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Outlaw Star
Script- Episode 17
Between Man and Machine



// At their hideout, Harry throws darts at a picture of Gene with his new cyborg arm. Ron comes

Harry: What took so long Ron?

Ron: I guess I kept you waiting a long time.


Harry: I got fed up with all this waiting around and I was deciding if I should just leave
without you or not.

Ron: Hmph. I finally finished lining up the job. We can take it now that we've got your new arm

Harry: You mean...?

Ron: Yeah, we're gonna pay them a visit and teach them once and for all what happens to people
who mess with the MacDougal Brothers.

// Meanwhile...

Melfina: Hey, I'm back.

Jim: Hey there Mel.

Gene: Hey, how much longer?

Jim: Will you hold your horses Gene, I found this stupid piece of crap at the city's garbage
dump, okay?

Melfina: Hey, what are you guys doing?

Gene: We just got delivered some video mail from Clyde today.

Melfina: Who's Clyde?

Gene: You know, he's the owner of our favorite place, that neighborhood dive we took you to on
Sentinel 3. We sent him our address here and we just got a response.

Jim: Its all ready Gene, I'm gonna play it.

// He plays it.


Clyde: Are you sure this thing is recording?

Iris: Yeah, it's recording. Gene, Jim, how are you guys doing? What a surprise, we've been so
worried since that reufus at Virginia Space Port, but I never actually gave up hope.

Clyde: Anyway, we're both glad you're okay.

Iris: So I heard you set up shop in Heiphong, huh? Knowing you two, I bet you're making money
hand over fist.

Jim and Gene: Huh?

Clyde: If you're in Heiphong, you're in a really big city. There's no comparison between the
stale business here in a place like that.

Iris: When you guys make it big, stop by and say hello we'll be waiting.

Clyde: Well, you take care now. We'll send you another message soon.

Gene: Hey, this is just like old times, isn't it?

Jim: Yeah, but its only been a little over three months since we left.

Gene: Man, what I wouldn't give for one of Clyde's spicy omelettes right know, you know?

Jim: Mmm... I was just thinking about Iris's homemade custom pudding.

Gene: Yeah...

Jim: Oh well.

// The phone rings.

Jim: Hi, you've reached the famous Starwind and Hawking repair shop where we guarantee to fix
anything that can break down in your life from tractors to relationships.

Ron: Is it true that you'll also take jobs that are considered by most to be a little dangerous?

Jim: Heh, well sure, as long as its not against the law.

Ron: Its not exactly illegal, but its possibly fatal.

Jim: Huh? Hmm...

Gene: Well then, it'll depend on the pay. Like for starters sir, could you give us your full

Ron: My name is irrelevant. I want to meet so I can talk to you in person.

Gene: In that case, feel free to come on down to our office any time.

Ron: No. I've chosen a neutral location. There's a restaurant called Helenism at Darian point.
We'll meet there.

Gene: I think that you're just a little confused my friend. C'mon, you think we'd be so
incredibly stupid that we'd go down there on your terms without even discussing either
the job or the pay?

Ron: You'll come. Believ me, it won't seem like a waste of time at all. I'd like to take a
moment to discuss with you the Galactic Leyline.

Gene: Huh?

Jim: Huh?

Melfina: Huh?

Gene: Where did you find out about that? How could you possibly get this number?! Who are you?

Ron: I have a table for two for 5 o'clock. Only one of you will come into the restaurant. I'd
advise you to be completely unarmed. I'll be waiting.

Gene: Hey, hold on there...

// He hangs up.

Gene: Were you able to trace it?

Jim: Lets see, it was from a public phone somewhere on J street. But I can't tell who made the
call. Sorry.

Gene: Well thats no surprise.

Jim: Restaurant Hellinism. By car it'll take you somewhere around 40 minutes to get there. Woah,
Gene, it says here the typical dinners start at 820 wong!

Gene: This has trap written all over it.

Jim: Think its the pirates?

Gene: Well sure its possible, but thats not exactly what my gut's telling me.

Jim: Who then?

Gene: It doesn't really matter. He mentioned The Galactic Leyline, so that means I have to go.
Get the car ready.

Jim: Okay, you got it.

Melfina: Gene, can I go?

Gene: Keep an eye on things here.

Melfina: But Gene, I want to know too... about the... Galactic Leyline...

Gene: If the job's on the up and up, we'll tell you all about it when we get back. But if it
turns into a big mess, you'd be better off here.

Melfina: I know, but...

Gene: Don't worry Melfina. We'll come back in one piece. I promise you that.

// They head to the restaurant.

Jim: Man... This place looks expensive. Okay Gene, if you need me I'll be standing by in the
parking lot.

Gene: Right.

// He goes in. He is brought to the table.

Waiter: Your table sir, enjoy your meal.

Ron: I know that you'd change your mind. Please, have a seat.

Waiter: Take your time gentlemen.

Gene: Well?

Ron: I want to propose a deal to you.

Gene: A deal? I thought I came here to discuss a job that had to do with the Galactic Leyline.

Ron: I want to know if you'd agree to sell me your ship and the girl that accesses its central

Gene: Sorry pal, neither one of them's for sale. Huh... Wait a minute... how do you know about

Ron: I heard about her from my little brother.

Gene: Your little brother...? Huh? Are you telling me that you're the older MacDougal Brother?

Ron: Thats right. I knew that you'd catch on quick.

Gene: You jerk!

Ron: The Galactic Leyline. Now that I've got your attention, do you have any idea what it is?

Gene: I don't know, but I would imagine your killing Hilda had something to do with it.

Ron: It was nothing personal, I was just carrying out a contract. I just happened to be doing
some checking around afterwards and discovered a few stray facts I think you might find
especially interesting.

Gene: Really? What do you mean by facts? Erh... start talking!

Ron: To make the journey to a place called the Galactic Leyline, the Kai Pirates needed a
specially equipped ship and navigation system. The only ship that can make such a trip is
yours, the XGP. And the only navigation system precise enough is the bio android girl.

Gene: I know for a fact Hilda kept that ship a secret!

Ron: That ship wasn't designed to be constructed by the Pirates alone, it was completed in
secrecy with considerable assistance from the Space Forces group. Incidently, the ship and
the android were both stolen by Hilda.

Gene: So... you helped out the pirates and killed Hilda. Is that it?

Ron: No, not at all. The only way I helped out the pirates was by finding Hilda. The actual
request to destroy the XGP came from the Space Forces, who were afraid that their dealings
with the pirates would come out. At the time, they didn't explain what kind of ship the
XGP was, or its capabilities.

Gene: But that doesn't change the fact that you're the one who killed Hilda.

Ron: I'll get to that point. But before I do, I want the XGP and the Bio Android girl Melfina.

Gene: I'll never give them to a blood sucking parasite like you.

Ron: Have it your way, but just remember if you keep them they won't be used for their original

Gene: Then there's just one other think I need to ask you.

Ron: Yeah, what is it?

Gene: Are you the guys who destroyed a cargo ship near Sentinel 3 six years ago? I've got to

Ron: Six years ago near Sentinel? Hah, I dont' remember anything like that.

Gene: Yes you do, you lying bastard, I saw your ship with my own two eyes.

Ron: In that case, I suppose its possible, I've forgotten I've been rather busy in my line of
work. I can't remember every little job I've done.

Gene: Little job?! Let me help you remember!

// He pulls out a gun.

Gene: How bout starting from the beginning and telling me everything that you know


Ron: I thought I told you this afternoon to come unarmed.

Gene: I didn't have any guarantee that you'd be unarmed, did I?

Ron: Now all I guess you didn't.

// The guys next to him take out guns.

Ron: I think you've insulted my friends.

Gene: I hate to insult you, but you're not the only one who brought along some friends.

// Aisha and Suzuka come out of their costumes and attack. Ron jumps out the window.

Gene: Come back here!

// They go outside, where Ron has a bunch of cat like weapons.

Ron: These are the latest Space Force weapons. I'm told they're extremely powerful.

Aisha: You're gonna have to pay me more than a lousy 20 wong an hour to take those things on.

Suzuka: I was only interested in getting involved because you said the Kai Pirates where at the
bottom of this one.

Gene: It so happens that guy has the key to the Kei Pirates and the Galactic Leyline.

Aisha: The Galactic Leyline?!

// Meanwhile, at their place, the door knocks.

Melfina: Oh? Who is it? Huh?

// She opens the door. Its Harry.

Harry: Hiya.


Melfina: Oh... Its you.




// Melfina closes the door.

Harry: Open up! Don't be afraid, I just came to pick you up Melfina.

Melfina: Pick me up?

// Meanwhile Gene is fighting.

Gene: Great, this toy just isn't gonna cut it.

// Jim arrives.

Jim: Hey Gene, what the hecks going on around here?

Gene: Weren't you listening in on the radio?

Jim: All I got was noise, I couldn't hear anything. I guess they jammed the system or something.

Gene: This is exactly what he's been planning all along. Watch my back Jim, will ya?

Jim: You got it.

// Suzuka and Aisha fight as well.

Gene: You're all mine.

// He shoots at Ron.

Gene: What the hell?

Ron: I also have the Space Force's top of the line light shield for protection.

Gene: Blast you!

// The fight continues. Jim shoots one of the cat like weapons.

Jim: Hey, I got im!

// Gene kills it with his caster.

Jim: You moron! You know how expensive it is to get a hold of these things Gene?

Gene: This is not the time!

// He kills another.

Gene: Unfortunately your light shield doesn't cut it against this thing.

Ron: I had no idea you use a caster.

// Harry bangs on the door.

Harry: C'mon, open up Melfina, come with me please! Its for your own good, do you hear me?

// He tears through the door with his hand and grabs Melfina.

Melfina: Ah! Ah........

// Harry opens up the door and comes in.

Harry: Why didn't you open the door for me?! I came here because of you, couldn't you at least
show a little gratitude?

// The fight continues.

Suzuka: I've seen all your moves, I suggest you save your strength.

Aisha: Erh... Ah! Stay out of this, I don't have any business with you!

// Only Ron is left.

Suzuka: Now tell us about the Kai Pirates.

Aisha: And the mystery of the Galactic Leyline.

Gene: Why don't you just tell us everything you know.

Ron: Hmph. Sorry, I don't think so.

// Gene shoots him. Ron takes out his own weapon and blocks it.

Gene: What is this?

Ron: You know, casters have earned the reputation of being exceptionally effective against the
Tao Masters because they're based on a totally different technical system.

Gene: This could get ugly.

Ron: Two weapons that are using the same technological system can defend against each other.

// Gene shoots, Ron blocks by firing his weapon.

Gene: Its a caster!

Ron: Right! And therefore we cancel each other out.

// They fire again.

Gene: This is not good, I'm gonna run out of shells before he does.

Ron: Whats the matter? You can't run off, I'm not finished playing with you yet.

Gene: Ah, you wanna play?

// They shoot again. This time Gene runs.

Gene: We're getting out of here now!

Aisha: Where are you going?

Gene: C'mon, they're after the Outlaw Star and Melfina!

Jim: Wha?

Aisha: Huh?

Suzuka: Huh?

Ron: My little brother Harry's quite taken with Melfina.

// Gene jumps in the car and they drive off.

Gene: Hurry up Jim.

Jim: Got it.

Ron: Its 30 minutes to the spaceport, no matter how fast they go they'll never make it to the
space port in time.

Aisha: Hey, wait a minute!

// Ron runs off.

Aisha: Wait, come back here and tell me what you know about the Galactic Leyline!

// Meanwhile...

Melfina: No, don't! Stay away!

Harry: Why are you running away?!

// He whacks her with the flowers he brought.

Harry: I didn't mean to do that Melfina, I'm sorry. I promise I'm not going to hurt you. After
all, when it really comes down to it, we're one in the same.

Melfina: What do you mean the same?

Harry: Yeah, you and I Melfina. Both of us, we're really constructs.

Melfina: Constructs? You're one too?

Harry: Yes, thats right, I was born in a test tube, a human organism made from synthetic
protoplasm I was based from someone else's genes, but I don't have any parents. I'm a
construct. It was just the samewith you, right? Tell me everything you remember.

Melfina: I don't know. I can't remember anything like that at all.

Harry: You've got to remember. Listen to me, we're exactly the same, we're constructs with
greater abilities than any mere humans. Nothing good could ever come from staying with
normal people. C'mon, come with me, we'll look out for each other.

Melfina: Oh...

Harry: C'mon, hey you can trust me.

Melfina: No!

Harry: Ugh, why can't I make you understand!?

Melfina: Ah!

// He hits her offscreen and brings her to the spaceport.

Harry: I feel so sorry for you. All these horrible things have happened to you. But you can
relax now, I'll protect you, don't worry about it.

Melfina: No!

// She jumps off of him.

Harry: Ugh!

Melfina: Gilliam help, open up the hatch!

Gilliam: What in the world is the matter?

Harry: Ah!

Gilliam: Ah!

// The door closes.

Harry: Ugh. Open up! Open up!

Gilliam: I'm terribly sorry, but you don't have the captain's permission to come aboard.

Harry: I don't need anybody's permission.

// He hacks into the ship with his arm.

Gilliam: Melfina, could you possibly give me a hand here? The intruder that has been persuing
you is trying to penetrate my protection from outside somehow. If something isn't
done soon, he'll be able to open up the hatch.

Melfina: Yes of course.

Harry: Ah.

// Melfina is inside the usual place. She is in a computer like world, where Harry shows up.

Harry: There you are. I've been looking forward to meeting you like this. Now do you believe me

Melfina: Stop it! Stay away from me!

Harry: Why are you running away? Why don't you come along with me? There's no reason to turn
me down, right? I'm the only one who can see you like this, you know its true Melfina.

Melfina: Stay away! Stay away!

Harry: Hiding in there won't do you any good. There's no place for us around normal humans
anymore. Haven't you ever felt left out, unwanted? Come along with me Melfina, you and I
belong together, joined as one forever.

Melfina: No!

Harry: Ugh! Ah!

// His hand short circuits.

Harry: Why!? Why won't you do what I say?! What is it?! Whats your problem, whats wrong? Ah!
Stop moving around by yourself!

// Ron calls him.

Ron: Harry, they're on their way, they'll be coming back soon. Were you able to get the XGP and
the android like we discussed?

Harry: Why doesn't anybody do what I tell them to do? That witch, my arms freaking out.

Ron: You mean you blew it?! Get out of there now!

Harry: Ah... you moron. You hear me, don't you forget, its Harry MacDougal you're dealing with.
I'll catch up to you, you can count on it.

// He leaves. Later, the others arrive.

Gene: Melfina! Are you okay?

Gilliam: Don't worry Gene. An intruder tried to break into the main control room of the Outlaw
Star, but with the valient efforts of Melfina and myself, we drove them off.

Jim: Are you sure that you're okay Melfina?

Melfina: Yeah, sure. I'm really feeling fine Jim.

Jim: Thank goodness. We were really worried there.

// Later...

Gene: MacDougal Brothers are after us. They'll stop at nothing until they get the Outlaw Star and
Melfina. I don't think I can take too much more of this.

Jim: Well if you can't take too much more of this, what do you plan we do?

Gene: Good question.

Jim: Whats this? Its a message for Mel.

Gwen: Hi Melfina, so tell me how you've been. Have you been well? Do you remember me? Its your
friend Gwen Khan.

Jim: Hey, its that old geezer.

Gwen: By the way, what are you still doing on Heiphong? Aren't you going to look for the
Galactic Leyline?

Gene: And he's talking about the Galactic Leyline too.

Gwen: You have the XGP, but you still haven't left yet, could it be that you don't have any
information? I see, that must be it. Right. Right. I've been checking into things on my
end too, but I haven't uncovered any clues yet. Yes, yes, I see. I see. Well, I'll
contact you again. I'll be in touch if I find anything further.

Jim: That guy still doesn't make any sense to me.

Gene: I know, me either, but I just figured something else out.

Jim: Whats that?

Gene: That we really have no other choice. We have to go to the Galactic Leyline at once and end

// Melfina is at the shrine again.

Melfina: I can't help but wonder who he really was anyway... and who am I?!

To Be Continued...