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Outlaw Star
Script- Episode 25
Maze of Despair



Melfina: I don't know
What words I can say
The wind has a way
To talk to me
Flowers sleep
A silent lullaby
I pray for reply
I'm ready
Quiet day calling
Oh serenity
Someone please tell me
Oh what is it they say
Maybe I will know one day
I don't know
What words I can say
The wind has a way
To talk to me
Flowers sleep
A silent lullaby
I pray for reply
I'm ready

Leyline: Why dost thou return? Why dost thou return? Why dost thou return?


Maze or Despair


// Gene is transported to a new location.

Leyline: There is but one path. There is but one path.

Gene; Jim, do you read me? Jim?

Jim: Gene, are you okay down there?

Gene: Yeah.

Jim: What the hecks going on here? What does it mean, "There is but one path"?

Gene: I don't know. but it looks like we'll have to play along if we're gonna free Melfina.

// Elsewhere...

Hazanko: I'm getting tired of playing these silly games. Are you here Jukai?

Jukai: Of course Lord Hazanko. It seems that all the others were sent elsewhere. Who knows when
they'll be back.

Hazanko: No matter, as long as I reach the gate before anyone else does and the key is in my
position, the other's whereabouts are irrelevant.

Jukai: Very well my Lord. Pa Gu A Sun Fa

// He chants it many times, causing Hazanko to fly elsewhere. Meanwhile...

Harry: Hey Ron, do you read me, come in.

Ron: Yeah, I read you. Looks like our only option right now is to follow the path you're on.

Harry: Understood. Melfina, I'm on my way.

// Meanwhile, Gene encounters Suzuka while running.

Gene: Suzuka!

Suzuka: It seems as if all the paths merge as they go along. Lets see where they lead.

// Elsewhere...

Gwen: My, this is fascinating. Hmm. Quite fascinating. Perhaps it was a mistake to give the
MacDougal brothers the coordinates to this place, or maybe it was a good idea in the long
run. Regardless, as long as I get what I want. Its waiting for me at the end of this
path. Its simply wonderful. Well must hurry, must hurry.

// Elsewhere...

Aisha: Is there really gonna be treasure at the end of this or were they just kidding?

Jim: How should I know?

// Back to Gene and Suzuka...

Gene: Suzuka, why did you come with us on this mission?

Suzuka: Why is it that men always want to know the why of everything. Its not as if knowing why
will let you do anything about it. Before you ask me, you should sort out your own
feelings, don't you agree Gene?

// They continue on and approach a chasm.

Gene: Where there are mountains there are valleys, huh?

Suzuka: Why don't you go first?

Gene: You really know how to give a man a lot of respect Suzuka.

Suzuka: I was just thinking the ledge over there might be a little unstable, thats all.

Gene: So like all of a sudden I'm the lab rat here, huh? Here goes.

// He jumps it.

Gene: The experiment was a success. Woah!

// It collapses beneath him. Gene manages to lift himself back up.

Suzuka: What next, there's never a dull moment with you is there?

Gene: Remind me to thank you later.

Suzuka: Oh there's no need to thank me. Hmm?

// Hitoriga stands behind her.

Hitoriga: Its been a long time Suzuka.

Suzuka: Hmph, you're looking quite well Hitoriga. I'm surprised, running into you like this.

Gene: Whats going on Suzuka?


Suzuka: You've been waiting to know for a long time why I came along with you Gene. Well, this
is why. As I've told you before, I find your people's culture most interesting. But it
was mainly because I have a long standing score to settle with the Kai Pirates.
Especially with Hitoriga. So I joined you on this mission. You seemed to be bound so
closely together with them, so I decided to use you. You must go now Gene. This is a
battle for me to fight alone. Do you understand? Go on with out me. Melfina's out there
waiting for you!

// Gene runs off.

Hitoriga: Will wonders never cease? I'm surprised that you'd ever consider a partner. So Suzuka,
are you in love with him?


Suzuka: I'll give you the answer to that when the time comes. I'll tell you when I kill you.
As a gift to see you off to the afterlife.

Hitoriga: Just because I killed off your entire family is no reason to hate me so. We both work
as killers, you and I. We understand each other.

Suzuka: Who are you kidding? You're just a pawn for the pirates. And I'm a fool for no one.

Hitoriga: We seem to have a difference of opinion my dear. Pa Gu A Sun Fa. Pa Gu A Sun Fa. Pa Gu
A Sun Fa. Pa Gu A Sun Fa. Pa Gu A Sun Fa!

Suzuka: Ugh!

// The both of them attack, and both miss. Hitoriga's bag like mask falls off, revealing a face
identical to Suzuka's.

Hitoriga: This fight should prove to be amusing Suzuka.

Suzuka: Let us find out.

Hitoriga: Heh heh heh. At the very least my dear, we'll discover whom this beautiful face really
belongs to.

Suzuka: Well at least we agree on that much.

// Back to Gene, who'se running along the path they were on...

Gene: This is the Galactic Leyline? What the heck am I doing here? I feel so helpless, what
should I do?

// He runs into Hamushi.

Hamushi: We meet at last. You're Gene Starwind, hm? My, how handsome. I could show you a good
time if you'd be interested.

Gene: I've never turned down an offer from a woman before. But, there's always a first time,
nothing personal but pirates and I never seem to hit it off very well. Besides, I don't
exactly feel like talking right now.


Hamushi: Pa Gu A Sun Fa. Pa Gu A Sun Fa. Pa Gu A Sun Fa. Pa Gu A Sun Fa.

// Gene fires at her but nothing happens.

Hamushi: Is that a caster? That isn't gonna work against me Gene.

Gene: Well, get a load of you. A tough little cookie and a righteous babe all in one. Hmm. Man,
this stinks, that was just an 11. How about a 10?

// Elsewhere...

Jukai: Stop, anyone who dares to interfere with Lord Hazanko will pay the consequences.

Aisha: Well, what do we have here? If it isn't a bonified pirate flunkie. Jim, just leave this
to me. You go on ahead, I'll catch up.

Jim: Why? I wanna stay here and fight him with you.

Aisha: Yeah, well thanks for the concern but I can handle him.

Jim: Aisha...

Aisha: Will you get going?

// He runs off.

Aisha: Okay now, I can fight this idiot without worrying about Jim.

Jukai: Very wise Aisha, you sensed my power and let the child escape before I humilitated you.
How kind of you. Hah hah hah!

Aisha: Stop trying to second guess me. You're gonna pay for that. I am your worst niughtmare.
How in the world did I end up here? I thought I was supposed to be on a treasure hunt.
Well, nevermind. Always attack the problem that life places in front of your face.

Jukai: Precisely!

// The fight begins. Elsewhere...

Hamushi: That won't work on me no matter how many times you try it. How many shells do you have
left now?

Gene: Well, if you really want to know, I have 4 shells left.

Hamushi: Four shells away from death. When your shells run out you die, Gene Starwind.

Gene: Thanks for the warning, but you're wrong. Drain your life, huh? Well here goes. Eat this!

// He fires one of the number 9's. Nothing happens.

Hamushi: Well, what do we have here? Hah hah.

// The shell sucks her in. Then it electrocutes Gene.

Hamushi: Ugh. Aaaah!

Gene: Aaah! Those blasted things drain your life. They got that right.

// Meanwhile, Harry is walking around and approaches Melfina.

Harry: Whats going on? Huh? Melfina! Hold on. You don't have to worry anymore, I'll save you. I
came here for you Melfina.

Melfina: Oh no, I'm so sorry Harry but I can't be what you want me to be.

Harry: But thats not true. You don't have to do anything. Just having you near is enough for me.
Don't you understand? I love you.


Hazanko: So there you are. At last we meet, my prize Melfina. Come, open the gate.

Harry: You better watch what you're saying mister! I'm the only man in Melfina's life so you
better back off.

Hazanko: Don't be absurd.

// Harry attacks him, to no avail. He shoots some missiles at him which deflect.

Hazanko: Hah hah hah hah.

// Harry shatters Hazanko's mask.

Harry: Ah!

Hazanko: You'll pay for that you worm.

// Hazanko kills Harry.

Melfina: Uh, Harry!

Harry: Thats the first time that you ever talked to me like that Melfina.

// Harry dies.

Melfina: Harry!




Melfina: What have you done?

Hazanko: You needn't concern yourself. Just fulfill the task that has been given to you.

Melfina: The task? What do you mean?

Hazanko: Enough of this. Remember what I tell you Melfina. You are the key sent to open the gate
that lies here before you. As the maiden of the Leyline, you will pass along my prayers.
I admit it was our fault that the XGP was stolen from us to begin with. Because of that
embarressing deception, I had to drop everything I was working on to come here.

Melfina: What are you saying? What do you mean?

Hazanko: Save your breath, your questions are meaningless. After all, you're just a puppet in
this game.

Melfina: Uh.

Hazanko: Come on, be a good little girl and open the gate for me.

// That happens.

Melfina: No! Let me go, please, let me go!

Hazanko: Leyline Project Command; It was you who broke my mason plate. The path has been opened.

// He heads on through.

// Meanwhile, back to the battle...

Hitoriga: You're an extraordinary woman, Suzuka. I really do love you, in spite of what you might
think. Thats why I took this face. And you went to all this trouble to see me. With
a mountain of treasure right in front of you, you turned it down and chose me.

Suzuka: My individuality is whats important to me. Everything in my world is an extension of that
standard. But you wouldn't understand that, whould you?

Hitoriga: No, I don't understand. But then you don't understand my feelings either now do you.
Sun hara bu!

// He attacks her.

Suzuka: Ah!

Hitoriga: Heh heh heh heh. Now isn't thta too bad. I wanted to take you alive, but I guess I
don't know my own strength.

Suzuka: It was I who let you hit me. I wanted to experience the pain that you inflicted on all
those that you hurt. You've had your chance, and now its my turn.

Hitoriga: Oh really? Sun hara bu!

// This time, she gets through his attack and attacks herself.

Suzuka: Heeyah!

Hitoriga: Ugh! Suzuka, I've never seen that technique.

Suzuka: Its called Crimson.

Hitoriga: You never used it back then, did you?

Suzuka: No I didn't. I invented it afterwards just for you.

Hitoriga: I see. Ugh.

// He dies. Meanwhile, Aisha battles Jukai inside a tornado. They come out, Aisha falls over and
turns back to normal.

Jukai: She was all talk. Impossible. Yah!

// Jukai dies.

Aisha: A little rest right here and I'll be as good as new. Gene, save some dragonite for me.
I'm gonna need it.

// Elsewhere...

Gwen: My isn't that fascinating. Oh my my. Oh my goodness. Whats this? Oh my goodness, looks
like Hazanko's work. Unfortunately he got here before I did.

Ron: Harry... Harry... You were the only brother I ever had. Hazanko did this to you Harry,
didn't he, that bastard, I'll kill him with my own 2 hands.

Gwen: Is it in here? Its in here isn't it. It is, isn't it.

Ron: Wait Professor. You stay here with Harry, I'll go in.

Gwen: Huh? What for? Why should I stay behind? Especially when no one worked harder than I to get
us here in the first place.

Ron: And if my little brother's gone as a result Professor, you should bear some of the
responsibility, don't you think?

Gwen: What? Now thats utterly preposterous, its not even logical.

Ron: Yeah, well for a man who just lost his only brother its logical enough Professor.

Gene: Great. I finally make it to the finish line and that babe doesn't even wait for me.
MacDougal, Where's Melfina?

Ron: Well if it isn't Gene Starwind. Now that I think about it, it was you and Hilda that started
this rediculous party.

// The two of them shoot their casters, cancelling each other out.

Ron: You keep trying the same thing over and over again. Well I'm tired of playing and now you're
going to suffer like Harry did!

Gene: Well your a little late. For your information that shell I just fired was a number nine.

Ron: A number nine? Do they actually exist? But it looks like it didn't do any kind of damage at
all. Huh?

// The caster shell sucks him in too. Gene gets shocked from it and passes out. He has a visions
of his youth. Next, he flashes back to when Melfina woke up.

Melfina: Leyline project activated.

Gene: She was crying, wasn't she?

Hilda: But that wasn't why you saved her Gene.

Gene: Hilda.

Hilda: An Outlaw must always be a lone wolf without letting anything holding him down. You can
never count on anyone but yourself. But then sometimes you want to feel the warmth of
another body, you know?

Gene's Father: Gene, whadda ya say, you gunna go up into space with your old man or not?

Hilda: No one's gunna give you a map. you gatta walk your own path. Gene Starwind.

Gene's Father: Gene, I've lived my life following my dreams. And I don't have any regrets. And
now it's time for you to move on son. I'm countin' on ya.

Hilda: Good luck Gene Starwind.

Gene's Father: Good luck Gene Starwind.

// Scene of Gene as a kid when he reached earth in the escape pod.

Gene: Now what? I don't know what to do while I'm stranded here all alone. What am I supposed to
do now?

Hilda: Gene!

Gene's Father: Gene!

// Gene wakes up with Jim next to him.

Jim: Gene!

// Jim injects Gene with neural stimulant

Jim: Oh thank goodness, are you going to be okay Gene?

Gene: Yeah. What happened?

Jim: I don't know. I found you here lying unconcious. Looks like Harry MacDougal was killed some
where along the way.

Gene: Really? well I wasn't the one killed him.

Jim: Where did Mel go?

Gene: Up ahead probably. I gotta go after her.

Jim: Okay, lets go.

Gene: Jim, I want you to head back to the Outlaw Star

Jim: But Gene.... Can't I... Can't I do anything to help you?

Gene: I only have two caster shell left. And if I run out of these I want you and the Outlaw Star
to rescue me. We've made it through all the hard time with our great team work Jim. I've
always been out on the frontlines as the point man and you're....

Jim: ...The backup.

Gene: I'll bring Melfina Back. You can count on it. Now you go find Suzuka and Aisha and stand
by in the ship alright?

Jim: You've got it.

Gene: If we make it through this I'll bring us back a mountain of treasure.

// Jim leaves. Gene heads into the opened gate.

Leyline: What is thy desire? What is thy desire?

// Gene is transported to where Gwen is.

Gene: What the........? I guess that that wasn't the finish line

Gwen Khan: Well my, my, my. Welcome Gene, welcome.

Gene: Gwen Khan!

Gwen Khan: That's right, that's right. I am Gwen Khan The imenent Gwen. But listen now I'm in a
fix, I can't move ahead. I'm in quite a predicament. It seems that the doors are
locked from the inside. It's very frustrating because the gate is open and it
shouldn't be difficult. I really must go on. What a jam, what a jam!

Gene: Damn it! Do something! Your the one who started this stupid game!

Gwen Khan: Stop it! Stop it please! I just want to know! I just want to know!

// Suddenly, Harry arrives

Gene: Harry!

Harry: Shit. I always fell like ...ell w...w...when I wake up........dead sleep. Is
Melf...f...f...fina around here some where? I came to se...e...e...e...

// Gene prepares to shoot him.

Gwen Khan: No don't! He's already dead. You'll just be wasting ammunition. The auxilary units in
his body are keeping him alive barly, that's all. He's like a phantom, Nothing will
affect him. I know. Do you think Give it a try. I think you'll find melfina on the
other side.

// Harry hacks into the door inside there.

Leyline: The path is to be opened by the maiden. The path is to be opened by the maiden.

// Once again we see Harry in the data like world with Melfina near.


Harry: Melfina! Poor angel there's a protection program around her. I'll just have to delete the
whole thing. Melfina!

Melfina: Harry!

Harry: I'm so glad I made it in time. I'm sorry Melfina, I had such plans for us together but now
all that I can do is wake you up. I'm sorry that I couln't do more. But there's something
else that i've been wanting to tell you all along.

Melfina: Harry.

Harry: Good bye.

// Harry tries to kiss her, but vanishes.

Melfina: Harry!

// Back in the real world, Harry's done.

Harry: My work is finished. Go, Gene and listen to the beutiful song she sings.

Gene: A song?

Harry: Yes that's right. Ask her to sing it again but only for me.

// The door opens.

Gwen Khan: Incredible! The doors have opened!

Gene: Don't worry. I'll ask her Harry! Count on it.

// Gene runs in.

To Be Continued...