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Outlaw Star
Script- Episode 18
The Strongest Woman In The Universe



// At Fred's place...

Fred: So... what do you have in mind, do you want to borrow more money, what do I get out of it?

Gene: I don't have the time to deal with chump change jobs anymore if thats what you're talking
about. Look Fred, this is serious. You're the only one I can turn to right now.

Fred: Hmm... Hm. Hey, now don't be so formal. We're closer friends than that, have I ever
turned you down for any kind of a favor?

Gene: Then you will?

Fred: Of course I will. But only under one condition.

Gene: I'm not gonna dance with ya.

Fred: Ha! Please, I only want you to do a job for me.

Gene: What kinda job?

Fred: It'll take place in only three days. The annual galactic Strong Man Tournament. The biggest
tournament of its kind will be held at the Heiphong Colleseum. Its a no holds barred fight
between people who think they're the strongest person in the galaxy. The winner goes home
with the galaxy title in addition to a purse of 100000 wong.

Gene: And you're asking me to enter my name and win it? Are you crazy, you're fighting poster

Fred: No, thats not what I'm asking. The problem I have has to do with the Tournament's female

Gene: Women fight in this thing too?

// Fred gives Gene two pics, Gene looks at the one on top.

Gene: Hey, she's pretty good looking Fred.

Fred: Reiko Ando. Who has held the title of the Strongest Woman in the Universe for 4 years
running now.

Gene: You gotta be kidding me man... a cute looking babe like that?

// He sees the pic of her entire body.

Gene: Ugh... uh. Ah!

Fred: I don't care what you have to do, get the job done. Keep her from winning a fifth time!


The Strongest Woman in the Universe


// They are at a bar.

Gene: I guess I just don't understand it. What difference does it make if this muscle chick wins
the Strongest Woman in the Universe Title again?

Fred: It means I'll have to marry her.


Gene: Hmm? What did you just say?

Fred: Marry.

Gene: What do you mean, whate are you trying to tell me?

Fred: I'm telling you that I'm gonna have to get married to that hormonoly challenged amazon
girl, okay?

Gene: You're gonna marry her? Ew... (laughs)

Fred: Will you cut it out man, its no laughing matter.

Gene: So why are you making such a big issue out of this? Why not just get married?

Fred: Have you completely lost your mind? Because I don't want to. My inquisitive nature won't be
satisfied until I explore other amorous pursuits.

Gene: Okay... so what does getting married have to do with who wins the Strongest Woman in the
Universe Tournament?

Fred: Lou family tradition says that the women we select to be our brides have to be the
strongest in the universe.

Gene: What? What are you talking about?

Fred: Properly speaking, it means a bride who possesses mental strength and a high moral ethic.
But I guess that I dictated terms to her that were of a more general nature.

Gene: Hmm... so you told her that she had to win the Tournament, is that what you're saying?

Fred: I told her five times, five times! Oh... I figured that she'd never be able to do it, but
she's won! She has won every year for the last four years!

Gene: Which means that this year will make it five years running with you as the prize waiting
for her at the finish line.

Fred: I'm gonna smack you if you don't stop teasinbg me. I'm asking you to help me.

Gene: Okay, take it easy, but you'll lend me all the money with none of your shinanigans if I win
the tournament, right?

Fred: I'll pay the money in full as you know.

// He writes something down.

Fred: How does this much sound?

Fred and Gene: (laughs)

Gene: Hey, there's no need to be so formal with me Freddy boy, have I ever once turned you down
for a favor?

Fred: Gene.

Gene: Okay my friend, we have ourselves a deal.

Fred: I'm counting on you.

// On the drive there...

Gene: Do you think you can handle it Aisha? All you have to do is get into the ring and defeat
that muscle chick, I'm really depending on you.

Aisha: Ah... just leave it to me, its a piece of cake, I don't care who she is I can beat anybody
in the galaxy.

Suzuka: The universe is a very big place, I wouldn't be so sure it'll be that easy.

Aisha: For someone as brave as you Suz, you sure sound like a worry wort.

Suzuka: For the last time, stop calling me by that name.

Aisha: Have no fear, just leave everything to Aisha. I've already got a million ideas about how
I'm gonna spend the prize money. Can't you get this thing to go any faster Gene, this girl
is ready to pounce!

// The get there.

Aisha: Why not? What do you mean I can't enter?

Clerk: According to tournament rules, it states the Ctarl Ctarl are not allowed to enter the

Aisha: Why not?! Who made up this stupid rule that the Ctarl Ctarl aren't allowed in, thats

Clerk: Five years ago, a Ctarl Ctarl who qualified as a contestant in the final tournament became
overly excited and turned into some kind of animal. And then she... pounced on her
opponent, pinning her down and bit off her right ear!

Aisha: Yah... no, you're kidding me.

Clerk: Thats not the worst of it. She was disqualified, but that made her even more wild!

Aisha: No!

Clerk: There were 984 hospitalized! 5379 were seriously injured!

Aisha: Ah!

Clerk: There were so many with wounds that we lost count! It was a monumental disaster that was
totally unprecidented. And so... ever since that day, all Ctarl Ctarl have been banned
from the tournament, understand?

Aisha: You can't be serious...

Jim: What are we gonna do Gene?

Gene: We haven't got much choice. If Aisha can't enter, we haven't got a uh... Suzuka!

Suzuka: Are you serious? You want me to do a job for Fred Lou? Right...

Gene: I... just thought. I didn't think she's go for it. So I guess we're really out of options.

Melfina: I know.

Gene: Hmm?

Melfina: Why don't you enter the tournament yourself?

Gene: What are you thinking? I don't have any qualifications, there's no way I'd get away with

Jim: Well... now thats not entirely untrue.

Gene: Which side are you on, remember I'm a man?

Suzuka: Well now, wait a minute. That might actually be an excellent solution.

Gene: Huh? C'mon, not you too?

Suzuka: You have a number of options, you just have to keep an open mind.

Gene: Hmm?

// Later...

Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen... welcome to the 13th annual Universal Strong Man Tournament!
Please welcome the executive committee chairman, Ikee Katchin who'll deliver the
opening address!

Ikee: This message goes out to all of you who have entered the Universal Strong Man Tournament.
I want to tahnk you all from the bottom of my heart...

Fred: Hmmm?

// He sees Gene dressed like a girl.

Ikee: And for those 32 women who have trained so hard and have assembled...

Fred: I can't believe it! Gene Starwing got dressed up in that embarrasing get up just for me.

Gene: Erh...

// He flashes back.


Melfina: Maybe this color would look better on you.

Suzuka: I think this would complement his eyes.

Jim: We've bribed that official so don't worry about it. No one wil find ya out. Now get in
there and make us some money Jenny.

Gene: They were loving every minute of it.

Aisha: How long does he plan to ramble like this?

Gene: You got that right. Finish already... huh?

Aisha: (yawns) I can hardly keep awake, hurry up.

Gene: How did she get in here?

// They confront Aisha in the locker room.

Aisha: And one... and two...

Gene: How the heck did you sneak in here you animal?

Aisha: I told you not to call me that... huh? Gene? (laughs) You lose your pompoms little...

Gene: Hey shut up Aisha, your'e in no position to laugh at anyone.

Aisha: I don't know what you're talking about. I'm afraid that you're terribly mistaken, I'm the
mysterious masked fighter Firecat. Any resemblence to Aisha Clan Clan is pure coincidence.
I don't know her.

Jim: We can see through the disguise Aisha.

Melfina: I can't believe you fooled them with that costume Aisha.

Aisha: Rrr... will you stop calling me Aisha? Huh?


// A woman bursts out of the locker tied up.

Firecat: I'm tellin you, I'm the real Firecat! Yah!

// Aisha throws her back in.

Aisha: (laughs)

Gene: No, you didn't...

Aisha: I did like it or not, I'm gonna fight as Firecat. I'll surprise all of you and win this
thing, you'll see.


Jim: Hey wow, you actually thought things through for a change.

Gene: You're not taking her side, are you Jim?

Jim: Whats the matter, you sound like you're dissappointed little girl.

Melfina: This is good news for you Gene, Aisha can fight her instead.

Gene: Melfina...? Not you too.

Aisha: That a girl, I'm gonna win this Tournament and restore the respect of the Ctarl Ctarl.

// Noise comes from the locker again.

Aisha: Hey, pipe down in there, will ya!

Gene: Hmm.. suit yourself.

// Elsewhere...

Guy: Please think this through Lady Iraga. If Lord Hazanko catches wind of this, there's no
telling what he'll do. He'll stop at nothing to make sure his orders are carried through.

Iraga: Will you shut up! You think I'm gonna let them choose who the Strongest Woman in the
Universe is without me having something to say about it?

Guy 2: But thats not what we're supposed to do.

Iraga: I know that tubby, I'll get them both soon enough. Victory will be mine, as for that idiot
Gene Starwing, we'll be seeing the last of him.

Announcer: The first match of the first round in tonight's event will now begin. In the blue
corner, representing the outlaw brawling style... Jenny Starwind! And in the red
corner, representing the Ando comprehensive fighting style, the Strongest Woman in the
Universe for 4 years running... Reiko Ando!

Reiko: I'll win this Tournament, nothing in the world can possibly stop me now and I'll go home
victorious after winning the Tournament for a fifth straight time as Fred's bride.

Fred: I feel like someone just walked over my grave. Huh? I'm begging you now Gene. Please,
you've got to win this one.

// The match begins.

Gene: Hm. This lady is built like a rock.

Melfina: Get in there ang go for it Gene!

Jim: Hey, have you forgotten about it, don't call him Gene, for today you call him Jenny.

Melfina: Oh, thats right.

// Gene dodges all of Reiko's attacks.

Gene: Its all part of the plan.

Reiko: Stand still blast you, can't you get serious?

Gene: No, I don't think I can.

Jim: He calls this a plan?

Suzuka: He's probably just trying to confuse her by throwing her game off so he can wear her down
by throwing her game off so he can wear her down at his own pace. Their differences in
overall strength is immense.

Gene: Woohoo, over here, over here.

Jim: Gene... I mean Jenny, stop fooling around like that.

// She grabs him.

Reiko: Hah, what happened to that terrific plan of yours?

Gene: Its working. By the way, your hair looks great.

// She slams his head to the mat.




Melfina: Hey, I think he's coming around.

Gene: Where am I?

Melfina: The infirmary.

Gene: What about the match?

Jim: You got your butt kicked.

Fred: How could you humiliate me in such a way. What do you propose I do now, propose?

Gene: Now look, just calm down, alright?

Fred: How can I calm down in a time like this?

Gene: We still have an ace up our sleeves guys, I have a great idea.

// Aisha beats up competitors in the ring.

Aisha: Yaa! (can't figure out what she says here)

Announcer: And the winner is Firecat!

Gene: Thats the only trump hard that we have left. I'm telling you, she's a heck of a competitor.
Unfortunately, thats all she's good for.

Aisha: Triple reverse and prominent stomach kick!

Jim: She did it! She made it past the second round!

// Reiko does too though...

Gene: She's good, I'll give her that much.

// Later...

Aisha: (laughs) What a piece of cake.

Fred: Oh please Firecat, don't let me down now, you're the only one I can count on.

Aisha: Just leave it to me.

Gene: Yeah, just don't get caught with your tail between your legs.

Aisha: Well, if it isn't the delicate Ms. Jenny, the one who got her butt kicked in the first
round of her very first match!

Gene: Erh...

Melfina: The second match of the semi finals is over.

Gene: Oh yeah? The muscle chick ended up winning the match, right?

Melfina: Not exactly.

Suzuka: Reiko lost the match actually.

Gene: Say what?

Melfina: She lost early on, 19 seconds into the match. It was a quick win for Iraga, she's a
member of the Hokai Shadow Boxing team.

Gene: That is impossible!


Fred: Yeah! I can't believe it! This is great Gene! I don't hve to get married to Reiko!

Gene: Yeah, I'm really glad for you Fred.

Fred: This is fantastic, how bout we go out and celebrate?

Gene: Now the onlything I need to do is collect my pay.

Fred: Your pay?

Gene: Uh huh.

Fred: I thought one was to be paid when the work was successfully completed if I'm not mistaken
Gene, what exactly was it that you did to earn it? Well, I'll be looking forward to our
next encounter. Until then, take care of yourself Gene.

Reiko: Fred, wait a minute.

Fred: Well, there's really nothing to discuss Reiko.

Reiko: No, don't say that! I'll start over again and train harder than ever. I'll start trying
to win 5 in a row next year if you have a shred of compassion won't you find it in your
heart to atleast give me another chance?


Fred: Well of course I'll give you another chance, but I think you should consider taking your
time before you start training again, what do you say Reiko?

Reiko: Thats so nice of you Fred, always worrying like that. Ah!

Fred: Grr!

Reiko: I love you! You'll never regret this. I'll make myself worhty to become your wife.

Announcer: The finals are now ready to begin. In the red corner, representing professional wrestling at its best, Firecat!

Aisha: Yeah! Thats right!

Aisha: And in the blue corner, representing the Hokai Shadow Boxing Team, Iraga!

Iraga: Huh? Gene Starwing, what's he doing here? Have to stay calm, the match has to come first.

Aisha: I hearby dedicate this match to the people of the Ctarl Ctarl. I'm gonna win this!

// The match begins.

Gene: Whats the deal, neither one of them's making a move.

Suzuka: I understand that 2 experienced fighters can judge their opponent's strength simply by
facing each other.

// They fight...

Aisha: You little... Ah!

Iraga: Ugh!

Gene: Check it out, she's got her pinned!

Jim: Take her out now Aisha!

Aisha: Oh yeah! Uh oh! Ah!

Gene: Hey Aisha, pull yourself together, I thought the Ctarl Ctarl were supposed to be

Iraga: Normally this is where I'd let you off the hock and show a little mercy, but not if you're
one of Gene Starwind's friends. You're not leaving alive.

Gene: Man, looks like she's gonna hurt her.

Jim: I know, even a Ctarl Ctarl's history if her head gets smashed in.

Gene: Don't do it!

// She is stopped by Aisha.

Aisha: You talk too much, you know that? You shouldn't say anything when you're about to finish
someone off.

Gene: Man, she really had me worried there for a second.

Melfina: Don't give an inch Firecat, go for it!

Aisha: Just leave it to me!

// They continue, Aisha gets a submission move on Iraga.

Aisha: Its all over. How do you like that? Give it up Iraga.

Gene: Here it comes.

Jim: Yeah, I don't care how strong she is, there's no way she can ever break free. Huh? No way!
If she were faster, smarter, I would understand but how is it she can be stronger than

Aisha: Huh?

Jim: You see that?

Gene: I guess she's a Ctarl Ctarl too.

Aisha: Its.. its you.

Iraga: It doesn't look like I'll be able to finish our match right away. You'll have to take a
rain check. Sorry, now to do my job. Gene Starwind, take a last look around because
you're a dead man!

Spectator: Ah! Its a Ctarl Ctarl!

Fan: Lets get the heck out of here!

// People rush out. Pirates are revealed around the ring that Suzuka attacks.

Suzuka: Who are they, pirates?

Gene: Beat it! Huh? Here puppy. Ah!

Jim: Gene, look out!

// She knocks him down, about to kill him when Aisha arrives.

Aisha: I don't really care if you're a pirate or a wolf. But I'll be darned if anyone's gonna
stand in the way of my winning this thing!

// She transforms too and they fight. The place is set aflame.

Gene: Suzuka! Aisha! Suzuka!

Suzuka: I'm alright.

Gene: I'm glad to here it.

Melfina: But Gene, what about Aisha?

Gene: Huh? Aisha, can you hear me, where are you?

Suzuka: Gene, lets get out of here while we still can, we'll be overcomed by the smoke if we
don't leave now.

Gene: What about Aisha?

Suzuka: Yes, I know... In her present she-wolf state, it will be impossible to see through to

// They leave.

Melfina: What about Aisha? Oh no. Huh, whats that?

// Aisha stands over the dead body of Iraga.

Jim: Yeah Aisha! She's won the Tournament!

Melfina: Thats great!

Jim: She did it! She did it! She's so awesome!

Suzuka: The Ctarl Ctarl really are invulnerable.

Gene: Maybe I should stop teasing her for a while. She really proved herself to be a champion
this time.

// The next day...

Jim: I can't believe another Ctarl Ctarl snuck into the stadium without getting caught.

Aisha: You're wrong, the Ctarl Ctarl don't run around with low class wolves like that, thats an

Suzuka: I heard the Kai Pirates have an assassin in their ranks that turns into a werewolf when
she's provoked. I bet that was her.

Gene: A pirate, huh?

Jim: More to the point, what are we gonna do now Gene? We didn't get paid, and we used up all the
bounty we got.

Gene: I don't know, my head hurts.

// The phone rings.

Gene: Hello, Starwind and Hawking.

Fred: Gene.

Gene: Oh, its you, what do you want?

Fred: Oh nothing much. So it sounds like you had a little trouble after I left.

Gene: Listen Fred, I'm not in the mood to talk to you right now, alright?

Fred: Wait a minute, I was just thinking about the other promise I made too.

Gene: What other promise are you talking about?

Fred: I promised I'd lend money if you'd agreed to take on the job, remember? Well I'm keeping my

Gene: Really?

Fred: I've already filled out the transfer paperwork you're going to need. You should be able to
cash it tomorrow. Is that okay? Thats it for now bon voyage.

Gene: Thanks Fred.

Jim: So whats up?

Gene: Jim.

Jim: Yeah?

Gene: We're going on a trip.

// At the space port...

Melfina: All systems are green. Launch clearance has been granted.

Aisha: Yes, we're finally going to the Galactic Leyline!

Gene: Okay, lets do it. Outlaw Star lifting off. We're on our way.

To Be Continued...