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Outlaw Star
Script- Episode 2
Star of Desires
Narrator: ...The boy doesn't always know. At some point, the boy then becomes an adult and learns
what he was able to become. Joy and sadness will always accompany this. He is confronted with a
choice. When this happens, does he bid his past farewell in his heart? Once a boy becomes an
adult, he can no longer go back to being a boy. The boy is now a man. Only one thing can be said.
A boy has a right to dream. But those endless possibilities are stretched out before him. We must
remember, all men were once boys.

Girl Pirate: Pa gu a sun fa (~10 times) Heer ai dei. I believe I've found them.

Old Man: Let's go.


Star of Desires


Jim: Gene?!

Gene: Who the hell is that? What's going on here?

Computer: Resesitation system checked in progress.

Jim: So Hilda, who the hell is she?

Hilda: Her name is Melfina.

Gene: Ahh... Melfina?

Computer: Systems normal. Estimated resesitation time 600 seconds. Commencing countdown 3...
2... 1... Resesitation in 600 seconds.

Gene: Resusitation? Shes been in the cold sleep.

Gene: What are you trying to pull?

Hilda: If you want the details on Melfina, fix my arm and I'll fill you in.

Jim: Cybernetic Prosthetic? I get it, thats why you wanted all those parts and everything.

G: I don't think you realize the particular situation you're in now H.

Hilda: If you're gonna shoot, get it over with. But if you do, you must realize you'll be hunted
down without knowing who I am.

Gene: Go ahead Jim, fix Hilda's arm for her.

Jim: Wa...?

Gene: Don't just stand there! And Hilda, I suggest you hand over that gun you were carrying.

Hilda: Very well then. This should be interesting.

Gene: Maybe it will at that.

Jim: Gene, we can't trust her one damn bit.

Gene: I Don't.

Jim: Right, if you say so. It's just that women always make you screw up.

Gene: Yeah right. Before you fix her arm, hide the car and get ready for our guests to arrive.

Jim: Gotcha.

Jim: This is nanopromethius, its top of the line!

Gene: Okay, who the hell are you, I've waited long enough!

Hilda: The name's Hilda. I'm an outlaw.

Gene: Oh come on, spare us. Here on Sentinel, everbody in this dog calls themself an outlaw.
Gonna have to do better than that, tell us who you really are!

Hilda: There's nothing to it, really. I'm an outlaw who got into a bit of trouble with some
pirates. We're after the same treasure, so I fled to this planet.

Gene: You came from space?

Hilda: That's right.

Gene: On your own ship?

Hilda: I left my ship back in orbit. I just came down on the dropship, thats all.

Gene: Why would this girl be such a treasure to those pirates?

Hilda: Who knows... They wanted her, so I decided I would swipe her from them.

Gene: Oh yeah sure, I get it now. Right. What do you think I am, dumb?

Hilda: You have to understand, the trouble between us didn't start with this, lets just say
I have a bad history with them, okay?

Jim: Hey, try to move it now.

Gene: Now tell me so I can understand.

Hilda: I'm always looking for a reason to hate pirates?

Gene: Well now, the pirates have a reason to hate you, am I right?

Hilda: A while back, when I was pushed too far I took out one of the guild's leaders. It cost
me though.

Jim: All done.

Gene: If you don't give me a straight answer its gonna cost you even more. What the hell makes
that girl such a special prize?

Computer: Resesitation in 360 seconds.

Hilda: Once she wakes up ask her yourself.

Gene: So you're just gonna keep playing dumb.

Jim: The pirates!

Gene: Right, kill the lights.

Old Man: We know you're in there, and we know you can hear us. Now hand over Melfina! You have
nothing that can stand against us...

Hilda: I won't ask you to help just stay out of my way.

Gene: Don't you think its a little later for that now?

Jim: Gene!

Computer: Resesitation in 300 seconds.

Gene: Now we have to stay alive until Melfina wakes up. Jim, give me a number 3 shell.

Jim: We're out!

Gene: What do you mean we can't be out! I can't take that old man with just regular bullets.

Jim: We've only got one number 5 and a number 19.

Gene: One 5 and one 19? Alright then, give it to me.

Jim: Uhh... these are expensive, you know.

Hilda: Could you guys hold them off for just a few minutes?

Gene: What about you?

Hilda: Melfina can't be moved while she's being resusitated. But if we stick around here, we're
dead. I've been thinking, if you two could just hold them off for a while then I'd have enough
time to go get my dropship.

Jim: She wants to run, Gene. You don't believe her, do ya?

Gene: None of this makes sense Jim, but I've decided. You go with her while I stay with Melfina.

Jim: Huh? I'm going with her?

Gene: If she tries to skip out, make her regret it.

Jim: Damnit, I'm supposed to be the brains of this outfit.

Gene: Jim, hop to it. Lets get this party started.

Jim: Gotcha.

Pirates: Pa gu a sun fa Pa gu a sun fa.

Girl Pirate: Go!

Old Man: Alright, I'll handle this. Pa gu a sun fa. Pa gu a sun fa. Pa gu a sun fa.

Jim: Where is it?

Hilda: I sank it by this pond.

Jim: Make it quick, will ya?

Hilda: You like Gene, don't ya Jim?

Jim: Huh?

Hilda: Everybody needs a partner.

Jim: Uh.

Hilda: You'll understand soon enough.

Gene: Shit, that guy's a Tao master.

Old Man: Old Magic?

Girl Pirate: Out here on the frontier?

Gene: Not bad for a number 5, that just leaves me with a number 19. Time to take em all down.
That's it, game over old man!

Gene: It's a dud!

Gene: Ah!! Aww shit...

Old Man: Pa gu a sun fa. Pa gu a sun fa.

Girl Pirate: Get them! Kill everyone but Melfina!

Old Man: Hilda...

Girl Pirate: It's too dangerous, regroup!

Pirates: Pa gu a sun fa. Pa gu a sun fa. Pa gu a sun fa.

Gene: Talk about overkill.

Computer: Resusitation complete. Resusitation complete. Now activating.

Melfina: Heading toward star space calnder year 156. The G line project has been found successful.

Gene: Melfina?

Melfina: Why... why did I have to be born?

Jim: Gene, this isn't the time to make a lady cry.

Gene: It wasn't me.

Jim: Whatever, just get Melfina out back, Hilda's waiting for us out there.

Gene: Alright, Jim. But first we have to get sleeping beauty here dressed.

Jim: Yeah, kinda distracting. Hmmm?

Hilda: You ready down there? Let's go.

Gene: Sounds like you 2 are hitting it off.

Jim: We reached an understanding.

Old Man: They're trying to get away.

Girl Pirate: After that ship!

Hilda: Move it!

Gene: Huh?

Old Man: Pa gu a sun fa. Pa gu a sun fa. Pa gu a sun fa.

Gene: Oh man...

Old Man: Damn you Hilda. Do you really think you can escape the guild and take Melfina with you?

Hilda: I'm leaving orbit. And this system. So what'll it be, are you 2 coming along?

Jim: You're damn right, we haven't gotten out money yet! Isn't that right, Gene?

Hilda: What's the story with him?

Jim: Ah, it's nothing. Gene's a space cherry.

Gene: I'm not a cherry. My first time I was just way too young, thats all.

Hilda: You're an odd one alright.

Jim: Hang in there Gene, don't worry. Here, why don't you hold my hand?

Gene: No thanks. Anyway, I prefer women.

Hilda: Alright Horis lay on the shortest course to Blue Heaven.

Horis: Roger.

Jim: Hey, what's Blue Heaven, Gene?

Gene: A free town, considered an outlaw hangout.

Hilda: And Horace can get us there in just 2 jumps.

Horis: 10... 9... 8... 7... 6... 5... 4...

Jim: Oh god Gene, why don't you just pass out already?

Horis: 3... 2... 1...

Gene: Yaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!




Gene: Hey dad, I learned all the controls already.

Gene: Ahh! Dad, wait!

Gene's Father: Sorry Gene, but I want you to live.

Gene: No Dad, don't do it!

Gene's Father: Good luck, my son.

Gene: Daaaaaad!!!!! Noooooo!!!

Gene: Uhh... Help me.

Hilda: You decide to wake up?

Gene: You got a problem with that?

Hilda: No I don't, if you can keep quiet.

Horis: We have reached Blue Heaven Space.

Horis: Blue Heaven Network access complete. Now displaying usable docks.

Hilda: Alright Horis, use dock 8.

Horis: Aye, dock 8 selected. Preparing to dock at Blue Heaven. Dock 8 to be route 221.
Transferring to auto pilot mode. 3... 2... 1... Now on auto pilot.

Hilda: Gene, are you scared of space?

Gene: No, I wouldn't say that.

Hilda: Well, what is it then?

Gene: Just bad memories, that's all.

Hilda: Bad memories, huh?

Gene: Hilda, have you been in space a long time?

Hilda: Long time... I guess you might say that.

Gene: There you go, dodging my questions again.

Jim: Hey Gene, you're finally awake. Good to see you're alive.

Gene: Lay off, will ya?

Jim: Aww... That's just too cute.

Gene: Yeah, I'll show you cute.

Jim: So, are you okay Gene?

Gene: Yeah, I'm fine.

Gene: I'll take this over a spaceship anyday.

Jim: I guess you're cherry's officially popped now

Gene: Okay, drop it I'm fine you got it, unless you wanna make something

Swanzo: Hilda, how long has it been. Can ya hang out for a while?

Hilda: Not right now. i need you to resupply and repair Horis.

Swanzo: Got it. Just leave it to me.

Jim: Check it out Gene, a corbonite. I've never seen one before.

Gene: Yeah.

Swanzo: Who are they? Are you a tour guide now, Hilda?

Hilda: Heh. Let's leave it at that, Swanzo.

Swanzo: (laughs) Actually, I've got a message for you. But uh...

Hilda: It's alright, you can tell it here.

Swanzo: McCoy says he can't make it.

Hilda: Why not?

Swanzo: I'm not sure, looks like he didn't want to get mixed up with a bunch of pirates.

Hilda: Aww... he's nothing but a big chicken.

Swanzo: I have one other piece of bad news. The McDougal brothers have been asking about you.

Hilda: Damn bunch of fools.

Gene: Hey hey hey hey McCoy this, McDougal that, when are you people gonna start talking some

Swanzo: Heh. Don't butt into an adult conversation, kid.

Gene: Did you call me a kid? Listen here, buddy...
Swanzo: Whoa now... if you let yourself get all worked up over everything, kid, you won't last
long. Using those things is banned here. You might want to remember that, kid.

Gene: Relax, buddy, its not even loaded. I was just bluffing.

Jim: So firing a blaster is banned in a free town? Why is that?

Swanzo: Well, if a stray cracked a seal someplace and the air escaped, everybody who lived here
would go straight to heaven. Morons who can't follow the rules don't have the right to hang

Gene: Yeah, or maybe only morons who follow the rules live here. So, thats what an outlaw is, huh?

Jim: They're pirates?

Swanzo: Sounds like this other youngster doesn't understand either. There are 3 powers in space.
The Space Forces, the pirates, and outlaws. The difference is what motivates them. What motivates
an outlaw varies from person to person. Good or bad, doesn't figure in solidarity in their duty.

Jim: So thats what makes them outlaws.

Mikey: Take a look at this, Swanzo. This ain't gonna be a one person job.

Swanzo: Blast it. Alright, I'll be right there. See you around, Hilda.

Hilda: Sure, take care of him.

Swanzo: Alright, kid behave yourself now.

Gene: No way, I don't think so. I don't know the first thing about clothes shopping, how did I
get suckered into it? She's with you, isn't she?

Hilda: I have some place to go and Melfina needs clothes. I'd rather she be with you, I know
she'd be in good hands that way. Remember, Melfina is important to us.

Gene: Okay, I see. How about this then? Melfina goes with Jim because that way the job is sure
to get done, and then I can go along with you.

Hilda: It's a deal.

Jim: And what a deal.

Gene: Lets meet at the hotel then, okay Jim?

Jim: Right

Computer: Welcome to Blue Heaven.

Lady: Step right up and taste my delicous meat pie. Step right up.

Melfina: Jim, I'm sorry.

Jim: Nah, don't worry about it.

Jim: How's it goin in there?

Melfina: What do you think?

Attendent: Wow, you look absolutely wonderful.

Jim: Hey, not bad Melfina.

Melfina: Thank you.

Gene: Okay Hilda, so what now?

Hilda: This is an outlaw hangout. I figured if there was anybody halfway decent here, I'd hire

Gene: So its not a job you can handle alone. I think its time you tell me what this job is.
Enough with the secrets.

Hilda: Alright. I'm going to pick up a certain ship.

Gene: A certain ship?

Hilda: It's a very special ship. A ship that has enough power to dive into the ether sargasso.
It's called a grappler ship.

Gene: A grappler spaceship?

Hilda: If you're planning to come along, you might think it over. Make sure it is what you want.
Cause it sounds like you're a bit of a space hater.

Gene: Just mind your own business.

McCoy: Hilda! Well, Hilda, did I just hear something about you being shorthanded, I can help you
out if you are.

Hilda: McCoy, you bastard. Not a chance. I'm looking for people who've got some skill.

McCoy Henchman1: Hey, we've got plenty of skill.

McCoy: Hey now, don't be greedy, we all want to make some money. Outlaws are partners here.

Hilda: Partners?

McCoy: Now now, you came here looking for partners, come on Hilda, isn't that right?

McCoy: Aaaaahhh!!

McCoy: Okay, that does it.

Gene: You trying to start something here, idiot?

Hilda: Watch this.

McCoy: Heh heh, you want some, huh?

McCoy Henchman1: We ain't gonna play nice just cause you're a woman.

Men: Aaaaaahhhh!

Hilda: Now turn tail and run. Cause next time I won't be so nice.

McCoy: Damn you Hilda, we'll remember this.

Gene: So guys like that are outlaws too?

Hilda: Well, its just like it is with the stars, there are bright ones and there are those that
are dim.

Gene: Heh, what kind are you?

Hilda: Well thats for you to decide. How would you like to find out?

Jim: Ah! You mean that G and Hilda are gonna share a room?

Clerk: Yes sir

Jim: Oh dammit that scumbag don't tell me he's gonna make a move on her How could she have okayed
this? No, I bet he was seducted this time

Clerk: Here's the key to your room, sir.

Jim: Did you mean our room?

Clerk Yes sir, room 345 with twin beds.

Jim: Aaahhh... Well, you heard the man.

Jim: Dammit Gene, don't you think there's a time and a place for these kind of things?

Melfina: So how do you think this looks Jim?

Jim: Its not bad I guess

Melfina: Well, shall I sleep here tonight

Jim: Yeah okay

Melfina: Sleep with you?

Jim: Ah! No, no use that bed alright?

Melfina: Alright.
McCoy Henchman1: It's empty... Uuuuh!

Hilda: Those fools from the bar, huh?

Gene: There's never a dull moment with you, is there? Or much time for anything else I guess.

Hilda: Just be ready.

McCoy: Whats going on up there, did you get them? Blast it!

Hilda: Lets go and don't use your gun.

Gene: Up against that thing and you're telling me I can't use my gun?

Hilda: Thats right cause he isn't using one.

Gene: Aaahhh.... I knew that.

To Be Continued...