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Outlaw Star
Script- Episode 15
The Seven Emerge



Narrator: Under the direct command of Hazanko, leader of the 108 stars, are the Anten Seven. A
feared group of assassins. Tobigiera. A master of disguise in the tools of killing. Hanmeo.
A prodigy in space combat with the use of cats. Iraga. A werewolf with miraculous life force.
Jukai. His abilities are shrouded in mystery. Hitoriga. A man advanced in the martial arts
much like the leader of the Anten Seven. Hamushi. A woman who captivates men purely by her
sex appeal. Shimi. A warrior who's skill is such that there is no one in the pirate guild who
hasn't heard of him. If someone were unfortunate enough to make an enemy of the Anten Seven,
and forced to fight them, I would say only this. Farewell, friend.

Hitoriga: Lord Hazanko, the Anten Seven are now assembled.

Hazanko: Hmm...

Iraga: If we are the only ones capable of taking this guy out he must be pretty good.

Jukai: Hazanko, would you prefer I deal with him?

Hanmio: I wouldn't mind at all doing it myself.

Tobigiera: Hitoriga, I've noticed the Anten Seven seems to be short one.

Hitoriga: Yes, Lord Hazanko has anticipated this.

Hazanko: I have sent out Shimi as the first assassin.

Hamushi: Well done Lord Hazanko. Without a doubt knowing Shimi, he will certainly carry out your

Jukai: Wait, this man may have stolen the XGP, but he is still a mere outlaw. Why are we
needed to kill likes of him?

Hazanko: Gene Starwind is strong, but his power should be nothing compared to yours. However, I
do sense a powerful G line flowing towards him. As of now, its but a small sign, yet if we leave
it unchecked, I believe he will come to cast a dark shadow on the path we walk. I entrust you
with this very task for the Anten. We must seal Gene Starwind's fate.


The Seven Emerge


Jim: Gene, its not looking good, we're still in the red. We gotta earn some big bucks. Wake up
will ya, are you listening?! Gene!

Gene: Ah... relax. I already know, I don't need you to keep on harping about it.

// Aisha is playing a video game.

Guy: I love you, I want you.

Girl: Liar!

Aisha: (laughs) Its so obvious that you're taking it all out on Jim cause you haven't gotten a
job offer.

Gene: That darn game of your's is driving me crazy. Will ya turn it off?

Aisha: Taking it out on me won't do you any good either. Why don't you just talk to yourself.
Uh... shut up. (laughs). Huh? Ah, darn the game's over, you made me lose, you idiot, its
all your fault Gene.

Gene: Ah shut up.


Melfina: I made some coffee.

Jim: Oh, thanks.

Aisha: Aisha's really really thirsty. I'll have some too.

Jim: What are we gonna do now? We've always gotta have some plan in life.

Aisha: If we could just solve the mystery of the Galactic Leyline, then we could all have the

Jim: Yeah, I wonder what that treasure is anyway.

Melfina: Here you are.

// Melfina brings Gene some coffee. He gives no response. There is noise outside.

Gene: Huh?

Jim: Hmm? Wonder who that is, maybe someone with a job offer?

Gene: Ah... great. What do they want know?

// They go outside where a man in a trenchcoat waits.

Shimi: Gene Starwind?

Gene: Yeah, thats right.

Shimi: Nothing personal, but I'm here to kill you.


Gene: Oh yeah? You a pirate?

Shimi: And what if I am?

Gene: I just like to know who I'm doing business with. Whats your name?

Shimi: I'm called Shimi. I want to play a little game with you.

Gene: Oh, a little game?

Shimi: I challenge you to a duel. I'll wait for you on Monaque Hill tomorrow at noon. Bring
any weapon you can carry. If you refuse, I'll have to kill your little friends.

Gene: Oh really? I don't think so.

Melfina: Huh?

Gene: You waltz up here, order me to come outside then you challenge me. Hm. Now I'm really
ticked off. Why don't we just finish it right here?

// They draw, Shimi quickly gets Gene at gunpoint.

Gene: Uh... You know, you're not bad for a little guy.

Shimi: I always try to fight fair, no matter who I deal with.

Gene: Thats interesting, you don't look like the honest type to me.

Shimi: You've killed far too many of us. Now I must end it. I'll make a name for myself by
getting you.

Gene: That suits me just fine. At least you'll be known for something.

Shimi: You better believe it.

// He puts his gun away.

Shimi: You just got lucky today. But don't expect to be lucky tomorrow. I'm not like those
other careless punks.

Gene: Oh, is that right, so who exactly are you then?

Shimi: I'd rather keep that to myself. But, if you beat me tomorrow, then I'll tell you. If I'm
still alive.

// He leaves.

Jim: So Gene, are you gonna go?

Gene: Oh yeah.

// Later, Gene is playing the game.

Guy: I love you, I want you, I need you!

Girl: Liar!

Guy: I really want you!

Girl: Ah!


Jim: Gene.

Gene: Yeah, what do you want Jim?

Jim: Don't you think you should be getting ready?

Gene: For what?

Jim: That duel!

Gene: Exactly how do you expect me to get ready for a duel?

Jim: You know.

Gene: Hey, c'mon, don't worry yourself about it. You know justice will always prevail. Oh, here
you try.

Jim: Are you sury you know what you're doing with this guy Gene?

Gene: Yeah sure, whats to know. Right now I'm going out for a drink.

Melfina: It'll be okay Jim, Gene's a tough guy.

Jim: Mmm Hmm.

Aisha: But to be perfectly honest, compared to a Ctarl, he's not really as tough.

// Later, Gene is at a bar when a man near him laughs.

Leilong: (laughs)

Gene: Hey, what the heck's so funny, mister?

Leilong: Forget it, I apologize. Looking at you sitting there like that, It sure reminds me of
myself when I was younger.

Gene: Oh jeez, old people are always saying things like that.

Leilong: Ah hey, c'mon, just listen for a moment. What do you say you and I have a little drink
together? We'll call ourselves representatives of humanity.

Gene: Why now, no matter what it seems that every human on this planet wants to drink with me

Leilong: Maybe you should listen to what your elders have to say. Uh... um...

Gene: My name's Gene Starwind.

Leilong: I know when you're young you have to be a smart alec, even though you can't necessarily
back it up.

Gene: You sure have a harsh way of looking at things, don't ya?

Leilong: The name's Leilong. Nice to meet ya.

// Meanwhile...

Gilliam: All systems of the Outlaw Star are functioning normally.

Jim: Well I guess he really didn't plan anything at all, I tell ya I don't know about this, does
that mean its gonna be a fair fight or what?

Gilliam: Well Jim, perhaps they are afraid of my fool proof guard system.

Jim: Must be nice, machines don't have any worries.

Gilliam: Excuse me Jim, what did you mean by that?

Jim: Let me see... For you to understand, I'd have to do a major upgrade on you.

Gilliam: So, in other words you need money.

Jim: We need money to service the ship. Lets face it, we were attacked by pirates. Why does
this keep happening to us?

Aisha: Melfina, what are you doing, get over here I need your help.

Melfina: Uh... coming.

// A few minutes later, Aisha has cooked a bizarre stew.

Aisha: This is a Ctarl Ctarl special. Getchee Double Stew. Huh? Where's Gene? Eat some of this
and you'll have the strength of 5 men.

Jim: Uh... wait a minute... Is this safe for human beings to actually eat and still survive?

Aisha: Of course. You pathetic human being. Getchee Double Stew has its origins dating back to
year one of the Ctarl Ctarl calender where it...

// Back at the bar...

Gene: What I've been trying to tell you is that one of us is gonna die tomorrow.

Leilong: I suppose that you're right.

Gene: So, listen, have you ever been in a duel?

Leilong: Yeah sure, I've had a few.

Gene: Heh heh, so you see, you lived through every one of them, didn't ya?

Leilong: I'm not making any excuses, but lets just say at the time I had no choice, it was
something I had to do. In my own way I show respect for those who have died.

Gene: Respect... respect... heh hm.

Leilong: Thats right, and living means something to me. That why I'm still alive to talk about

Gene: Hmm. Well I know one thing, I sure as heck don't feel like losing. Not now.

Leilong: Of course, thats what they've all said. Well now, I better call it a day.

Gene: You're going already?

Leilong: I have to watch how much I drink of this stuff. Take care of yourself.

// That night, Gene lays on his bed.




// Gene wakes up the next morning and goes downstairs to eat.

Gene: That maybe the last egg I get a chance to eat.

Jim: Cut it out, there's nothing funny about that.

Aisha: Yeah, it's be better for all of us if you didn't lose, but if you happen to lose, don't
worry, I'll look after everything for ya.

Gene: Will you get to work and make us some money?

Aisha: Hah! Hah! Anyway, give it your best shot.

Jim: Man, that lady's got no tact.

Melfina: Good morning.

Jim: Morning.

Jim: Gene, lets beat this guy, even if it means fighting dirty.

Gene: You got it, fun's just getting started.

// Later, they arrive at the dueling place. Shimi waits there.

Gene: Didn't think you'd get here early.

Shimi: Its not polite to keep your guest waiting now, is it?

Gene: I'll leave as soon as possible if you don't mind.

Shimi: From this life?

Gene: Lets do it.

Shimi: Fine.

// They draw and shoot each other at the same time. Both fall. Gene is the first to get up.

Shimi: Uh... wait...

Leilong : Just as I expected. Looks like I'm the only one who can take you on now.

// Leilong stands nearby. He puts down his backpack and pulls out a machete.

Gene: That you Leilong? You do have a real name, don't ya?

Leilong: Leilong is my real name. My trade name is Shimi.

Gene: So this guy was your flunkie, is that it?

Leilong: He was more like a pupil really. He didn't have any talent so he failed, thats all it
amounts to.

Gene: Oh yeah? What does this amount to?!

// Jim shoots a bunch of missiles at Shimi, which are deflected by a light shield.

Gene: Uh.

// Gene hides behind a rock.

Gene: Jim!

Jim: That guy's shield is powerful. Use a caster.

Gene: Man, use my trump card already?

Jim: Are you hurt?

Gene: The blast just grazed me, but the impact cracked a rib. Its slowing me down a little.
Okay, you sucker!

// He shoots at him with his caster. That fails to go through the shield as well.

Jim: Got him.

Leilong: A caster huh? You have some very interesting toys.

// Gene pulls out another gun and shoots again.

Gene: Eat this!

// It blast the shield again, blowing out the shield.

Leilong: I didn't think it could take a direct hit, not from a caster without getting a little

Gene: What is this guy?

// Leilong charges Gene and beats the crap out of him, knocking him to the ground.

Leilong: This is the end of the line, Gene Starwind. Goodbye, Gene.

// Jim reveals himself.

Jim: Wait! Gene and I are a team. You fighting him without a handicap isn't fair at all!

Melfina: And I think so too!

Leilong: Melfina? Not you?

Melfina: Gene's important to me, I will not let you kill him. You understand? You will not kill
him. If you're gonna take his life you'll have to go through me first.

Leilong: Melfina, I couldn't possibly kill you. Anyone else who stands in my way, I will have to
kill them.

Aisha: Hold it, hold it right there! I have to tell you that if you kill him, you'll be dealing
with Ctarl Ctarl trouble.

Suzuka: I'll act as a second as well. Gene's life is currently in my keeping. I'd would
appreciate if you were not to take it. Otherwise, we can not be sure of the consequences
can we?

Leilong: Well well, I see you are good friends. But you can't win, you must realize that.

Aisha: I don't wanna hear that! Yaah!

// Aisha rushes at him. Leilong pulls out a whip and blows her to smithereens.

Aisha: Yah!

Jim: Aisha! Maniac!

// Leilong pulls out a dagger and stabs Jim.

Jim: Yah! Uh.

Melfina: No!!!

Suzuka: You'll pay for that.

Leilong: Hmph.

// Suzuka charges Leilong, who dodges her and knocks her to the ground. He walks up behind her
and kills her as well.

Gene: Suzuka!

Leilong: I told you what would happen, didn't I? If I have to, I'll kill anyone who tries to

Gene: You son of a...

Melfina: Gene!

Leilong: Well it looks as if you can't move. That tends to make the challenge rather boring. So
then, what do you say to a one shot fight?

// Leilong pulls out 2 guns and gives Gene one. They stand far from each other.

Gene: Sounds like you're enjoying yourself.

Leilong: I'd be lying if I said I wasn't, but a job's a job. Looks like we're ready. Let us

// They shoot. Both fall to the ground.

Melfina: Gene! Gene! Gene...

Gene: Mmm..

Melfina: Ah... Gene.

Gene: Where did he go?

Leilong: So I'm finished too. I'm dying because of a faulty gun. Talk about bad luck. You must
try to survive them. Must not let the Anten Seven prevail.

Gene: What do you mean, the Anten Seven?

Leilong: Now there are six of them after you.

// Leilong dies.

Gene: A dud gun... so my talent's just good luck. And everybody's dead, but still I have a price
to pay.

Jim: You got that right, Gene Starwind.

Gene and Melfina: Huh? Jim!

Jim: Maybe this luck of yours isn't so bad after all.

Suzuka: I agree. It seems as if I have to go back to training. After eating that Ctarl Ctarl
stew, my whole system's been thrown out of whack.

Aisha: If I'm not mistaken Suzu, isn't that called shifting the blame?

Suzuka: I would greatly appreciate if if you didn't call me Suzu.

Aisha: Gene, you better not forget this, thats another one you owe me. Hurry up and solve the
mystery of the Galactic Leyline and hand over the treasure to me when you do!

Gene: Why do you suppose she keeps saying things like that?

Jim: Maybe cause the lady's got no tact.

Jim: He didn't kill us, so maybe he was a good guy.

Gene: Goodbye, Leilong.

// Elsewhere...

Hazanko: Blast you Shimi, you were worthless.

Hitoriga: Please, leave it to us.

Hazanko: Gene Starwind, now you have stirred my curiosity. I, Hazanko, want to meet you.

// Elsewhere, Leilong pulls himself out of his grave and removes the bullet from his chest.

Leilong: Blast it, he sure buried me deep enough. Seeing all those people made me start to get
some strange thoughts in my head. Maybe I'll have to just treat myself to becoming a
wandering outlaw too. Goodbye, Gene.


To Be Continued...