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Outlaw Star
Script- Episode 5
The Beast Girl. Ready to Pounce!



Narrator: This young girl grew up with joy, laughter and friendships. She felt nothing but the
pleasure of being in her place in the sun. This girl was born into a proud, noble
family, surrounded by love and graduated with honors from the highest academic
institution in the land. Now, not graduating with honors was only a faint shadow.
But in her land, where respect was given to rank, it held great meaning. The post
given to those who graduated with honor was space. She was then cast out of her place
in the sun. She had no other choice, the choice was not hers. She was officer Aisha
Clan Clan of the Ctarl Ctarl empire. Now the pleasure of her last place in the sun will
never return.

Aisha: It can't end like this! I won't let it!

// At Blue Heaven...

Mikey: Hey Swanzo, are you there?

Swanzo: Mikey? Haven't I told you before never to call me here?

Mikey: Sorry, its an emergency. Remember those people who were with Hilda a while back?

Swanzo: Uh... You talking about those kids?

Mikey: They're asking for docking clearance. They want us to do something about the control room.

Swanzo: What do you mean? Horus shouldn't have any trouble getting in. And where is Hilda?

Mikey: The ship isn't Horus, Swanzo. And it doesn't look like Horus's with them from what I can

Swanzo: Hilda's not with them?


The Beast Girl. Ready to Pounce!


Swanzo: I can't believe it, Hilda's dead?

Gene: Yep, believe it or not, thats what happened. This ship was all that was left.

Swanzo: So, what are you gonna do now sonny?

Gene: I don't know. I don't understand whats going on. Hilda, the pirates, the Galactic Leyline,
MacDougal. I'd like to start by figuring some of this stuff out.

Swanzo: Be careful.

Gene: Can you do me a favor?

Swanzo: What?

Gene: Well, the Outlaw Star here doesn't have a registration number, so we can't get into any
legitimate ports. The ship isn't outfitted yet. Heck, it hasn't even been painted.

Mikey: I see your point. Sow, you got any money?

Gene: Sorry, but I don't have anything on me.

Mikey: Around here we don't work for free.

Gene: How about I pay you when I make it big?

Mikey: Make it big? Hey this guy's a piece of work. (laughs)

Swanzo: Deal.

Mikey: Huh? Swanzo, are you insane?

Swanzo: I owe Hilda.

Mikey: Errhhh...

Jim: Excuse me.

Mikey: Now what?

Jim: We're short on a lot of other things. She can fly, but thats about it. Like we also need
weapons and ammunition.

Swanzo: The registration number and paint job will repay what I owe Hilda.

Jim: Wha?

Swanzo: Anyway, its useless. You can't get weapons for a grappler ship here. After that, you
gotta make it big. Understand, son?

Gene: Alright, I understand. One more thing.

Mikey: Now what is it?!

Gene: I'd like you to give me some information. About this ship, Hilda, MacDougal, and the pirates.

Swanzo: 5 years ago Hilda saved me when I was under attack by Ban pirates. Thats when we first
met. All I knew about her beforehand were simply rumors. Like the Galactic Leyline she
was after.

Gene: So you 2 had a cool relationship.

Swanzo: Cool? As far as I was concerned it was pretty great. Hot Ice Hilda.

Gene: Hot Ice Hilda?

Swanzo: Hilda's nickname.

Gene: Well, she didn't talk about herself much. No matter how hot it got. She had a way of
keeping things secret.

Swanzo: It was the Kai pirates that were after Hilda. Thats all I know.

Gene: And MacDougal?

Swanzo: He's a pro at covering his tracks. I dont' know anything about him.

Gene: Hmm... Suits me just fine. Then I'll have to hunt down his tracks by his scent.

Swanzo: There is one other thing you should know. The Ctarl Ctarl woman was poking around here.
She was trying to find out where Hilda and Horus might be.

Jim: She must be from that ship! A Ctarl Ctarl!

Swanzo: That battleship of theirs has already left. Well, we better get back to work. Why don't
you find something to do in town for a day?

Gene: We appreciate it.

Swanzo: Nah, don't mention it. By the way, whats your favorite color? You have to decide what
color the hull's going to be.

Gene: (pointing to hair) This color here I guess.

Swanzo: Got it.

Gene: Gilliam, for one day try to behave yourself.

Gilliam: Very well.

// At the hotel...

Jim: Hey, don't feel bad, cheer up. Uh... C'mon Gene, I was only trying to...

Gene: ...anything about herself. Why should she feel sad?

Jim: Yeah, but...

Melfina: It's alright.

Jim: Huh?

Melfina: I do have a sense of sadness about what has happened. After all, Hilda's the person who
saved me, I owe her my life.

Gene: Did you say you're sad? Erh... right, sad.

Jim: Ah, you're just mad Gene. She said she feels that way, so thats the way she feels.

Gene: I'm not mad.

// Flashes back to Hilda's death.

Gene: Guess I could be.

// Later, as they walk through Blue Heaven...

Gene: So, you really don't remember anything at all before Hilda came and rescued you?

Melfina: No.

Gene: Ah, man. Well, if you remember anything at all, be sure to tell us.

Melfina: Alright.

Jim: Oh, by the way Gene, do you think you've gotten over that space phobia of your's yet?

Gene: I don't know. Oh... Its still kinda hard to breathe. What am I gonna do?

Jim: Man, its a woner you were even able to pilot the Outlaw Star long enough to get us here.

Gene: Its different with that ship. I don't know, I guess its cause I don't feel like I'm all
cooped up in there.

Melfina: Thats the physical navigation system.

Gene: Oh... So you only remember stuff about the ship, huh?

Melfina: Yeah, it seems so. I wish I could remember.

Jim: Anyway, lets go get something to eat! I'm starving, huh? What do you say, guys?

Gene: Yeah, you're right. Let's go.

Jim: So Melfina, what do you wanna eat?

Melfina: Oh, anything's fine.

// However, they hear a voice from a cloaked figure behind them.

Aisha: Hey, you people hold it right there. I've waited and waited and I'm not waiting anymore.

Gene: Oh yeah, who are you?

Aisha: I wanna know where Hilda is.

Gene: Hey, what do you know about Hilda?

Aisha: I'm asking the questions here, stop wasting my time. now you will answer me, where is

Gene: Oh really. What do we have here? Another pushy little lady making her entrance.

Jim: What's your name, huh?

Aisha: My name is... Aisha Clan Clan!

Jim: She's a Ctarl Ctarl Gene!

Gene: Well, now I'm interested.

Aisha: I already happen to know that you and Hilda work together so stop fooling around and tell
me where she is!

Gene: Look, sorry about that little run in, we happened to be in a bit of a hurry. Your ship
wasn't damaged, was it?

Aisha: There was plenty of damage to me. Now answer me, where is Hilda?

Gene: Hilda's dead.

Aisha: What did you say?

Gene: Well, that should answer your question. Ok, see ya.

Aisha: Hold it right there! Tell me the coordinates of the Galactic Leyline. Since you worked
with Hilda, you should know that!

Gene: The Galactic Leyline? Hmm... So thats what you're after.

Aisha: Tell me the coordinates!

Gene: Kay, the coordinates are... listen carefully...

Aisha: Mmm hmm...


Aisha: Yeaah! Blast you, thats not funny!

Jim: We're telling you the truth, we don't know.

Aisha: So you're gonna play dumb to the bitter end. Then I'll just have to pull the answer out
of you by force.

Jim: Hey cut it out. I don't want to have to fight a girl. Thats not my style.

Aisha: Its not open to discussion.

Gene: Well then, in that case... run!

// They run from her.

Aisha: Huh? You cowards!

// She kicks Gene and knocks him over.

Jim: Ah! Gene... No!

Gene: Darnet.

// She attacks again, but they dodge it.

Jim: Ah! Oh no, this is really bad Gene, thats a Ctarl Ctarl you're fighting.

// They run to an alley. Aisha attacks but, Gene manages to knock her down.

Aisha: Huh? Oh no.

// She gets back up.

Aisha: Not bad.

Gene: Ctarl Ctarl. What do you know. You guys just act like average assassins. Well, you just had
to go pick a fight with me. Huh?

// Aisha removes her cloak.


Gene: Hey, I was just kidding.

Aisha: I will teach you the true terror of the Ctarl Ctarl. You will soon regret. (laughs)

Gene: Now what the heck is she doing, Jim?

Jim: Oh no. I remember. The Ctarl Ctarl. Those guys are metamorphs!

Gene: Metamorphs?

Jim: They change into an animal thats vicious.

Aisha: Did you call me an animal? Just watch this power inherited by my ancestors!

Gene: Ah!

Jim: This is bad Gene.

Aisha: This form here which can crush an entire human is usually kept in check for a reason.
It's power is severely amplified by the planet's moon!

Jim and Gene: Huh?

Gene: Uh... Blue Heaven doesn't have a moon.

Aisha: Huh? Oh... Come to think of it, it doesn't.

Gene: Idiot. Now run!

// They run.

Aisha: Hey! Come back here!

// She picks up her stuff.

Aisha: Hold it!

Jim: Hey Gene!

Aisha: Come back here!

Gene: Jim! Go buy some shells!

Jim: Buy what shells?

Gene: Caster shells!

Aisha: Hold it! Come back here!

Jim: Ah great... caster shells around here? Now what...




// Gene and Melfina reach an upper section of the city.

Gene: That was close. Looks like we finally lost her.

// Gene sees a giant window into space in front of them.

Gene: Uh...

Melfina: Oh no, are you alright Gene? There's a bench over there where you can sit down.

Gene: Uh... maybe I'll never get over this.

// He notices Melfina is staring at a bunch of flowers.

Gene: Hey, whats the matter with you? Haven't you seen flowers before?

Melfina: They're artificial. These flowers were made just like me. Why was I made? Who made me?
And what did they make me for? I... who am I and why am I here?

// Gene walks up to her.

Gene: I've never seen an android like you before. even when I'm this close I can't tell that
you're not human. You eat, you feel sad, you're even able to worry about you're own

Melfina: I bet Hilda could have given me the answer but now she's no longer here.

// Gene pulls on her cheek.

Melfina: Oww, that hurts, please stop doing that to me.

Gene: You're surprised, you feel pain, you even complain. Heh heh heh. Bet you could search the
whole galaxy and never find one like you. Don't worry, I'll find you an answer someday.
You're my responsibility now. I promised Hilda I'd take care of you and I'm going to.

Melfina: Take care of me?

Gene: Yeah, and our having another mystery or two won't really change anything. Don't worry,
Melfina I'll find your past.

Melfina: Ah!

Gene: But to be perfectly honest we don't have a single clue to go on. Of course asking the
pirates would be the easiest thing. No way, I'd rather eat crow.

Melfina: Yeah, I feel the same way.

Gene: You'd rather eat crow? Heh.

Melfina: No, uh I mean... I guess so.

Gene: Melfina, it'll be a long road, but I'd like you to come with us.

Melfina: If I won't be too much trouble.

Gene: You won't be any trouble. Anyway, without you, it would be a royal pain in the you know
what to pilot the Outlaw Star.

Melfina: Right!

Gene: All right, that settles it. Jim, you there? You read me Jim? Where are you?

Jim: Some place that most likely... doesn't have shells.

Gene: It looks like we gave her the slip. Lets meet at the corner.

Jim: Ok.

Gene: Aahhh!

Jim: What is it, whats going on Gene?

Aisha: Be a good boy and give yourself up.

Gene: Ah man, you're persistant.

Aisha: Shut up! Arrr!

Gene: Stand back Mel.

Aisha: Grrr...

// They fight. He swipes at her with a knife, but does no damage.

Aisha: Hmph.

Gene: Ah!

Aisha: Hee hee.

// She breaks it with ease.

Gene: Ah! What the hecks that skin of yours made of?

Aisha: That was just half of my strength. I think I'll show you what our full beast strength is
huh. Arrr!

// She falls over.

Gene: Oh...

Aisha: I must have burnt too many calories.

// Later, they eat at a restaurant...

Aisha: Yum...

Gene: So just because of what happened they deliberately stranded you here at Blue Heaven?

Aisha: I have a title as resident officer.

Jim: But don't you get some kind of salary?

Aisha: I just don't get any money from the empire. Yeah, if I used any of my own money to track
you down, I would have been broke in no time.

Gene: If we're not careful guys, she's gonna eat the food right off our plates.

Jim: Hey, these are delicious. You wanna try them?

Melfina: Ah... Thank you very much.

Aisha: Ah...

Gene: Man, you can really chow down.

Jim: That was supposed to feed 4 people...

Aisha: May I...

Jim: Yeah?

Gene: What now?

Aisha: Yum, I'm ready for seconds!

Gene: Ah... suit yourself.

Aisha: Get me another! Get me another!

Gene: In any case, we don't know anything. We don't have any informatioon that would be of use
to you.

Aisha: Ah!

Melfina: You know, these are good.

Jim: They sure are. I think I'll have some too.

Aisha: Ah... I'm so stuffed I couldn't possibly have another bite.

Gene: Okay, look I offered to buy you dinner because I felt a little guilty. Now I'd say this
makes us even.

Aisha: Heh heh. What a sucker. You terrans are such saps! A measely contribution like this would
never appease a CtarlL Ctarl...

Jim: Uh...

Gene: Appease? Now wait just a minute here.

Aisha: Understand this. A proud Ctarl Ctarl pays no heed to an enemy's compassion.

Gene: Well, I dont' think I do understand, so there must be something wrong with your standard.

Aisha: Silence! Don't tell me that you don't know anything. In the name of the Ctarl Ctarl empire
I place you under arrest. If you have a problem with that...

Jim: ...You're gonna turn back into an animal.

Aisha: Who are you calling an animal? Transformed, my strength would be enough to rip both of
you to shreds. Now I have more than enough energy to use all of my beast strength.

Gene: And who do you have to thank for that?

Aisha: You don't expect any gratitude, do ya? Do you honestly thing that would work on a Ctarl

Gene: Man, these Ctarl Ctarl really are something else, ya know?

Aisha: Perhaps you don't understand, because a gun will never work on an immortal Ctarl Ctarl.

Gene: Is that so?

// He shoots her with his caster.

Aisha: Yaaaa!

Gene: You are an immortal Ctarl Ctarl. Waiter, you can just put everything on her tab. She says
that she's the Ctarl Ctarl resident officer. And don't let her weasel out of it.

Aisha: meow... meow...

// They head to the dock, where the Outlaw Star is all ready.

Jim: Woah... Totally awesome.

Gene: Nice.

Swanzo: I've also got the ship's registration number. I gave it to the ship's computer.

Mikey: What is it with that geezer computer? That stupid thing never seems to shut up.

Gene: I know what you're saying man. But we can't do anything about it, he's totally integrated
with the ship.

Gilliam: Pardon me, but if I'm not mistaken, wasn't that an indirect insult?

Gene: Hey! Stay out of it.

Gilliam: I'm worried about my future prospects Gene.

Gene: Shut up! I really appreciate the help Swanzo, Mikey.

Swanzo: Sure, so what are you gonna do now?

Gene: Well, for the time being I guess we'll plan to head back to Sentinel 3. After that, its all
up in the air.

Swanzo: Ah...

// He shows Gene a map of the territory they're in.

Swanzo: The territory of the Kai Pirates, the ones that were after Hilda, were originally around
here. The Tenpan Empire. The area we're in is inside the Ban Pirates territory. Those
Kai guys probably won't do anything too drastic, but you should be careful if you go out
past Heiphong.

Gene: Got it.

Mikey: So what do you plan on doing back on Sentinel 3?

Gene: I'll use some connections I have to get some parts and weapons that we're a little bit short

Jim: Gene, no way are you really gonna contact him?

Gene: Like we have a choice Jim.

Mikey: A broker on Sentinel 3? Are you talking about Fred Lou?

Jim: You've heard of Lou?

Swanzo: Yeah, I've had some cool deals with his father.

Mikey; Yeah well if I had the chance I'd pass on any hot deals with Fred.

Jim: C'mon, you can't Gene!

Gene: Hey, he's not one of the bad guys don't worry nothings gonna go wrong.

Jim: Oh...

Gene: Hey, thanks for the help. We just might need it again someday. And if we do, you know we'll
be sure to come calling.

Mikey: Yeah, well be sure to make it big cause I"m not working for free anymore.

Swanzo: Redfon Vesidault. Uh...

Gene: Is that corboneze?

Swanzo: Wups, I mean bon voyage.

Gene: RIght... Thanks a lot Swanzo.

// The Outlaw Star takes off.

Gene: Control Room this is the Outlaw Star requesting clearance to leave port now.

Gilliam: We have just received clearance and all guide beacons are confirmed.

Melfina: We will follow beacons for direct guide to depart Blue Heaven space.

Jim: Uh... Fred Lou... I can't believe it.

Gene: It's alright, it'll be okay. Don't worry about it, alright Jim?

Jim: Uh... no way no way no way!

Gene: Lets get going Outlaw Star its time to launch!

// Elsewhere, Aisha is doing dishes.

Aisha: Blast it, how can I be forced to do such menial labor? I'm one of the proud Ctarl Ctarl.
Terran you'll pay for this mark my words.

Boss: Hey! Stop goofing around, get back to work you freeloader.

Aisha: Yes sir. Grr... I'll remember this!

To Be Continued...