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Outlaw Star
Script- Episode 7
Creeping Evil



Narrator: The Toard Star World where Gene presides is a measureless one. Far away from the central
area, 4 known pirate groups vie for supremacy. One of the 4 is after the Outlaw Star and Melfina,
to destroy them. This particular group are pirates of the Hopo system. They are called the 108
Suns, the most brutal member of the Chinese Guild. Centered around Tendo, the 108 suns are made
up of small groups of 10 or 20. The leaders of these groups control independent organizations,
and they also pursue their own interests. Presently, the boss of the pirates who are now pursuing
Gene is called Hazanko. He has power with the 108 suns. But because of the extent of that power,
the power of his organization and the power of the methods he employs to achieve his goals, it
is said that the other leaders consider him superior. It is also said that the squads that carry
out his orders use a super power called Sinjitsu and alsways slay those that stand against them.

Gene: Are you ready Gilliam

Gilliam: Ready.

Gene: Lets do it. Activating all sensor systems. CFS activated. Radar activated.

Gilliam: All sensors are functioning.

Gene: Ether drive systems activated. Gravity control systems activated. Sub ether drive systems

Gilliam: Navigation system active. All systems green.

Gene; Gravity cycle unit system activated. Go!

Gilliam: The fusioin reactor comes first.

Gene: Uh oh.

Gilliam: Fusion reactor now activating. Sub-Reactor 1 operational and number 2. Number 3 abnormal.

Gene: What?

Gilliam: Output falling. 70... 50... 30...

Gene: What do I do Gilliam?

Gilliam: Run a parabalance with the remaining reactors.

Gene: Oh yeah.

Gilliam: Reactors 2 and 4 output: 120... 130... 140... 160... 180... They are about to explode
right now.

Gene: Uh? What?

Gilliam: T minus 10 to critical. 10... 9... 8... 7... 6... 5... 4... 3... 2...

// Gene shuts off the ship.

Gilliam: Another failed liftoff I see.

Gene: You're the one who made me screw up! Every stinkin time you make trouble.

Gilliam: Preparing for unexpected situations are what simulations are for. If you are unable to
manually respond to a small problem like this, a lift off is probably out of the question
for the time being.

Gene: Bite me!

// He leaves.

Gilliam: Well, the ship hasn't been completely outfitted yet. So I suppose there's no rush.

Gene: Oh well. Looks like I better get back to work.


Creeping Evil


Melfina: Hm? Ah. Welcome back.

Gene: So, anything new?

// He throws an apple at her.

Melfina: No, not really Ah! Oh.

Gene: What about Jim?

Melfina: At the Police Station.

Gene: Police Station?

Melfina: Yes. Apparantly they impounded Jim's car.

Gene: The Ao Frao?

Melfina: Yes, thats what he said.

Gene: Hmm... Well that sort of thing doesn't happen in Locus very often.

Melfina: Hm.

Gene: I sure don't like this. Something's fishy. Hm?

// Jim's out in his car.

Jim: Hey Gene! I found her! I found her! Hey Gene! Ah, she's safe and sound. I'll never leave
ya baby.

Gene: I definately don't like this.

// A few pirates are listening in on their conversations.

Jim: They said she racked up too many parking tickets. I tried hard to come up with an excuse.

Gene: You should have just told them that we were attacked by pirates.

Jim: No way. They never would have believed me. You don't even know how much the fine and towing
costs added up tube. Its crazy I'm telling you.

// Later, they head to Clyde's bar.

Clyde: What'll it be... Gene! I can't believe you two are still alive.

Gene; Yeay, its good to see you too Clyde.

Clyde: I hear that some pirates were after you, so I just assumed that...

Iris: Gene... Thank goodness.

Gene: Iris, oh its okay.

Iris: I've been so worried about you.

Gene; Oh Iris, you sweet thing.

Jim: I'll tell you who's the sweet talker, you.

Iris: Its been 2 weeks, what have you been up tol.

Gene: Its a long, boring story, you don't want to know.

Iris: You're bad. Hm? Oh, and who are you?

Gene: That's Melfina. She's a new friend.

Clyde: Iris!

Iris: errh... Yeah! Hmph.

Gene: Clyde, has anyone been asking questions about us, I mean questions they shoudn't be asking?

Clyde: Well, after that fight its been pretty busy in here. But nobody's asked any important

Gene: Hm.... I sure don't like this.

Jim: Whats your problem?

Gene: It's nothing.

// Later, they sit down at a table.

Gene: Its seems like such a long time. But it hasn't even been 2 whole weeks since we left here.

Jim: So, now what're we gonna do?

Gene: Well, the rest of the container we ordered from Fred should be coming in tomorrow. We have
to get the Outlaw Star into perfect working order.

Jim: Well yeah, that'd be nice but...

Gene: But what?

Jim: To be blunt idiot, we are broke!

Gene: What do you mean? The account?

Jim: Well yeah, there's not much left. The space port rental took up a lot of dough.

Gene: No way! Hm...

Jim: One. We earn money the hard way.

Gene: But then I wouldn't have time to work on the Outlaw Star.

Jim: Two. We earn it the easy way.

Gene: Hey Clyde, have any big bounties turned up lately?

Clyde: No way, not since that time you took down Death Rob.

Gene: Erh.

Jim: Three. The sleazy way.

Gene: How?

Jim: Maybe sell your body?

Gene: Yours would sell better.

Jim: I guess three's a bust then.

Gene: Hmm... Four. We pay later.

Jim: Pay who?

Gene: I don't know.

Clyde: I don't take credit here you know.

Gene and Jim: Ah. Oh man.

Jim: Well its gotta be number one then.

Gene: Yeah, what about the Outlaw Star?

Jim: I'll leave that to you. I'll earn us enough to live on for the time being.

Gene: I don't know.

Melfina: Um. If theres anything I can do to help, please tell me.

Gene: Are you good at cooking eggs?

Melfina: Oh. I'm not really sure. I've never cooked them before so I don't know.

Gene: Well, then you can learn now. You're on kitchen duty, Melfina.

Melfina: Um. kay.

// They walk home...

Gene: Man, theres nothing as relaxing as this town.

Jim: Yeah, yeah. Hm.

Gene: But, you know we're gonna have to leave here pretty soon.

Jim: Yeah, I know.

Gene: But how far? Where are we going and just how far away?

Jim: Its nice to look up at the sky and all, but lets look where we're stepping. Hey, you know
it will be tough.

Gene: Yeah, I know that alright.

// That night, Gene gets up. He finds Melfina downstairs on the couch.

Gene: Whats wrong, you can't sleep?

Melfina: No.

Gene: Hey, I bet you wish Bio-Androids didn't have to be so human. Is that what you were thinking
about, huh?

Melfina: Yeah, thats right.

Gene: Jeez, I don't understand anything around here.

// Melfina leans on his shoulder.

Melfina: Let me stay like this until I fall asleep. When I'm like this, I feel like I can dream.
I feel like I am dreaming.


Jim: Hey, what do you think you're doing scumbag?

Gene: Oh I uh... I just thought I'd see how human Melfina really is.

Jim: Just how human is she? Mel's more human than you.

Gene: Hey Jim!

// Jim snuggles up with Melfina.

Jim: She's like my mom.

Gene: Oh. Hmm...

// The next day, Gene works on the Outlaw Star.

Gilliam: The engine covers are not regulation parts. So please replace them all.

Gene: Yeah, well how bout helping out huh?

Gilliam: If we were in zero gravity I would be able to perform heavy labor. But as you can see,
I am powerless in this gravity.

Gene: Then work on the interior!

Gilliam: I am of course.

Gilliam: Please perform a check later.

Gene: Alright, alright.

// The manager calls for him over the loudspeaker.

Manager: Mr. Starwind.

Gene: Yeah, what?

Manager: We need to talk. Could you come to the business office?

Gene: Uh... I knew this was coming. Give me a minute okay?

// Meanwhile, Melfina cooks.

Melfina: Once it comes to a boil reduce heat, simmer till cooked brew. Hm.

// Jim meanwhile repairs a tractor.

Jim: This thing's a goner. I'm gonna have to put in a new engine or buy all new parts for just
about everything.

Farmer: If I had that kinda money I'd take it to a dealer.

Jim: Yes my friend. This is exactly where Starwind and Hawking Enterprises can really do a thing.
Actually, we have an engine we happened to come across. Of course we charge far less than a

Farmer: Great, I knew it. I knew I could count on you.

Jim: You bet pal.

// In the Business Office...

Manager: I thought that I told you to pay all the dock fees in advance. And if you're gonna be
here for a while, I must insist that you pay for that too.

Gene: We've payed you for the next 3 days, right?

Manager: Well, you haven't applied for launch clearance I see.

Gene: We will pay you for any overage, okay?

Manager: Just how much longer will you be here?

Gene: I'm not sure.

// Meanwhile, one of the pirates, an odd looking bald one, attempts to break into the Outlaw Star.

Gilliam: Warning. Thats not the captain. Gene!

Gene: Gilliam, whats going on?

Gilliam: Its an intruder.

Gene: Uh.

// Meanwhile, at home...

Melfina: Hey, welcome back. Huh?

// Another pirate, this one extremely tall, stands at the door.




Gene: Gilliam, where's the intruder?

Gilliam: He's escaping by elevator 2.

// The elevator arrives at the bottom. Gene shoots, but it ends up just being a crate of food.

Gilliam: Gene, above you!

// Gene dodges the attack.

Gene: Uh! Come here, yah jerk.

// Meanwhile, Melfian is running from the pirate.

Melfina: Oh! Uh... Oh...

// The pirate swings his mase like weapon at her, but suddenly Suzuka arrives and blocks the


Suzuka: I come to visit Gene Starwind and what do I find? Some of the most interesting people are
trying to kill him as well. Tell me, are you a Kai pirate?

Kyokan: Don't interfere.

Suzuka: Exactly what I was thinking. Gene Starwind is my pray.

Melfina: Huh?

Suzuka: Stay back now.

Melfina: Alright.

Kyokan: I'll say it again. Don't interfere with me.

Suzuka: Well in that case, this is going to be a fine oppurtunity to put Gene in my debt.

// Gene fires at the pirate, who runs into a nearby field.

Gene: I finally got to blow off some steam. You left some lookouts here now, didn't ya? Eh?
Am I right, Mr. Pirate?

Yase: Heh heh heh. So where is Hilda now?

Gene: Hm. You don't seem to understand what you got yourself into now, do ya buddy?

Yase: Hm. Is that so.

// A bunch of pirates rise up from the ground and surround Gene.

Yase: Answer me. Where is Hilda now?

Gene: I ain't talking.

// Gene fights the pirate, taking out most of them with ease.

// Meanwhile, Suzuka battles the other pirate.

Suzuka: Hah!

// She attacks, which he blocks with some sort of light shield.

Kyokan: Heyah!

Suzuka: Hm. So you are a Sinjitsu master.

Kyokan: You have interesting techniques yourself.

Suzuka: Well, I'm just getting warmed up. No one has seen more than 3 of my secret techniques. You still have time, it isn't sunset yet. How many sunsets will you see before dying?

Kyokan: You're the one thats going to die.

// Gene continues to battle in the field.

Gene: Uh! Alright!

// Suzuka and the pirate continue to battle...

Kyokan: Eh, yah!

Suzuka: Uh!

Kyokan: Pa gu a sun fa. Pa gu a sun fa. Pa gu a sun fa. Pa gu a sun fa. Pa gu a sun far. Lets do
it. Yaaah!

// They charge at each other. Suzuka swipes her sword at him.

Pirate: What did you call that?

Suzuka: Standard Heeven number one.

Kyokan: Hm. I see. Uh...

// He dies.

Suzuka: Its alright, its over now.

Melfina: Oh... kay.

Suzuka: Do you think it would be alright if I waited for Gene at his shop?

Melfina: Uh... sure.

// Meanwhile, Gene hides behind a tree.

Yase: Looks like he's finally dead once and for all. Hm. I had questions to ask him but its too late.

// Gene shoots at one of the pirates.

Yase: What? Ah!

// Gene takes out most of the pirates. However, the head pirate charges him.

Gene: Damnit!

Yase: Yah!

Gene: Ah!

// He knocks Gene to the ground.

Yase: I have a few questions I'd like to ask you. Will you be a good boy and answer?

Gene: My lucky number's one, my favorite color's red, and oh...


Yase: Where is Hilda now, huh? Why did you and your friends come back to Sentinel by
themselves? What happened to my people? Answer me!

Gene: What'll I get?

Yase: I'll go ahead and grant you a quick death.

Gene: You'll have to make me a better offer than that.

Yase: Maybe I will, depending on your answer.

Farmer: What could have exploded out here in the field?

Farmer2: I don't know, thats why they told us to check it out.

// Gene shoots at the pirate.

Farmer: That was a gun shot over there!

// Gene takes the oppurtunity to escape and shoot at the pirate.

Yase: We'll take back the XGP! Count on it!

Farmer: Call for backup!

Farmer2: Right!

// Meanwhile, Jim drives home.

Jim: (whistles)

Police1: Any witnesses?

Police2: Nah, no one. Apparantly, they're scared of getting involved.

Police1: When it comes to pirates, I guess I'd do the same thing.

// Jim goes inside.

Jim: Uh... Uh.. Mel, what the hell happened? Ah!

Melfina: Welcome back, Jim.

Jim: What the hell are you doing here? You want Gene, don't cha?

Suzuka: Yes, where is he?

Jim: Oh yeah, like I would tell ya.

Suzuka: Its in your best interest to find him as soon as possible. Because it seems the Kai
pirates are coming after you.

Jim: Uh... the pirates?

Melfina: Its alright, don't worry. Suzuka saved me.

Jim: She did? But why?

Suzuka: Because you people are rather interesting to me.

// They head to the Outlaw Star.

Jim: Gilliam, open up.

Gilliam: Its bad Jim. There's been trouble. We've been attacked by pirates.

Jim: Here too? Where's Gene?

Gilliam: He's inside working right now.

Jim: Alright then, just let us in.

Gilliam: Of course. Uh..

Jim: Now what?

Gilliam: What should we do about that young lady you brought? She isn't registered as a crew
member you know.

Jim: Just let her in for the time being.

// They head to the bridge, where Gene is working on the ship.

Jim: Hey Gene!

Gene: Yeah, yeah, thats right the pirates were here.

Jim: What're we gonna do?

Gene: Well, we're gonna load up all the equipment we can, and launch as soon as possible.

Suzuka: Excuse me, would you explain whats going on here? If you're really gonna fight the Kai
Pirates, I wouldn't mind helping out at all.

Jim: Hm?

Gene: At this point all we can do is fight them. I don't know. I just don't know the real reason
why. I really have no idea.

Jim: Hey Gene...

Gene: Uh...

Jim: Gene, whats the matter, what's wrong?

// Jim touches Gene, then looks at his hand in shock. There's blood there.

Jim: What? What the hell is this?

Gene: Yeah, I tried to patch it up, I guess I didn't do a good job.

Jim: Gene!

To Be Continued...