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Outlaw Star
Script- Episode 6
The Beautiful Assassin



Narrator: To kill. That is this woman's profession. To kill. That is the only means by which
she can survive. Her name is Suzuka. There are none who know her past. There are none
who ask about her past. Through battle, she finds herself. She weeps as she watches
the wind, and senses the currents of the universe in her skin. This is the kind ofwoman
that Suzuka is. She is not a special woman. All women are special. All women possess
many faces. Yet, no man has ever seen the faces of Suzuka. All that men can see is the
gleaming sword she holds in her hands. Even if these men who see her gleaming blade
were to receive just a brief smile, they would never see it or know of it while they
were alive. This woman's name is Suzuka. To kill, that is her profession.

// The Outlaw Star is landing on Sentinel.

Guy: Don't be stupid, start your landing approach!

Gene: I dont' have the fuel, I'm coming in.

Guy: Deccelerate. You have to cut down your speed. Follow the guide beacons.

Gene: Thats what I'm doing.

Guy: There's no wind today. What kind of landing is he trying to pull?

Gene: Hey, I haven't piloted a spaceship in 6 years. And my dad never taught me how to make
planet falls so this is the first time I've ever landed one.

Jim: Oh great, any other surprises you got for us?

Melfina: I'll handle the liscense with the landing beacons from here.

Gilliam: Why don't you take care of the whole procedure from this moment on, Melfina?

Melfina: I can't take care of the whole procedure.

Gene: Hey, its my ship and I'll do it.

Jim: I hate to say it but we're still coming in too fast.

Gene: Ah! Come on!

// The ship lands.

Gene: Hey how about that.

Gilliam: That is a proper...

// The ship starts tipping.

Gene: Errh...

Jim: Gene!

Gene: Shit!

Melfina: 100 to surface. Deploy landing structure.

Gene: I'm on it.

Gilliam: Easy Gene, gentle now.

Gene: Ah... sue me!

// The ship continues to slip.

Jim: Ah... I hate this!

Gene: Damnit!

Melfina: Please cut the engines. I'll get us under control.

Gilliam: Landing structure 3 status is yellow Its gonna break at this rate.

Gene: Lay off, this ship isn't that flimsy and you know it.

// The ship stops... finally.

Gene and Jim: Ah...

Guy: Outlaw Star, welcome to Sentinel 3, West Virginia Space Port.

Gene: Yeah! I pulled it off, no problem.

Jim: What are you talking about, you almost got us killed.

Gilliam: With this captain's piloting technique, I worry about my future prospects.

Gene: Hmph.

Guy: So, what'll it be? Will you be taking off once you resupply or do you plan to park here for
a while?

Gene: Take us to the cheapest dock. We may be registered out of Blue Heaven, but our crew is from


The Beautiful Assassin


Jim: So what do you wanna do Gene, go back to the shop?

Gene: No, I want to go to Fred Lou's place over in Hugo right away, but before that I'd like to
know what happened to our car.

Jim: Ah! It's been sitting in that silo.

Gene: Yeah, I wonder if its been stolen.

Jim: No way, it can't be!

Gene: Ah... lets just rent a car for now so we can get over to Hugo. We can make it in 3 hours
if we hurry.

// They head there in a car.

Jim: Ah... I sure hope my AoFrazo is okay after all this time.

Gene: Okay, once we've taken care of business we'll go look for it.

Jim: Alright, but I don't know how to act around that guy.

Gene: C'mon Jim, you think I know any better?

// They arrive at Fred's.

Fred: Oh Gene, its been so long.

Gene: You're looking well, Fred.

Fred: You never call me, you never write me, I never hear from you. I'm so very happy you came
to see me.

Gene: Yeah, I'm happy too.

Melfina: Is this Gene's friend Fred Lou?

Jim: Yeah, that'd be him. Gene did some job for him a while ago.

Fred: Oh, is that you, James? It looks like you're growing up quickly.

Jim: Yeah, well I guess.

Fred: Oh...

Jim: Yeah, yeah okay its nice to see you too Fred.

Fred: I can't wait to see you in another 2 or 3 years.

Jim: Yeah well in 2 or 3 years I'll be some place far far away.

Fred: Well then I'd just come after you to the edge of the universe if I had to. And who might
this young lady be?

Melfina: How do you do, my name is Melfina.

Fred: Yes, pleased to meet you.

Gene: Fred, I have some business to discuss with you. Man, its a good thing you're here on
Sentinel and I found you.

Fred: Yeah, my father secured our company's holding on Heiphong. Now that I'm in charge I want
to concentrate efforts on the fronteir. If I don't expand the Lou family's market beyond
what my dad has, I'll be a laughing stock.

Gene: And whats going on with earth?

Fred: Well, the Federation merchants are pretty powerful there.

Fred: So, whats this business you mentioned huh?

Gene: Its my spaceship, i'm gonna need to

// Fred tries to kiss Gene

Gene: Ah!

Fred: It was just a joke, just a joke

Gene: C'mon man, i thought i told you that i hate those jokes of yours fred

Fred: Ok, ok no more jokes alright

Gene: Yeah right

Fred: I'll be serious from now on

Gene: Its even worse when you're serious

Fred: So whats this I hear about a spaceship?

Gene: Thats right, I finally got my hands on one.

Fred: Well, thats great. You know Gene, you really should have gone into space a long time ago.

Gene: I know, but the ship doesn't have any equipment or weapons. I want you to sell me some.

Fred: Gene, we may be friends but business is business. Do youhave any idea how much weapons and
equipment cost?

Gene: Yeah, I know, I know, but I'm not to sure what the situation is on this one. I have a
grappler ship.

Fred: Oh? You know, we have a rule in the Lou family to never ask the customer why. That means
we sell the customer what they want, no questions asked. But for the first time in my
life, I want to break the rules.

Gene: I dont' know Fred, I don't know if you should break that rule.

Fred: Oh dear, its even more expensive with a grappler ship. And we can't go through our legitimate
routes. But I think I will be able to help you with the equipment. Except when are you
gonna pay me?

Gene: When I make it big!

Fred: Gene, we have another rule in the Lou family. Trust can't be bought with money, but it can't
take its place either. Trusting you and knowing I'll be payed by you is 2 different things
all together.

Gene: Now that rule you can break alright.

Fred: C'mon Gene, you know you can't do business without some assurance you'll be paid.

Gene: Look, I'll write out what I want so can you atleast give an estimate?

Fred: I suppose, but after you've seen the price on the estimate you may have a change of heart.
Use the desk in the display area its time for my next appointment.

Gene: Alright then.

// They go to the other room.

Guard: Hey you

Gene: Hmm?

Guard: Do you know why we don't turn you away and lock you out even though you're rude to the
young master?

Gene: Uh, cause you'll get yourself hurt if you take me on?

Guard: No, cause the young master happens to love you

Gene: What was that?

Jim: I don't even know.

Gene: Damn, he's more tight-fisted than i thought he was.

Jim: Thats how people operate Gene.

// A cloaked woman passes them.

Gene: Hmm...

Jim: Hey, aren't you gonna put together that list for an estimate?

Gene: Oh yeah, right.

// In Fred's office.

Fred: Welcome young lady. I see that you were referred by Mr. O. You need large quantities of
military rifles then.

Suzuka: No, I don't want any rifles.

Fred: Excuse me, what do you want then?

Suzuka: And the referral from Mr. O is a lie as well.

// She takes out the two guards next to her.

Suzuka: What I want Mr. Lou, is your life.

Fred: Huh?

Suzuka: I will let you stay for just another 5 minutes, you may feel free to take the time to
write out a farewell letter to say your goodbyes. However, should you not accept your
death under these terms you will perish at once.

Fred: Why is it that you're after me?

Suzuka: If you continue to expand your market someone else's is bound to shrink. Some people find
that unacceptable.

Fred: Is it Ralph, or is it Otto? Who could it be?

Suzuka: You have 4 minutes. The sun will soon drift below the horizon.

Fred: I can't believe it, you're Twilight Suzuka?

Suzuka: Introductions are a bit late, don't you think you should put better use to what little
time you have left? After all, that is a fitting way to die.

Fred: Uh...

Suzuka: Is something the matter? You have only 3 minutes.

// Gene walks in.

Gene: Hey Fred...

// She attacks him, Gene shoots at her but she has a light shield. Gene hides behind a broken
table to load his gun.


Gene: A light shield, huh?

Fred: Gene, I'm over here, save me, save me! Help me, Gene.

Gene: Stay down.

// He shoots at her, she attacks him but he has a shield too.

Gene: I have a light shield too.

Suzuka: I won't tolerate interference.

Gene: Okay, what do you say we play fair?

// Gene grabs a sword off the wall.

Suzuka: Charming, do you actually think your using a sword would be challenging?

// Gene swings it around.

Suzuka: Huh?

Gene: Whats that?

Suzuka: Its too late, I failed to kill him! Heeyah!

Gene: Gwaahh!

// She breaks a hole in the ceiling and escapes.

Fred: I'm okay Gene!

Suzuka: Fred Lou, I'll wait for your life. Just until the next sunset.

Gene: Man, she knows how to make a fast exit.

Fred: Gene, you saved my life. You have to keep on protecting me until this is all over.

Gene: What you want me to do something about her? I'll take the job, but only if you do
something about this.

// He hands Fred something.

Fred: Huh? If this is all you need, its a bargain.

Gene: Huh? What?

Fred: You don't understand. No one has ever been targetted by Twilight Suzuka and lived. She's an
A Class assassin.

Gene: Oh yeah?

Fred: What may I ask are you doing?

Gene: I'm adding in some missiles that I was holding back on.

Fred: Huh?

// On a nearby rooftop...

Suzuka: First I must deal with that bodyguard.




Guard 1: It doesn't seem to be a sensor malfunction.

Guard 2: But the sensor didn't pick up anything at all, I don't understand.

Gene: It was a Bukuto. It's a sword made of wood. It would never be picked up by the sensors.

Guard 2: A wooden sword?

Guard 1: Are you saying she did this with a wooden sword?

Gene: Thats exactly what I'm saying. Hey Fred, you got any caster shells around here?

Fred: There's little demand for them. Plus they're antiques, so that just isn't our style around

Gene: So what are you gonna do?

Fred: What am I gonna do?

Gene: Yeah, are you gonna wait for her to show up again, or are you gonna get the hell out of

Jim: Well she did tell you you had til the next sunset.

Gene: People like that always stick to their style. And you can bet they'll go after anyone who
interferes with it.

Jim: And since you interfered I guess shes going after you.

Gene: Oh shit.

Fred: Wait a minute here, let me think things over. Theres got to be a way outta this. I've got
it! Why not track down her employer and kill him first?

Gene: Assuming we can find him before the next sunset, which is 23 hours from now. Well guys,
lets get going.

Fred: Huh? But where are we going?

Gene: I'm tired, I wanna find a hotel and get some rest.

Fred: But you can't, Gene! You've gotta stay with me, you can't leave.

Gene: See ya.

Fred: If you need a place to stay, you can use my room. Stay with me, wherever I am, in my bed,
in my bath...

Gene: Thanks a lot fred but I'll pass, she'll stay true to her word, see ya.

Fred: But... But... Gene!

Gene: I'll give you a call once we get a hotel.

// They leave.

Jim: Hey, are you really gonna be his bodyguard?

Gene: Like I have a choice. Look Jim, you know that the Outlaw Star needs a whole mess of
supplies. If he says I can't pay him back when I make it big...

Suzuka: That is no longer a possibility. I am Twilight Suzuka. Shall we not waste anymore time
and begin our duel?

Gene: I'm Gene Starwind. I'm sorry to dissappoint you, but dueling isn't an outlaw custom.

Suzuka: Once the opponents have named themselves the fight has begun.

// She attacks.

Gene: What? You gotta be kidding me. Melfina, go back to Fred's place!

Jim: What about me?

Gene: Back me up!

Jim: No way!

// Gene runs.

Gene: Great...

// He runs through an alley.

Gene: Damn, my gun's useless.

// He rushes across traffic. Suzuka arrives and chops an incoming bus in half with her sword.

Gene: That was great! Was that one of those tricks only masters can do?

Suzuka: That was merely a feat of strength. Secret techniques aren't necessary against those who

Gene: Heh heh, you hurt my feelings.

Suzuka: Why don't you stop running and learn to face me?

// Jim pulls up in his car.

Jim: Gene, get in!

Gene: See ya later!

Suzuka: You can't get away!

Jim: Gene, she's following us!

Gene: Damn, that lady's persistant, looks like I'll have to take her on. Jim, while you're on the
road, I'll need you to do something for me.

// The arrive at a dueling point.

Jim: Eh...

Suzuka: Have you finally decided to face me in a duel?

Gene: You know, I got to do something about you, otherwise I'm not gonna get what I want from

Suzuka: Worldy desires are foolish. They have cost you your life.

Gene: Perhaps, and there is some desires that are big enough to risk your life for. This is one
of them. I have to put my life on the line for this.

Suzuka: What are you up to now?


Gene: Get down here! Whats the matter, are you scared?

Suzuka: You fool! Heeyah!

// She attacks him, but he blocks the attack with his hands.

Suzuka: A shield?!

Gene: If you focus them on a single point, then you can do this! You need to know the trick to it.

Suzuka: That won't work.

// His light shield runs out of power.

Gene: Damn it!

// He knocks her sword out of her hand. They run after it.

Gene: Come back here!

// Gene grabs at her sash and tears it off. Suzuka falls.

Suzuka: Ah!

// Gene reaches the sword.

Gene: I got it!

Suzuka: Give that to me.

Gene: Which one?

Suzuka: Both of them!

Gene: Hmm...

// Gene smells her sash.

Suzuka: Stop that, what do you think you're doing?

Gene: This smells real nice. thats a beautiful woman for you.

Suzuka: Will you stop fooling around?

Gene: If you want your sword and sash back, I suggest you let Fred Lou be.

Suzuka: I plan on carrying out my contract.

Gene: Then I won't give them back, the sash will go in my collection and I'll just break the

Suzuka: You can't! I won't let you do that.

Gene: Like you can do anything about it.

Suzuka: Damn you.

Gene: Yeah, I don't wanna hear it anymore. We're making a deal right now, a deal on my terms, a
draw and nothing more.

Suzuka: Anything but a draw! If I had used a secret technique first this wouldn't have happened.

Gene: Can't handle it? Then fine, you lost. You underestimated me.

Suzuka: I lost? I can't.

Gene: If it were just a fight between you and me, there wouldn't be a problem, but I don't stand
a chance fighting over Fred's skin. I can't stay with Fred and protect him for the rest of
my life. I'm going back into space.

Suzuka: You mean to tell me you're not his bodyguard after all of this?

Gene: No, I told you right from the start, I'm an outlaw.

Suzuka: Outlaw?

Gene: Thats right.

Suzuka: I will carry out my contract, I'll keep trying as long as I live. I still have my pride.

Gene: Then you will die! Twilight Suzuka just died. Forget about your contract.

Suzuka: Flawed reasoning like that will not convince me to give up.

Gene: Well, works for me. Here, you can have these back as payment for Fred's life.

Suzuka: Wait, you must understand, I cannot consent to a deal like that.

Gene: Why? Because you're bound by a contract?

Suzuka: No, by my pride.

Gene: Well then, I guess I'm the one who damaged your pride so how bout we try and make another
deal. If you're gonna kill Fred then you'll have to fight me first.

Suzuka: Yes, that goes without saying.

Gene: Great, we have a deal then. On your pride now, don't forget what you said.

Suzuka: What? But I um...

Gene: I'll be careful during sunsets, okay?

Suzuka: But... alright.

Gene: Okay, that settles it then.

Jim: Gene, are you sure thats a good idea saying that?

Gene: Theres not much else I can say Jim, protecting myself is gonna be a lot easier than
protecting Fred.

Jim: Okay, fine, whatever you say.

Suzuka: That man... why...

// Later, at Fred's...

Fred: So I should deliver them to dock 26 at Locus's space port then.

Gene: Yeah, thats it.

Fred: I knew I could count on you Gene, you truly saved my life. Twilight Suzuka won't be coming
after me anymore, right?

Gene: Yeah, but I'm not so sure about the guy who hired her.

Fred: Well, I can handle that, give enough time, I'll be able to find him.

Gene: Well, I hope to get more help from you in the future. Lets just say you owe me for getting
Suzuka to want to get me.

Fred: What I owe you comes to 750000 wong.

Gene: What are you talking about?

Fred: Thats whats left when you subtract the cost of the items you ordered from how much it would
have cost to hire Suzuka.

Gene: Damn it Fred. Hey you guys, I thought you said he loved me.

Guard 1: The young master gave you a 30 percent discount.

Fred: Thats right Gene, a discount.

Gene: Huh?

Fred: Ah... i look forward to a long relationship. it costs a lot to maintain a spaceship. Even
more for a Grappler ship you know.

Gene: yeah Fred I know. Those damn merchants.

// In the car...

Gene: Thats it, the negotiations are over.

Jim: Oh, I see.

Melfina: Gene, do you think you pursuaded that warrior woman to give up?

Jim: I wouldn't call it pursuaded exactly.

Gene: Hey, I couldn't just kill her, so sue me!

Jim: Yeah, yeah.

Melfina: Oh.

// Elsewhere...

Suzuka: Gene Starwind, this isn't over.

To Be Continued...