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Outlaw Star
Script- Episode 19

Law and Lawlessness



// The Outlaw Star has recently defeated a pirate ship.

Melfina: Pirate ship showing no activity, victory is confirmed.

Gene: Ah, what a complete waste of ammunition. And we just set out, man.

Jim: This guy doesn't look like a Kai pirate or a Ban pirate.

Suzuka: They're probably part of a larger group that uses this area as a operations base.

Gene: Hmm... lets have a little fun.

Melfina: Anchors 1 and 2 locked.

Gene: I'm gonna make them pay us back for all the ammo that we used.

Jim: Not to mention raid their gally for all the trouble they caused us.

Aisha: (laughs) Who's the pirate now?

Gene: Hey, we're the good guys and don't you forget it. Our incomes a little unstable, thats all,
consider this overtime.

Melfina: Hold on Gene.

Gene: Huh?

Melfina: 3 ships are closing in quickly from behind the satellite to aft.

Gene: What, do they have more friends?

Melfina: It doesn't look that way. Now enlarging.

Doose: You 2 ships there, hold it!

Gene: What?!

Doose: This is a patrol ship Straight 4 currently guarding this area of the Heiphong System.
Disarm yourselves and surrender your vessel at once.

Jim: Hey, its a security forces's warship.


Law and Lawlessness


// The Outlaw Star heads into the largest of the craft.

Loudspeaker: White team. The machine reloading chamber will be sealed by 1400 hours. Blue team,
follow section alpha's instructions, scheduled change.

Loudspeaker(2nd voice): Attention security forces. Red pirate ship is being locked down in
dock 4.

Gene: A red pirate ship, huh? Man, these public servants sure like to peg you right off the bat,
don't they?

Loudspeaker: Now locking down.

// The Outlaw Star is locked down.

Gene: Ugh. You morons.

Doose: Attention Outlaw Star. Your crew is to disarm immediately and proceed to the designated
deck on level 2.

Gene: Ah. You'll be okay, Gilliam?

Gilliam: Don't worry about me Gene, I'll be waiting right here.

// They are brought to level 2 and are frisked.

Gene: Hey pal, if its all the same to you, I'd rather be talking to that lady over there.


Guard: Whip that grin off your face. Whatever you're thinking, forget about it, we're not a
bunch of suckers on this station. Ok, next.

Gene: Huh? This place is bizarre.

Melfina: Gene, this is strange.

Gene: What is it?

Melfina: I took the liberty of going through the data we took from the pirate ship's AI a little
while ago. Its pretty fragmented, but I was able to determine that their operations
time sequence is clearly set to this space station.

Gene: Really to this station? So what does this mean?

Melfina: I'm not sure but they're planning something.

Female Guard: Body checks complete.

Guard: Alright, c'mon this way you pirate scum and hop to it.

Gene: I'm telling you, we're not pirates.

Guard: yeah, thats what they all say.

Gene: Right, yeah whatever buddy.

// They are brought to a darkly lit room.

Jim: I guess men and women are handled seperately.

Gene: I wish they'd give us some coffee or something.

Doose: Gene Starwind. Thats one impressive ship for an innocent civilian with no alterior

Gene: My father was an interplanetary trader who insisted on only the best. It was one of his
ships. She's registered out of Blue Heaven. I told you, its legit.

Doose: A simple trader with a Grappler Ship? What do you say we cut the crap right now?

Gene: Shut your trap! I run a legitimate business and I don't need approval from you. Blast it,
you're that guy from the patrol ship aren't ya? Try saying that to my face!

Doose: Very well. I hope I don't alarm you.

// The door opens and he comes in.

Gene: Huh? What is this, whats with the lizard suit?

Doose: I'd prefer you call me Doose. I'm the technical officer for the security service forces
better known as Angel Links.


Jim: He's a Saurian. I've never seen one before. They were created through genetic engineering.

Gene: You're kidding me, genetics? You mean this guy's from the Jurassic Period?

Doose: Eh?

Valeria: My name's Valeria, his collegue. We're really members of a special security service
that have been selected out of the Aurascion system. We've been stationed here as part
of our security duties. I was just doing a routine reconniscense when I happened to come
across you and that other ship in the middle of a fight.

Gene: I'll admit that you caught me there with my guard down. But lets discuss that later. You
were there, you saw the other wreckage didn't ya? Those guys are the pirates. We're the
good guys that took them down Valeria, you should be thanking us instead.

Jim: Yep, thats right.

Valeria: Hmm... Starwind. I see you're the young outlaw who's been making a name for himself in
Heiphong lately. I'd seen a video of you and your spaceship in action.

Gene: Well, what'd you think of it?

Jim: Easy there, lets just chill out now, okay?

Valeria: So whats a guy like you doing in this part of space, just cruising around?

Gene: What if I tell you I'm out on a treasure hunt?

Valeria: I'd tell you that you're looking too hard. This sector's crawling with Pirates looking
for treasure all the time. You really think that you're gonna be the lucky one to find
it this time?

Gene: I've been known to get lucky from time to time. Besides, I'm up to my ears in debt.

Valeria: From my experience, your Grappler ship has equipment thats on par with a pirate ship.
Seems to me you should have come up with something big by now.

Doose: Hm. I don't care how much he peddles on about being an outlaw, he's just a degenerate
mammal punk. My guess is that he was smuggling something all along.

Gene: Thats crap. I knew I'd be treated unfairly by you security people. But I never thought I'd
be accused of being a pirate from some fascist lizard.

// Doose punches him in the face.

Jim: Ah!

Gene: Ugh!

Jim: You okay?

Valeria: Doose!

Gene: Ugh. Nice shot.

Doose: Next time it won't be such a love tap, space boy. I don't let anyone get away with bad
mouthing us.

Gene: And I don't let cheap shots slide by either pal. C'mon.

Valeria: Thats enough Doose, you better watch it.

Jim: What are you doing Gene, calm down!

Doose: People who call themselves outlaws are nothing more than lowly criminals to me.

Valeria: Doose.

Gene: Do a background check if you want. And then you should spend some more time on worrying
about the real pirates you caught and not us.

Valeria: Oh yeah? What are you talking about?

Gene: I'm saying that they came in here because they're planning on attacking your fleet.

Doose: Hah! With just one ship? They'll be up against a heavily guarded naval port.

Valeria: And what brings you to that conclusion?

Gene: While we were engaged in the fight with the pirates our navigator was able to retrieve some
files from their AI.

Doose: How can he find pirate's files? I was under the impression that they were all deleted.
Even if its true, it doesn't let you off the hook, we can still detain you as long as we

Gene: My, how noble of you. Aren't you the very model of an officer of law and order.

Doose: I pride myself on it.

Valeria: Doose, wait. Just to be on the safe side, don't you think we should interrogate those
other pirates?

Doose: Fine, as you wish. But I want Starwind's ship disarmed at once. And then I want it
inspected thoroughly.

Assistant: Yes sir!

Jim: I've always heard that Saurians are reptilian dimwits.

Doose: You heard wrong. I come from a strong race of people with a warrior's pride. We believe in
loyalty and honor, but I guess thats something that criminals like you wouldn't

// Later...

Aisha: Ah, this is taking forever.

Guard: Get in there!

Melfina: Gene, your face!

Gene: Its alright, don't worry about it. So whats going to happen now, Ms. Officer? You want to
ruff me up for a while?

Valeria: Sorry to dissappoint you, but we'll have to detain you for a while. Its an emergency so
don't take it personally.

Gene: Well I do.

Valeria: I want all of you to see this.

Gene: See what?

// A screen of another ship is put up.

Valeria: Its a civilian ship that will be docking soon. Its called the Midsummer Night's Queen.

// Pics show it in bad shape.

Suzuka: And this was caused by a pirates ambush?

Valeria: Yes. By the time we received their SOS, it was too late.

Aisha: They destroyed everyone?

Valeria: There were only 128 survivors, ten percent of her passengers.

Jim: Gene!

Gene: Who the heck did this, what a mess!

Valeria: Does this remind you of the incident with your father 5 years ago?

Gene: Hmm. Thats some background. You even have old news stories on file.

Valeria: Our job is to guard the fronteir and all the surrounding areas. We make sure to keep
thorough records on espionage to petty smuggling.

Gene: I just can't stand pirates.

Valeria: Neither can we.

Suzuka: Hmm. They seem to be from the same Pirate group that we fought earlier.

Valeria: Very observant.

Suzuka: Aobut somethings, on the fronteir you tend to develop a sixth sense about danger.

Valeria: These pirates are notorious around the fronteir region. They sometimes even try to make
a move on us. They look down on us because we're security.

Gene: You see? Then you should atleast go over those files.

Melfina: Its just a file on their operations time table. But you can retrieve the data from our
ship if you want.

Valeria: I'll give it some consideration. I'll also consider the fact that you people are
possibly security risks.

Gene: You're one shrewd lady. Not that much different from the lizard.

Valeria: Hmm.

Loudspeaker: The Midsummer Night's Queen is now docking. All sections take your stations at

Valeria: I'll see you later then.

Loudspeaker: Attention berthing crew. Preprare temporary berth number 5. Be advised that the
vessel's hull has some considerable damage. Use extra caution when attaching cables.

Technician: Rescue team Titan please stand by for deployment. Retrieve all civilians from the
ship giving special priority to the wounded.

Worker: Valeria, about those people from the red pirate ship. They're small fries right, we're
not gonna make anything off of them.

Valeria: There's more to the private security forces than money if thats what you're saying.

Worker: Did I say that? I need your signature here.

Valeria: Receiving message. Can you include this on your report for the next ferry on Aurascion?

Technician2: Roger.

Worker: What about the other ship?

Valeria: Doose will have a little chat with them. Its okay, they'll be talking soon enough. This
is more important.

Technician2: The pathway is clear, youo can let her in.

Valeria: You better get started with that second check.

Worker: Whats going on?

Loudspeaker: Temporary bay 5. Prepare to pressurize. Gate link connection complete. Prepare to
retrieve all civilians at once.

// They rush in.

Doctor: Please everyone, remain calm. Let the wounded on first!

Guard: The area's off limits!

Guard2: Its a secure military installation!

// Meanwhile...

Gene: Hey, we're hungry in here! Give me a bacon and egg sandwich on wheat!

Jim: I'll have a cheeseburder with fries!

Aisha: I'll have the blue plate special!


Suzuka: And broiled eel with some Mitsu soup on the side.

Gene: Yeah, and I'll have an egg drop soup to start. Shoot, darn lizard man. Trying to break us
by starving us to death stinks.

Jim: We're powerless against a military industrial complex like this Gene.

Gene: I'm not ready to give up. Just you wait, give me a chance and I'll take 'em down a notch
or two.

// There's an explosion.

Jim: Ah!

Gene: Hey, what was that, what the hecks going on?




// Missiles come out of the Midsummer's Night Queen.

Female Technician: Missiles inbound from civilian craft.

Technician: Multiple explosions in central dock. Partial damage to ships.

Valeria: Is this some kind of pirate trap?

Doctor: Come in control room! The civilians are armed! ah!

Valeria: No! Its a disaster! The pirates have landed and infiltrated thei ship's main room. All
hands report to stations immediately.

// Meanwhile...

Gene: It may be a naval station but they'r helpless if they're attacked from the inside.

Jim: They really thought this through.

Guard: Freeze. I knew you people were working with them the whole time.

Gene: Woah, take it easy there guys, we're no tthe pirates, we're the...

// Aisha and Suzuka take out the guards.

Gene: Hey yeah, nice move.

Aisha: Yeah!

Suzuka: Lets not waste anytime.

Valeria: If this doesn't let up, we'll all be trapped.

Technician: Enemy spotted on range 4.

Valeria: What?

Technician: One carrier and 3 grappler are closing in.

Female Technician: Gun turrets 7, 9 and 11 are failing to respond.

Technician: All dock hatches...

Valeria: This is straight force, where is Doose? Why can't you reach him? OK, fine, then I'll go.

// They make their way through the place.

Gene: Not again.

Jim: The pressure's okay on the other side so is the gravity.

Gene: Aisha, you're on.

Aisha: Leave it to me guys, Erh...

// She opens the door.

Gene: Ah man this looks bad. Hm? Whats that?

Jim: Look! Its the dino guy with the security forces!

// He's trapped under a collapsed ceiling.

Gene: Oh man.

Aisha: Poor old guy (some other language prayer)

Doose: I'm not dead yet, help me out of this!

Jim: He's alive. What should we do?

Doose: You're trying to escape now, aren't you? You dirty criminals.

Gene: Let you remind you Doose that we're just plain civilians. We're supposed to be evacuated
first in case of an emergency.

Doose: What did you wretched outlaws do to your guards?

Gene: Huh?

// They push a pipe underneath the rock to get him out.

Doose: Hey, what are you doing now?

Suzuka: How generous of you.

Gene: Well thank you. Lets do it.

Doose: Okay.

// He gets out.

Doose: Why did you save me?

Gene: Eh... it was just my pride.

Doose: Your pride huh? What would you know about pride?

Gene: A beautiful woman once told me that there are 3 powers in space that I will confront.

Doose: What 3 powers?

Gene: First the pirates, the military and of course the outlaws.

Doose: Hey come back here!

Gene: See ya later. Been a lot of fun.

Valeria: As long as we can use our missiles. If we don't get rid of that civilian ship we'll be
wiped out.

Technician3: Its no use. We'll have to clear all the debree out of the way first.

Valeria: I thought soldiers were good at improvising.

Doose: Valeria.

Valeria: Doose, are you alright?

Doose: I'm sorry, it seems I was careless.

Valeria: Can't you make your way up here? Isn't terrorism your field of expertise?

Doose: Affirmative. That red haired outlaw is on his way there right now, be careful.

Valeria: Gene Starwind?

// Meanwhile...

Pirate: Who the heck are ya?

// Suzuka takes care of them.

Suzuka: Thats one way to get them to pipe down.

Gene: Suzuka, the ship is this way.

Gilliam: What are you doing back so soon?

Gene: Gilliam, whats the status?

Gilliam: They said I was to be disarmed so all live rounds and ammunition have been removed. The
only usable firearm is in the blaster.

Gene: How very thoughtful of them. Ugh. Can you move?

Gilliam: My propulsion systems are intact, but with that steel frame on me...

Gene: Well c'mon, you have arms you can use, don't you? Lets do it!

Technician3: It appears the red pirate ship has started up.

Valeria: Gene Starwind, are you there? What are you doing?

Gene: Take a guess.

Jim: We're skipping out of here. What do you think lady?

Aisha: While you're busy fire fighting we're getting out of here.

Gene: No, I'm afraid I can't do that guys.

Jim: What are you planning on doing then?

// They blast the ship to bits.

Gene: Work teams don't just sit there! Lets get that frame cleared out of the way.

Valeria: Oh Gene, you're helping us? Why are you doing this?

Gene: I guess I just don't have the guts to live my life as a wanted man. I've figured that it
was more important to lend a hand to those work teams over there. It was the least I could

Valeria: I appreciate it. Well Mr. Starwind, do you think you can buy us enough time to get us
out of here?

Gene: Well, thats something else entirely. Are you offering this outlaw some kind of job
Ms. Military?

Valeria: Alright, a job then. But I'll be expecting more from an outlaw.

Gene: (laughs) Give us your data on the enemy.

Valeria: We'll find some way to show our appreciation later.

Doose: Valeria! You're sending that low life outlaw free to do as he pleases?

Valeria: Prepare to launch! And don't waste any time.

Gene: Shoot, I scrapped the new paint job.

Melfina: Grappler Ships incoming.

Gene: Do not mess with me! All internal controllers to full. Lets go!

Melfina: Assault anchors on continous control.

Gene: Okay!

Melfina: Cut Number 4 and Number 2.

Gene: Those things are expensive you know.

Melfina: Number 3 locked.

Aisha: Yes, we got them!

Melfina: Taking control of enemy computer.

Gene: Hows this?

// He blasts the ship.

Melfina: Huh? Multiple missiles incoming!

Gene: From both sides at once!? Can you dodge them?

Melfina: I can't dodge them all! 20% of them will impact.

Gene: Come up with something!

Jim: You got it, give me a sec.

Gene: All yours.

Aisha: Ah!

// The missiles miss.

Aisha: What in the worlds going on?

Jim: Hah hah. I just sabotaged their main frame computer by remote control.

Aisha: You're a genius Jim.

Gene: Way to go buddy.

Jim: I couldn't have done it without Melfina.

Melfina: 2 enemy ships coming in.

Gene: Only 2 anchors left, isn't that right?

Melfina: Launching anchors number 5 and 6.

Gene: We're going in. Yeah! Eat this! Your powers about the same, huh?

Melfina: Ugh! The other ship's coming in now!

Jim: I think we're in trouble Gene.

Gilliam: Be careful Gene. I'm being accessed by the enemy ship's main computer.

// The ship is blown up.

Gene: Hey, what the?

Doose: Looks like we made it just in time.

Gene: Its that lizard!

Valeria: Gene, its okay. Let us be the one to handle the carrier, alright?

Doose: Hey boy, you said something about there being 3 powers that exist in space. Alright step
aside then and I'll show you what the might of the military's power looks like. All ships
commence your barge!

// They destroy the pirate ships.

Gene: Now thats impressive.

Doose: Whats the matter boy, do you need me to finish the job for ya?

Gene: Hah, watch me. Now you lose!

// He destroys the ship. Later...

Valeria: We've returned the ammunition we've confiscated. So all thats left is your job fee.
You'll take dragonite I hope.

Jim: That'll do just fine. Thanks a lot.

Valeria: One more thing.

Gene: What do you mean one more thing?

Valeria: Have you heard anything about the military's involvement in the core system's developing
a grappler ship called XGP? Just wondering.

Gene: Hmm.

Doose: Why don't you just drop it Valeria, we didn't encounter any counterfeit registry data.
Part of our information was scrambled thanks to those pirates we ran into. Thats why I'm
asking you to just leave it at that, understand?

Valeria: Hmm. Okay, I see. Well it seems that this is a pride issue, I got it. Alright, your
forgiven you a safe face.

Jim: Alright, we'