...