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Outlaw Star
Script- Episode 24
Cutting to the Galactic Leyline



Narrator: Gene Starwind. Jim Hawking. Melfina. Suzuka. Aisha Clan Clan. Fred Lou. Ron MacDougal.
Harry MacDougal. Gwen Khan. Hazanko. Hitoriga. Hamushi. Jukai. Tobigiera. The Outlaw
Star. The Geomancer. The Shangri-La. Very well then, the cast is assembled. I will
show you what the Galactic Leyline is. Well, even when you find out you won't be
surprised. You think you know what its all about do you? Well maybe what you think it
is is only what you want it to be, or simply something that you want to know. When a
mystery is solved it ceases to be a mystery, and the curiosity fades with it. Even
though people know this, they search out mysteries because they like to say "Oh, so
thats what it was." Yes. Let me start to help you choose these mysteries you want to
solve. into well known facts.

// At a space station...

Fred: Gene, Jim, how are you? Business is just fine over herer. I have both of you to thank in
more ways than one, but I'd rather do that in person. Thats why I keep agreeing to your
repeated requests for financial assistance. But remember, as much as I value your hard
work, the funds I send to you are just an investment on my part. Well, I'll be waiting for
some good news.

Jim: Hmm. See, what did I tell ya?

Gene: Well then, I sure hope we find treasure at the Galactic Leyline. Otherwise we'll have to
skip town.

Jim: So how many shells did you manage to get?

Gene: I have 2 number 4's, and one each of number 9 through number 13. But these babies here are
really important.

Jim: They can do some serious damage. Number 4, number 9 and number 13 too.

Gene: They said not to fire these number 3 type shells one after another. They warned me if I do
fire it, it will drain my life away.

Jim: Hah hah, I doubt that.

Gene: Yeah well I wouldn't be so certain about that Jim. They said that they're too powerful.
They'll completely drain the life out of whoever fires them.

Jim: Woah, no way.

Melfina: Gene...

Gene: Hey, c'mon, don't look at me like that.

Melfina: But Gene...

Gene: We're not gonna get in a situation where I have to fire these shells back to back.

Melfina: Huh?

Suzuka: I'm told that the resupply work has been completed.

Aisha: Hello everyone, sorry I'm late. Don't worry, I took care of all of my errands.

Gene: Okay then... Time to get this show on the road. The Galactic Leyline's waiting for us.


Cutting to the Galactic Leyline


// Meanwhile, on the Shangri-La...

Gwen: Tell me Harry, how do you feel?

Harry: I'm feeling fine. I can pretty much make the ship do whatever I want.

Gwen: And thats not all of it I assure you. Mmm Hmm. Not at all. If I'm not mistaken Harry,
you should be able to navigate your way to the Galactic Leyline without a hitch, just like
your friend Melfina. Don't worry.

Harry: I like it when you compare me to her Professor.

Ron: Remember now Khan, lets keep focused on our true mission here. I didn't go through the
trouble of tracking you down just to save Harry.

Gwen: Yes, I know that. I never would have helped you two if I hadn't been humiliated and
abandoned by those people. They'll pay for the disrespectful way I've been treated I'll
assure you.

Ron: Well then, it looks as if we have a common interest.

Gwen: Yes, thats quite right. It appears my tracer aboard the Outlaw Star's working perfectly
so far. If we follow them we'll arrive at the Galactic Leyline.

// Meanwhile, a pirate fleet waits at the Leyline.

Mages: Pa Gu A Son Fa (many times) Eyah!

Hazanko: Continue!

Mages: Pa Gu A Son Fa (many times)

Pirate: Hazanko... whats the meaning of this, you're not following the orders of the Tendo King
as commanded.


Hazanko: I most certainly am. As ordered I have through my own means found the way into the
Leyline. And I have done so without breaking any laws.

Pirate: So then why haven't you reported your progress to the Tendo King? Why are you opening
the Leyline on your own?

Hazanko: Whats the matter? Doesn't the Tendo King sycophant have any ambitions?

Pirate: Its just as I thought Hazanko. What you really have in your mind is to betray the king
and take the Leyline for yourself. Thats it, isn't it?

Hazanko: Not just the Tendo King. The power of the Galactic Leyline surpasses that of the Tenpai
Emperor! No, its magnificant power is even greater than that!

Pirate: Die!

// The Anten Pirates arrive and kill him.

Pirate: Blast you... Hazanko...

// He dies.

Hazanko: Lets finish this.

// They blow up the Pirate's ship.

Hazanko: When the Ovesphere doesn't return, the Tendo King will grow suspicious. Before then
I'll have in my possession everything the Leyline has to offer.

Hamushi: A ship has appeared out of sub-ether space. Its heading straight for the Galactic
Leyline. Oh no, it can't be!

Hazanko: The XGP!

// On the XGP...

Gilliam: That area of space is odd. Electromagnetic waves, gravity waves, either waves, nothing
I send out comes back.

Jim: Are you saying it doesn't come up on your sensors?

Gilliam: Thats right.

Gene: A malfunction when the Leyline's under our noses?

Gilliam: My sensors are functioning normally. I'm picking up other ships along that area's

Gene: You're picking up ships? Why didn't you say so?

Gilliam: I'll magnify the image for you.

Jim: Those ships are Kai Pirates! They're all over the place!

Gene: An ambush!

Suzuka: Its seems to be many worker ships. That looks like the Geomancer!

Gene: Wait, you know that ship?

Suzuka: Its the ship of a man named Hazanko who is said to be a powerful Tao master even among
the Kai leaders.

Gene: Hazanko?

Suzuka: He's a powerful man. And with him, the Anten Pirates, his subordinates.

Gene: Are you talking about that bunch that attacked us?

Gilliam: Pirate ships are launching Kung fighters. Count: Many.

Gene: Alright, prepare for combat.

Hazanko: I want you to capture the XGP. And then, take Melfina!

// The battle begins.

Gene: Take that!

Jim: They're trying to keep us away from the Galactic Leyline.

Melfina: A ship is coming out of Sub-Ether space. 700 kilometers to starboard.

Gene: Reinforcements?

Gilliam: Now enlarging.

Gene: Look at that. We got trouble.

Jim: Wait a minute Gene. Isn't that?

Aisha: Its the entire Ctarl Ctarl empire's deep space fleet vessel! The Nippapono class cruiser.
The Aorta Hone Hone.

// On the ship...

Ctarl Ctarl Leader: The Ctarl Ctarl empire will lay claim to the Galactic Leyline. Smash anyone
who dares to get in our way. Gungan cannons, fire!

Gene: Aisha, what the heck have you done?

Aisha: Every time we went to a spaceport I always contacted the empire, thats all.

Gene: What? You gave them the Leyline's coordinates?!

Aisha: If I don't let them know where I'm going and what I'm doing, my family and friends get
worried sick about me.

Hamushi: The Ctarl Ctarl warship seems to be heading straight for the Galactic Leyline.

Hazanko: Let them do whatever pleases them. We wouldn't have had to go through all this trouble
if it were possible to force your way into the Leyline.

Aisha: They did it! This means the whole treasure belongs to the Ctarl Ctarl empire!

Gene: Oh brother, haven't you ever heard of the expression fair play?

Jim: There's no use getting upset over it.

Gene: What do you think, that you're the only one thats in a race to get to the Galactic Leyline?

Hamushi: The XGP is a formidable opponent.

Mage: Oh.

Hazanko: What is it?

Mage: They are coming this way.

// The Ctarl Ctarl ship comes out. Everyone on it is going crazy.

Aisha: Ah! Its the Aorta Hone Hone! Why is it coming back this way?

Suzuka: Look at their shots. They're firing at random.

Gene: Turn to 3 o'clock. And do it now.

Gilliam: Thats crazy. The Aorta Hone Hone would be directly in our path.

Gene: Thats our only shot at making it to the Leyline!

Melfina: We'll never be able to dodge them all!

Gene: Position shields to maximum protection.

Jim: Ah!

Gene: Alright, we're going in.

// And they do.

Jim: You really did it Gene. Its a straight shot into the Leyline from here.

Gilliam: Its not registering on my sensors. I'm afraid there doesn't appear to be anything at
all that I can detect.

Gene: Melfina!

// Meanwhile...

Mage: It seems the XGP has successfully penetrated the Leyline.

Hamushi: I'm detecting another ship. Receiving transmition.

Ron: Well well if it isn't Hazanko. What an unexpected pleasure meeting you in this unexpected

Hazanko: Ron MacDougal? What are you doing here?

Ron: I'm letting the XGP lead me to the Galactic Leyline and you'd better guess again if you
think you're gonna stop me.




Hazanko: What do you think you're up to? Loathsome jackals like you don't have a chance of
getting in there.

Ron: Jackals, huh? Nah, we're big game hunters. We're gonna take down the XGP for starters, then
plunder the Leyline.

Gwen: Yes, you heard right. The knowledge of the universe will be mine.

Hazanko: Gwen Khan!

// Meanwhile, inside...

Gilliam: None of my sensors are picking up anything unusual. I have no idea what is around the

Gene: What is the ship's status?

Gilliam: All green.

Aisha: What? Uh oh, whats that noise? Hear that?

Gilliam: Noise, what noise is that? I am not detecting anything at all.

Jim: Ah!

Suzuka: Ah!

Aisha: OH, my heads gonna split open!

Gene: Mel, whats going on?

Melfina: Wait, just wait.

All: Ah!

Gilliam: Hold on everyone!

Hamushi: The Shangri-La is entering the Leyline.

Hazanko: I cannot believe that Gwen Khan is with them. Well old man?

Mage: There's just one that still remains.

// Back on the Outlaw Star...

Gilliam: I can't sense anything, nothing at all.

Melfina: This is the spiral. I've adjusted the ship's orientation. This will take us to the
center of the Leyline.

// On the Shangri-La...

Gwen: Whats that noise, its driving me insane! Whats happening, can't anybody make it go away?

Ron: Harry!

Harry: Everything's okay Ron. I can see the path. Its getting clear. And I can see her at the end
of it.

// Back outside...

Mages: Pa Gu A Son Fa (many times)

// The Leyline opens.

Mages: Yah! Its opening.

Hazanko: We're now entering the Galactic Leyline!

// Inside...

Gene: Melfina, whats our status?

Melfina: Engine output 70%. We're following a spiral course to Mel.

Gene: Yeah, you said it.

Aisha: I guess it looks like the Aorta Hone Hone wasn't up to the challenge.

Suzuka: So that must be the reason why the Geomancer held its position.

Jim: What were they doing just standing by like that?

Gene: Who knows Jim. But I betcha they're cooking up some dirty little scheme and we'll be ready
for them.

// Meanwhile...

Gwen: Oh my. It seems I can't pick up my tracer either.

Harry: Don't worry I know where they are. They're just ahead of us, we'll catch up with them
soon. She's all mine now.

Gwen: Now now son, your underestimating the trouble you would have dating her. Hmm. I wonder
what would happen.

Harry: Its okay professor, I already know that she's a bio-android.

Gwen: You think she's a bio-android? No no, she's considerably different from the standard
issue bio-androids that we've become familiar with. Different in ways that you can't

Harry: Yeah? So how's she different?

Gwen: I'll have to start at the beginning. You see, the Kai pirates came to me and asked me to
decode genetic engineering data uncovered by them at some ancient ruins called Grave of the

Ron: I already know how you designed the XGP after decoding the data Professor, just stick to

Gwen: But thats just it. You see, I wasn't able to completely decode it. Some of the data I
mentioned was something even I couldn't preciseley understand. For lack of a better term,
I've been calling it a black box. The XGP as well as Melfina were constructed by
incorporating this black box which I had no idea how to activate as well as knowledge from
30000 years ago left behind by some mysterious force. Yes.

Ron: So you're saying hidden inside the XGP and Melfina is a mystery you can never solve,

Gwen: Yes, yes, yes, thats right! Oh, how can there by so many unsolved mysteries of the universe
that my brilliant mind can't decifer? Its utterly impossible to fathom! At any rate,
there's your answer in a nutshell. She's too great a mystery for you to contemplate.

Harry: I can sense them. At last I found you Melfina!

Gene: Turn the ship around! Ah man, its the MacDougal brothers! What are they doing here?

Melfina: The spiral's collapsing.

Gene: What just happened there?

Melfina: I think its a whirlpool. I'm detecting another ship.

Suzuka: Its the Geomancer.

Hazanko: Capture the XGP at once. Then destroy the MacDougal Brothers!

Harry: Don't mess with me!

// The fight begins between the three ships.

Ron: Don't try to fight them head on. Go after the XGP.

Gene: Alright, you loser!

// The Geomancer grabs the Outlaw Star.

Gene: Oh no.

Jim: Gene!

Suzuka: Gene!

Aisha: You moron!

// Harry blast the ship, and they escape.

Harry: You think I'm gonna let you have Melfina that easily?

Gene: Lets lose them. Maximum overdrive.

Ron: After them!

Harry: I know.

Hazanko: Don't let them escape, after them!

Mage: With all due respect we musn't Lord Hazanko. If we deviate from our course we'll never
stand a chance at reaching the Leyline.

Gene: Mel, where's that spiral?

Melfina: We're in the center.

Gilliam: Kinetic waves. There's something ahead.

Gene: What, whats that?

// They approach a strange cylinder.

Jim: Wha, thats it isn't it?

Suzuka: Thats what the Kai pirates have been trying to mastermind.

Aisha: Its where mountains of riches are waiting for us.

Gene: So thats it, the heart of the Leyline. What do you think we'll find there, treasure or
monsters? Lets find out.

// They get sucked in.

Melfina: The ship is being pulled in. Its like we're being guided.

Gene: Guided? Don't you think thats a little understated?

Jim: Oh no, we're gonna crash!

Gilliam: Acceleration has dropped to approximately 70%. I'm detecting an atmosphere outside the

Jim: So Gene, what are we gonna do now?

Gene: Show some backbone, will you, the Leyline is sending us an invitation. I say we accept the

// They land nearby.

Gene: Looks like the end of the line.

Gilliam: Oh my goodness.

Gene: Huh?

Gilliam: Take a look at this Gene. It seems to be some kind of artificial structure.

Gene: So the rest of the way is by foot, huh?

Gilliam: The atmosphere is quite breathable. The gravity is approximately 0.974 G.

Gene: Man, these guys think of everything, don't they? Midn the ship while I'm gone Gilliam.

Gilliam: Alright. I'll see you later then. Please be careful.

// At the Geomancer...

Hazanko: Tobigiera, you can the crew will protect the Geomancer.

Tobigiera: Yes sir.

Hazanko: The rest of you will come with me.

Hamushi and Jukai: Yes lord.

// Near the Shangri-La...

Gwen: Well, what do you think Harry? How does your body feel?

Harry: Ah, it feels great. I'm lighter on my feet than I was in my real body.

Gwen: Yes, its certainly powerful alright. But remember that body is your life support system.

Harry: Yes, I understand.

// Back to the heroes...

Jim: Man, this place really gives me the creeps.

Gene: Ugh, looks like a dead end.

Jim: Okay Gene, what should we do now?

Gene: Looks like we have no choice we got to go back.

// Suddenly, bright lights appear and the landscape changes.


Gene: Hey, whats with the bright lights, man?

Jim: Its gone.

Gene: What the?

Jim: What is this?

Aisha: The cave's dissappeared!

Gene: Its like we've been transported to another place.

Jim: Whats going on Gene?

Gene: How in the world should I know?

Suzuka: It seems to me like we're in the cylinder now.

Aisha: Don't you know whats going on Melfina?

Melfina: Uh... no, I don't know anything either. I'm confused too.

Aisha: You are?

Melfina: I don't even know how I did it. I don't understand why I was able to guide the Outlaw
Star here. This was the first time I could do it. (cries)

Gene: Well, we travelled all this way so we could find that out.

Hazanko: Should I tell you all then?

Gene and Aisha: Huh?

Gene: Who are you?

Hazanko: Its because Melfina has had the secret of the Leyline in her all this time.

Suzuka: Thats Hazanko. And they're...

Gene: Yeah, I know. Those Anten guys.

Hazanko: You will return Melfina to me. She belongs to us now.

Gene: Melfina isn't your poker chip, Jack. Forget it.

// Nearby...

Gwen: Oh my my my my. How amazing was that teleportation?

Gene: MacDougal!

Jim: Yeah, and why's Gwen Khan with those guys?

Leyline: Why dost thou return?

Melfina: I don't understand, what does she mean by return?

// A light appears around Melfina and she vanishes.

Gene: Melfina!

Leyline: What is thy desire?

Gene: What do you want?

Leyline: What is thy desire?

Hamushi: That voice. Who is it?

Leyline: Find they desire here on this land.

Gene: Yeah, I got your desire.

// A light surrounds Gene and he vanishes too.

Gene: Ah!

Leyline: Why dost thy return. Whom does thou guide?

// Melfina is trapped in some strange structure.

To Be Continued...