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Outlaw Star
Script- Episode 26
Return to Space



// Gene runs through a dark hallway to the center of the Leyline.


Return to Space


Leyline: We shall test thy worthiness. Present the maiden.

Hazanko: She is here.

// Melfina is connected to the Leyline.

Leyline: It is the maiden. The Leyline is considering. The Leyline will now converse with the

// A face similar to Melfina's comes out of the top of the Leyline.

Face: That which has come with the maiden, tell me, what is thy desire?

Hazanko: Power, immense power, so absolute that even the Tendo King would bow before me and allow
me to crush the emperor.

Face: That is thy desire?

Gene: Hey there, hold on a minute. At last... I came for my second place prize.

Hazanko: Blast it, Gene Starwind!

Gene: Eat this!

// He shoots Hazanko, who is sucked into the shell. Gene gets blasted again.

Gene: Ah!

// He collapses. Gwen walks by him.


Gwen: Well, and the third one after all. How efficient of you. Now I don't have to destroy
anyone. So tell me, is the Leyline the accursed record?

Face: It has that power, however. Its power goes beyond that.

Gwen: Oh, so its the Keylines. Causality can be manipulated here. Hense the name Leyline. By
manipulating the factor we call fate, as if it were a physical law. Can I finally learn
what I want to know? Everything I want to know?

Face: I will answer all. I will bestow all.

Gene: Gwen Khan. This is my last shell. You wanna taste it?

Gwen: Just a moment, now just wait a minute. If I'm not alive you see, if I die, everything that
I've learned will be lost forever. Don't you understand?

Gene: So this is the treasure room, huh Professor? Melfina, are you okay? Melfina?

Melfina: Gene.

Gene: How do I turn Melfina back to the way she was?

Gwen: Gene, wake up. We've finally reached the Leyline. Aren't you happy? Or at least curious?
Come, come, what is it that you want? Is it political power? Or is it money? Information?
Nothing you can imagine is unreasonable. You can claim it. Anything. Anything you want.
Everything you want is right here. Right now.

Face: Thou who has come with the maiden, what is your desire?

Gwen: What, whats that?

// Hazanko returns.

Hazanko: I am Hazanko. A caster attack will not work against me. It is useless.

Gene: And I am Gene Starwind. An outlaw not in the habit of listening to warnings. I'm here to
take back Melfina.

Hazanko: Heh heh heh. You and your friends don't know the first thing about her. Using the
secrets that we have uncovered, Melfina is a mere puppet that we have created.

Melfina: Huh?

Gwen: Yes, yes, thats right, thats quite right. She's a puppet.

Gene: Shut up Khan.

Hazanko: The Leyline project was founded a long time ago through the secret wisdom of the grave
of the dragon. It produced a puppet that would be the key to entering the Leyline. This
puppet was to function as a highly sophisticated navigational system that would
eventually open the doors of the Leyline. That puppet is none other than Melfina.

Melfina: So I'm just a mere puppet?


Gene: Thats enough!

Melfina: You knew all along Gene?

Gene: Melfina, the answer you needed wasn't in your past. The answer you were looking for is...

Hazanko: I'll give you that answer. Melfina, you're nothing more than a tool that we needed.

Melfina: So you brought me here because you knew you could use me too Gene?

Gene: No, I didn't!

Hazanko: Oh really?

Melfina: This whole time I've been your tool?

Hazanko: Thats it precisely.

Gene: He's lying!

Hazanko: Absurd!

Gene: Yeah!

Melfina: Gene!

// Gene shoots his last shell. Hazanko counters. There's an explosion.

Gene: Aaaaaah!

Leyline: Danger. Danger. They are gone. They are gone. Return them. Return them.

// On the Geomancer...

Tobigiera: Its already been almost 24 hours since Lord Hazanko set out. I can't believe that no
one has contacted the ship.

// On the Outlaw Star...

Jim: Gilliam, has there been any word from Gene yet?

Gilliam: I'm sorry, but I've received no word at all.

Suzuka: Jim, lets just try to remain calm and wait for him.

Aisha: Thats right, just try and stay calm. Stay calm. Stay calm. Ahhh! How can I stay calm at
a time like this?!

// On the Shangri-La, a cyborg like Ron wakes up with Harry on a computer screen in front of him.

Harry: Hey Ron, are you awake?

Ron: Harry... is that you?

Harry: Not in the flesh. I'm now the Shangri-La's main frame computer. I made a backup just in
case something happened. Almost as good as my original, huh?

Ron: Amazing.

Harry: I was able to trace down the sensors in your body and bring you back here to recuperate.
You're badly hurt Ron, so I'm afraid you'll be in there for a while. But whatever happened
to my original? Do you know?

Ron: Something too horrible to mention. Harry, lets pull out for now. But this is not over yet,
is it?

Harry: No, it isn't. Not by a long shot. We'll show 'em what happens when you cross the MacDougal

Ron: The MacDougal brothers, huh?

// They leave. Meanwhile, electric currents move towards the ships.

Gene: Gene Starwind.

Melfina: Melfina.

Hazanko: Hazanko.

Gwen: Gwen Khan.

// The representations of Hazanko and Gene fight. Gene wakes in a field.

Jim: Gene!

Melfina: Gene!

Gene: Melfina.

Melfina: Gene, I'm now connected to the will and the desires of the Galactic Leyline. Hazanko's
Tao magic and your caster's power have somehow reacted and cancelled each other out and
we've all ceased functioning.

Gene: Are we dead then?

Melfina: The answer to that is both yes and no. The will of the Leyline is keeping us alive in
a different location. In my current state I can explain to you what the Galactic Leyline
is. Its like a galactic library left by a now extinct race that possessed a highly
advanced understanding of science and technology. However to humanity, we may think of
it as like a machine god. After you finished healing yourself, and return to reality,
the Leyline will probably grant your every desire.

Gene: Are you saying that this isn't reality?

Melfina: This is data.

// They are in the data world.


Gene: Is this cyberspace?

// Gwen Khan appears.

Gwen: Hello Gene. Thanks to you I learned what I wanted to know. Now I have the answers to my
questions. Well goodbye then, I am data, and data's me. Goodbye. Goodbye.

Gene: He makes absolutely no sense.

Melfina: This is the data repository. Professor Khan's objective must have been to gain as much
knowledge as possible. Gene, is there something you desire? Say it. By using the
Leyline, I can grant anything your heart desires and make it real. Gene.

Gene: There isn't anything the Leyline can give me. All I really want is for you to return with

Melfina: Gene.

Gene: Oh no, I made you cry again. Melfina, what is it that you wish for?

Melfina: I want to stay who I am. I want to be with you forever Gene.

Gene: Well thats what I want too.

// They kiss.

Gene: Then come away with me Melfina, right now.

Melfina: Yes. Oh.

Gene: What is it?

Melfina: Hazanko is preparing to leave here right now. He has all the power that he wished for.
If we don't stop him the entire universe will be in danger.

Gene: What should we do?

Melfina: We'll join forces, I'll combine my power with yours and then we'll fight him to the end.




Hazanko: I finally have it. Power. Power!

// Hazanko melds with the Geomancer.

Jim: Whats happening now?

Aisha: What just happened? Hey?

Gilliam: Oh my... What in the world.

// Gene and Melfina return.

Melfina: Systems all green. Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to surprise you. Gene, I'm right here.

Jim: What happened Gene?

Gene: Don't worry I'll fill you in on all the magic soon enough Jim. Outlaw Star, get ready to

Jim: Its a miracle isn't it.

Gene: Yeah, must be. I met God.

Melfina: Gene... we're currently linked directly to the Galactic Leyline. Nows the time to free
your mind and fight with all you got. You should be much stronger than usual.

Gene: Thats a roger. Lets do it!

// They fight. In the cyberspace, Gene and Hazanko fight.

Hazanko: You'll pay. I'll make you pay Gene Starwind!

// The Geomancer fires but doesn't take out Outlaw Star.

Gene: MOron!

// They fight. Gene headbutts Hazanko.

Hazanko: Blast you.

Gene: Heh heh.

// Hazanko attacks him with wires coming out of his body.

Gene: Ah!

Hazanko: I don't know why I'm wasting time like this when I can absorb you right into myself.

Melfina: Gene, remember we're not alone anymore. Togehter, work together. Wake up Gene!

Jim: Gene!

Suzuka: Gene!

Aisha: Gene!

Gene: Okay!

Hazanko: What the... huh?

Gene: Ah!

// Gene breaks free and everyone else appears. The Outlaw Star transforms.

Hazanko: Die!

// They fight. Hazanko dies.

Hazanko: Ah!

// Meanwhile, Melfina sees a girl who looks just like herself in cyberspace.

Cyber Melfina: Melfina... Melfina... Melfina... I'm glad that we could meet Melfina.

Melfina: Who are you?

Cyber Melfina: The Galactic Leyline is going to be moved to a new location. I'm going with it so
I came to say goodbye to you.

Melfina: You're me, aren't you?

Cyber Melfina: Right. I'm the you thats the maiden of the Leyline. You don't need me anymore
right? After all, you know how to take care of yourself now and you know how you
can give your heart wings. Isn't that right Melfina?

Melfina: Yes. Yes, thank you.

Cyber Melfina: Goodbye.

Melfina: Farewell.

// The Galactic Leyline vanishes after Outlaw Star flies out.


To Be Continued


// At Blue Heaven...

Swanzo: Pioneer McCoy. Grim Lotus. Hot Ice Hilda. When an outalw gets a reputation they really
get a nickname that fits them. Hmm... I wonder what would be a good one for that kid?

Mikey: What about 'I'll pay you when I make it big' Gene?

Swanzo: No, thats a little over the top. Now that you mention it, I hear he's back on Sentinel
3, getting into all kinds of trouble.

// At Clyde's Bar...

Iris: Hey Clyde, guess what I heard, Gene's come back to Sentinel 3. How come he hasn't come in

Clyde: I'm not sure. Good question.

// At jail...

Guard: Alright, get out Gene Starwind.

// Outside, Jim gets him.

Jim: I'm not surprised.

Gene: Man, I can't believe they haven't forgotten about that.

Jim: Just be glad that you're only getting off with a 200000 wong fine. You really trashed the
space port's equipment.

Gene: Thats because we were attacked by those pirates, remember? Anyway, I hear the air traffic
controller was in on it.

Jim: Thats why you're getting off with just a fine.

Gene: Hmm. Hey, where did you get the 200000 from?

Jim: Same place as always. He lent us what we needed to resupply. But he wants to hear how we're
planning to repay him, so whats the plan?

Gene: A crime is a crime. If he can't wait until we make it big, we'll just have to skip town
on him.

Jim: Hit it big huh?

// At the spaceport...

Fred: I can't believe Twilight Suzuka has been travelling with Gene all this time without me

Suzuka: Don't worry about it. My employer can't seem to get together the cash to pay my fees so
there's no longer any reason for me to try to hurt you.

Fred: Actually, I had a little something to do with that. So, staying on with him? Well?

Suzuka: Gene says that he's going to be headind to the Arasean system but I've already been
there so I think I'll decline and weigh out my other options.

Aisha: I'm gonna try and make ends meet here somehow until the empire gives me the free ride
home they promised me.

Jim: Hey Fred, are the parts loaded?

Fred: They were loaded a long time ago. This brings my loan to you to about 1.6 million wong.

Jim: Send the payment plans to that loser.

Fred: Speaking of which, where's Gene?

Jim: Um... he's out seeing someone.

// Melfina is at the graveyard.

Gene: Who's the bouquet for?

Melfina: For everyone who's gone because of the Leyline. Its the least I could do.

Gene: Thats nice.

// He grabs her cheek like he did before.

Melfina: Ugh.

Gene: Hey, don't forget what happened to you back there. You are you, you know?

// She does the same.

Melfina: Don't worry, I haven't forgotten. I know I'm still me, thats all I need to know.

Melfina and Gene: (laughs)

Gene: Hey, what do you say we get out of here?


Melfina: Sure.

// They do stuff at the port and the ship gets ready to take off.

Gene: Outlaw Star, now ready for liftoff.

// It takes off


See You Later


// Later...

Gene: Oh man... how the heck could we break down in the middle of nowhere like this?

Jim: Because we keep cutting corners on our maintence bill.

Gilliam: It seems the parts replacement and repairs have been completed.

Repair Guy: The repairs are all done. Just sign here please.

Gene: Yeah, fine.

Repair Guy: Okay, thats everything. Bon voyage for now.

Gene: Yeah right thanks a lot.

// The guy leaves.

Gene: Well, what do you say we get going... huh?

// They find Aisha and Suzuka in the control room.

Gene: Suzuka? Aisha? What are you two doing here?

Suzuka: I've already been to some of these places, but it may prove more interesting with you
people. We hitched a ride with the Repair Ship guy.

Aisha: And when I thought about it, you guys still owe me for all of those times I saved ya.
Until you guys pay me back in full, I don't think its going too far to say your ship and
all of its equipment belongs to me.

Gene: Alright fine, you got me.

Gilliam: It appears everybody is ready, I will prepare to get us underway.

Melfina: Systems all green.

Gene: Outlaw Star ready to launch.

All: Roger.

Narrator: Gene Starwind, native of planet earth, outlaw age 20. His partner is Jim Hawking, age
11, computer engineer. Additionally, it has been confirmed that his navigator is
Melfina. Rumor has it that he is accompanied by an assassin who goes by the name
Suzuka; and a Ctarl Ctarl named Aisha, but until we have more information this remains
unconfirmed. His ship is called the Outlaw Star. For a new outlaw yet to make a name
for himself, his reputation precedes him. However, the nickname he earns for himself
will depend on the effect of his future actions.


The End