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Outlaw Star
Script- Episode 16
Demon of the Water Planet



Narrator: It was the brain of ether physicist Dr. Sam Kisainpo. The Chausung Science Company's
technology group that was led by Professor Hitei Hikei. The denation of enormous
amounts of capital made by every country, and above all, Dragonite that made the
Manchausin Drive a reality. In year one of Toward Stars calender, an unknown crystally
material, Dragonite, was discovered in a meteorite that crashed in the Arishan desert
in northern China. It was found to be a catalyst that released tremendous amounts of
energy from the inexaustable ether. In searth of Dragonite, humanity stampeded into
space. It could be considered the gold rush of the space age. But Dragonite was an
extremely rare substance in the vastness of space. An alchemical method of
synthesising it artificially has been researched ath this time, but has yet to be
perfected. As a non-renewable resourse, Dragonite is highly valued and is considered
to be the rarest, most valuable substance in the universe.

// An old man looks at the Outlaw Star.


Demon of the Water Planet


// At a seafood restaurant, Aisha is a waitress, holding a tray of lobster.

Aisha: Aha! That sure smells good. Huh? Ah!

Cook: Hey part timer! What are you doing standing around?! Take that to the table!

Aisha: Yes sir.

// She goes to the table where... Jim, Gene and Melfina sit!

Aisha: Sorry for the wait... huh? Wah! You, you guys?! Wha wha wha?!

Melfina: Uh... hi Aisha.

Aisha: What the heck are you doing here? How can you be ordering this fancy food? And where'd
you get that kinda money?

Gene: A customer's paying for it.

Jim: We're just supposed to wait for him. This guy happens to be a very generous client. He says
we can have anything we wanted while we were just waiting around for him.

Gene: This is great.

Jim: Yeah, its rich but it doesn't have that yucky after taste that you usually get with this
kinda food. Huh?

Melfina: Oh yes, he's right.

Aisha: Errhhh...

Melfina: If you want, you can have some of my lobster.

Aisha: Ah! Don't mind if I do, thanks.

Cook: Hey! Part timer! Stop messing around and get back in here!

Aisha: Uh... yes sir.

// The Old Man who is their client walks in.

Gene: Hmm? Looks like our client finally showed up.

Jim: Huh?

// Later...

Jim: So, what can we do for ya? On the phone you said you were looking for something so what
might that be? Hmm?

Old Man: I'm looking for a treasure.

Jim: Huh, wha?

Gene: Did he say what I think he said?

Old Man: Actually, we don't have to look far, I already know where it is. The ship with the
treasure went down in a certain planet. All I need for you is bring it back up for


Jim: Salvage operation? I'm sorry, but with our equipment I'm afraid that would be a little
difficult for us.

Old Man: With a grappler ship it won't be a problem.

Jim: Hmm?

Old Man: I've already had a chance to see your ship at the space port. She's a perfect vessel.

Gene: You know, Gilliam would sure be happy to hear that.

Jim: But what do you need a Grappler ship for?

Old Man: The enviroment on that planet is sorta special. A Grappler Ship would be best suited
for it.

Gene: What do you mean by special?

Old Man: I can't tell you anymore right now.

Gene: Then what about the treasure?

Old Man: Something worth at least 5 million wong.

Jim: 5... 5 million?

Gene: C'mon, Jules...

Old Man: Hey, I told you I can't tell you anymore. It depends now on the answer you give me.

Gene: Hmm...

Jim: Uh... we'll just be a minute.

// They go under the table.


Jim: What should we do?

Gene: There's something fishy about all this. You can tell that there's something going on by
just looking at that old geezer.

Jim: Thats for sure. A treasure hunt with that old man running the show?

Gene: I ordinarily wouldn't be interested in this thing but...

Jim: Even if its only half of that, its still 2.5 We'd make a killing.

Melfina: Uh... Um...

Jim: But c'mon Gene, we're totally broke, we don't have much of a choice in the matter.

Gene: Necessity's the mother of the invention. So what do you say, should we go for all or

Jim: I jut hope we get rich quick. You got a deal.

// They get up.

Jim: Sorry that took so long. Afte careful deliberations we've come to accept your job offer.
Starwind and Hawking Enterprises at your service.

Melfina: Uh... Ummm.... Ummmm....

Old Man: Just call me Old Man. Being called sir sounds like empty flattery. Call me gramps, or
old man, whichever you like.

Jim: Wah... Uh...

Old Man: I'm not the least bit surprised that you don't trust me. I have to admit, this story
is pretty fishy.

Jim: Uh oh, well that, this...

Old Man: (laughs) Its allright. Somebody with a one track mind who took the job right away would
never be able to handle it. But I also wouldn't team up with someone who doesn't have
the guts to go chasing after a dream. And you people pass.

Gene: Uh. I'm honored then.

Old Man: I like that look in your eye. Those are the eyes of an outlaw who'd go anywhere to
chase his dreams.

// Suddenly, shots ring out.

Gene: Erh...

Jim: Huh?

// A group of men come in.

Guy: Alright come out of there, Old Man.

Jim: Kinda looks as though the only thing they're after is that old man. Here.

Gene: Hey, it doesn't matter to me, anyone who shoots in my direction is an enemy.

Jim: Eh... its ridiculous.

// Aisha tries to get some food, but it always gets shot.

Aisha: Ah! Uh... no one wastes food in front of me and gets away with it! Ah!

// She trashes the place. Everyone runs outside.

Gene: When Aisha gets like that she's totally out of control.

Jim: Well shooting your blaster off didn't help you know. Nyuh...

Melfina: I wonder who those people were anyway.

Old Man: Some of the people who are trying to stop me.

Jim: Eh?

All: Ah!

Gene: When did you get here?

Old Man: I didn't have the chance to tell you, but there are peole who are after information
about the treasure that have been trailing for some time now.

All: Oh...

Old Man: Well then, I suppose that makes my story real.

All: Hmm?

// Meanwhile, in the wreckage...

Aisha: Hmm.. Hmm Hmm Hmm.

Cook: Erh... What are you trying to do, put me out of business?!

Aisha: Hmm...? Ah!

Cook: (cries)

Aisha: Uh...

// The next day, at the space port...

Old Man: You, the boy and the little lady are the crew? Just the three of you?

Gene: Well sometimes we team up with two of the others when we need the help, but yeah, basically
we are the crew. But, I can handle most of the problems by myself.

Old Man: Oh... thats really too bad. Physical strength's important on the last leg of the trip.

Gene: Hmm?

Aisha: Okay Gene Starwind, you're gonna pay for the damage to the restaurant, do you understand?

Gene: Uh... Aisha, you're just in time. If its strength you want, this animal has got the
strength of ten.

Aisha: Who are you calling an animal?!

Jim: Establishing all navigational data.

Melfina: Output of all engines is stable. We can launch.

Gene: Okay, so where are we headed Old Man?

Old Man: Heiphong 7. The water planet.

Gene: Alright, lets go!!

// They take off.

Old Man: I've come back! I've finally come back again finally!

Jim: Gramps, what do you mean when you say you've come back again?

Old Man: I didn't want to say anything, but I've had my fill of coming back here many times
before. Over the past 30 years.

Jim: What? Did you say last 30 years? Uh... whats this?

Old Man: Our entry course to the water planet to supply you with the data.

Jim: Alright, yes sir.

// They enter the planet.

Jim: Way cool, they don't call it the water planet for nothing, do they? Its more like we're in
water instead of gas.

Gilliam: The pressure of the planet is compressing the gas into a liquid. Its like being in an
ocean of hydrogen.

Old Man: Cut your engines now. Go to silent running.

Jim: Why do you want to do that?

Old Man: Do as I say!

Gene: Mel, go ahead, set engines to waiting mode.

Melfina: Understood. Now setting ether drive and sub ether drive system to waiting mode.

Old Man: Now pitch it down 300 degrees.

Jim: Roger that.

Aisha: Hey, look at the fish!

Jim: Wow, I can't believe there's fish in a place like this.

Aisha: They look tasty.

// A large creature shows up in front of them.

Melfina: Ah!

Aisha: Oh, oh my.

Jim: Whats that? That thing is huge.

Old Man: A demon.

Jim: A demon?

Old Man: The same demon that dwells in the water planet.

Jim: What do you mean by demon?




Old Man: About thirty years ago, a ship run by pirates had been brutally attacked by an outlaw
family when it crashed on the water planet and was left behind, along with a cargo of
fifteen tons of Dragonite.

Jim: Fifteen tons of Dragonite?!

Gilliam: That equals the state budget of the fronteir world for a total of 5 years.

Old Man: Then the outlaws came after it. They chased right after that pirate ship as she sank
into the gas ocean. And when the pirate ship reached a sea of metallic hydrogen
invading the unknown territory, thats when those monsters appeared. The monsters that
floated up from the bottom of the sea and attacked the outlaw ships. Their claws
ripped through the armor plating and their fangs crushed through their hulls. The
monsters that slaughtered 12 of the family's ships in an instant were a pack of
primitive life forms that have made the water planet their home.

Jim: Woah, wait a minute Gramps, that monster we saw was part of a pack?

Old Man: The area the pirate ship went down in was somewhere near their colony. They have a
strong territorial instinct. Anything that invades their territory is attacked. Without
any mercy, outlaws, pirates, space forces, anyone seeking the treasure has been shredded
by their relentless claws and sent straight to the bottom. The water planet came to
be known as the place where the evil demon lives. Fear kept people from coming back,
they no longer searched for the treasure.

Gene: But thats not true for you. After meeting with the demon 30 years ago, you're the only
one now who's chasing for the treasure.

Jim: Huh, what are you talking about?

Gene: I'm taking a guess that it was your family that attacked the pirate ship, am I right?

Jim: Yeah?

Old Man: I've lost many things in my lifetime. My eye, my leg of course, and my hand. My family
of course is irreplacable. They took them away from me. For 30 years I kept hunting,
the monster, the treasure, I won't stop until I get them!

Gene: For revenge?

Old Man: No, its the only way an outlaw lives. I have a dream to chase after. I have an enemy
to fight. So I will keep fighting as long as I can. I'll keep fighting as long as I'm
an outlaw.

// An alarm goes off.

Melfina: I see something ahead.

Old Man: Thats the vessel!

Gene: So you're telling me 15 tons of Dragonite are waiting inside of that thing?

Jim: Uh... lets get out of here Gene! This place is crawling with monsters that can crush a
spaceship and chew us up like tiny morsels!

Gene: You have a plan, right?

Old Man: Of course.

Jim: Tell me you're not gonna do it.

Gene: Do you really think I'm gonna turn around and run with 15 tons of Dragonite out there?
We're gonna get the treasure thats been sitting here for 30 years and take it with us.

Jim: Ah, c'mon Gene.

Gene: Pull yourself together Jim. This is out big chance to make a quick fortune.

Jim: I cannot believe this, okay fine.

Gene: Okay Old Man, what do we do first?

Old Man: Ready some decoys right away.

Jim: Roger. Decoy loading complete.

Old Man: Fire them straight at the pirate ship now.

Aisha: Huh? They sound just like those fish we saw earlier.

Jim: You mean to tell me tht you can hear that?

Aisha: Of course I can!

Old Man: Evade!

Gene: Got it.

Old Man: Go ahead, cut the wires, set engines to maximum.

Gene: Eye eye sir.

// The monsters leave.

Gene: Alright, it worked.

Jim: Hey, this is a lot easier than I thought.

Old Man: Don't get cocky. We only have 10 minutes until they come back to their territory. That
should give us just enough time to board the ship so we can load up the treasure. Its
in the cargo hold.

Jim: Right, I gotcha.

// They head inside the ship.

Gene: Careful old man, we wouldn't want you to have a heart attack or something.

Old Man: You can rest assured, I'm not gonna stop til I get my hands on that treasure.

// He tries to open the door and can't.

Old Man: Blast, it won't open.

Gene: Stand back.

// He tries, and fails.

Aisha: Okay then, its time for Aisha to get to work.

// She opens the door. The Old Man pushes her aside and walks in.

Aisha: And thats how I take care of that. Uh, hey whats the big idea? Hey you guys, I... Ah!
Wow, this is all dragonite!

Old Man: Its been so long. The day has finally arrived. (laughs)

Gene: Sorry Old Man, but we don't have time for this. You can be overcome with emotion after
we've loaded up the treasure.

Jim: Oh ya, right.

Melfina: Will they make it?

Jim: All we can do now is hope that what the Old Man told us is true. Gene, you only have 3
minutes left.

Gene: I gotcha Jim, this is the last of it.

// The ship shakes.

Gene: What the heck just happened?

Jim: Its the monsters, they're back, they're everywhere. Wha?

Gene: Is that what you told us?

Old Man: I"m sorry, it looks like I miscalculated.

Gene: You miscalculated?!

Jim: What should we do Gene?

Gene: Hang on Jim til we get back.

Gilliam: My hull is being damaged. What are you doing Jim? Fight back with the grappler arms
before its too late.

Jim: Calm down, okay? We can't use the grappler amrs until we've rescued Gene and all of the

Gilliam: Ugh...

Gene: Alright Jim, we've got the treasure all loaded, you can pull is un now.

Jim: Okay.

// They attack the monsters with the grappler arms. Gene and the others make it to the bridge.

Gene: Disengage waiting mode, get us out of here, full thrust.

Melfina: Roger. Output of all engines is stable.

Gene: Ugh... what the heck was that?

Gilliam: Apparantly the laeft arm is waited down.

Gene: Whats that?

// A large monster holds down the ship.

Gene: You thin you can take us? Man, that thing is powerful.

Jim: yeah, and he's huge.

Old Man: Thats the master. Aye, thats the one. The demon of all demons that took my life and
then smashed it to pieces. The demon king of the water planet.

Jim: Demon king of the water planet?

Gene: Melfina, fire off the engines immediately. Take it to full power and break free.

// That is done the creature still holds on.

Jim: Its not working, its using the pirate ship as leverage. Its clamped down too tight.

Gene: The arms are not gonna hold. SHoot, if this keeps up, we're screwed. Ah, c'mon.

Melfina: The cargo hatch is opening.

Gene: Say what?!

// The old man is heading out in a mini sub.

Gene: Old man, what the heck do you think you're doing now?

Old Man: Settling things with that villanous monster.

Gene: Settling things? Don't be stupid. What do you think you can possibly accomplish in that
mini sub?

Old Man: Thanks to you people I was able to fulfill my dreams in more ways than one. I spent
all my years as an outlaw chasing after this, a beautiful dream thats now come to life.

Gene: Old Man...

Old Man: All thats left now is him. He's right in front of me. And the outlaw honor says I have
to stop it.

Gene: Old Man, don't. There's still time, don't do it, just lets go. Stop. Don't do it!

Old Man: You must search for your own dream, young outlaw. And then fight for it. Fight to make
it all yours.

Gene: C'mon, please don't do it.

Old Man: Hmm...

// He heads into the monster. They both blow up.

Gene: Old Man!!!!!!

// Days later...

Aisha: We did it! We did it! We have a mountain of treasure!

Jim: Oh...

Aisha: Well, well, so how much did we make and whats my cut?

Jim: Zero.

Aisha: Huh? What do you mean zero?! With all that dragonite, you gotta be crazy. You trying to
pull one over on me?

Jim: It may look like a lot, but its low density. On the black market it only comes to 1.8
million wong. Take a look for yourself, here's the fuel bill, the cost of fixing the
grappler arms, the cost of replacing the armor plating, and all this is the maitence of the
ship! Parking fees and rent for the office keep piling up. There's utilities, phones,
advertising, plus the incidentals and we're left with this.

Aisha: (cries) Is it true!?

// Later, at the restaurant, she does dishes.

Aisha: Erh.... Why is this happening to me?!

// Meanwhile, Gene puts the Old Man's cane on a cliff and throws the last piece of Dragonite into
the ocean.


To Be Continued...